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Connecting the Dots
GC 78: WOW!
Leaders Leading Change
June Term: A+
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Enterpreneurial Leaders Wanted
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Connecting the Dots
A reflection on recent news from President Ferlo

It's been quite an eventful few weeks since my last e-newsletter report. The rapid swings between good news and not-so-good news both in the church and in the public square have given many of us an acute case of spiritual whiplash. 


As regards good news, General Convention elected our first black presiding bishop, and added its voice to the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality by adjusting the language of the Prayer Book accordingly. 


But on the not-so-good counter-swing, Donald Trump's racist announcement of his candidacy for president has given xenophobia a new lease on life, and drawn only mealy-mouthed responses from other candidates who should know better.


But then, Pope Francis embarked on a homecoming tour of Latin America, denouncing the ravages of global capitalism among the poorest of the poor in a way that does honor to the saint's name he has chosen as his own. 


It is a good thing, too, that South Carolina has retired the Confederate battle flag at last. But few if any politicians have connected the dots between the racist massacre that finally forced the argument and the steady increase of gun violence in this country, abetted by the radical right's continued stretching and distortion of the Second Amendment.


It's time for faithful people to connect the dots. 


Read the entire reflection

GC 78: WOW!
So many to thank for helping us reconnect and reach out

Open house at booth 322
We greeted so many friends, old and new, at General Convention 78 in Salt Lake City at the
Bexley Seabury exhibit. It was a wonderful opportunity to listen to people's stories, introduce our programs to potential new students, and continue to learn about the complicated calculus at work
in choosing a seminary.
Honored to honor our alums
Our June 30 reception attracted more than 100 well-wishers to celebrate the exciting ministries of our alumnae and alumni. We were pleased to welcome alums of all vintages from Bexley Hall, Seabury-Western, and Bexley Seabury -- including Jack Potter (Bexley Hall '65), dean emeritus of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark in Salt Lake City -- as well as board members, donors, faculty, and other friends from both the House of Deputies and House of Bishops.

Appreciation and prayers
Thanks be to God for everyone who helped us be present at General Convention. Booth volunteers. Our staff and faculty members. Reception greeters. The Center Aisle news team. Photo takers. Exhibit setter-uppers. Convention hall staff. Hotel and hospitality personnel. Taxi drivers. Direction givers. Everyone!

Visit us on Facebook for more photos -- and like our FB page...and follow us on Twitter @BexleySeabury!
Leaders Leading Change
Giving thanks and offering prayers

Congratulations to Bishop Michael Curry, elected at General Convention 78 to succeed Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. We give thanks and pray God will bless them with wisdom and good health as they continue their service to the church. Bishop Curry will be installed as PB on November 1, 2015 at Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
Photos from Neil WIllard, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, and Washington National Cathedral 

also give thanks and pray God will continue to guide Bexley Seabury Director Bishop Tom Breidenthal, Bishop Ian Douglas, and Bishop Dabney Smith (DMin Seabury-Western '99).
We are grateful for their willingness to stand as nominees for Presiding Bishop and for their exemplary ministries.  

We commend and hold in our prayers those in the Bexley Seabury community elected by General Convention to serve the church at large:
> Tom Ferguson, elected member, General Board of Examining Chaplains
> Suzann Holding, elected one of two clergy members, Disciplinary Board for Bishops
> Sandra F. McPhee, elected trustee, Church Pension Fund
> Deborah Stokes, elected one of two lay members, Disciplinary Board for Bishops

June Term: A+
Teaching...learning...praying together

Our 2015 June term brought lay and clergy leaders from 17 states to study with us in Chicago. Some are pictured in these photos from our 5th annual Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute at the Kellogg School. Participants included our new class of DMin students, priests from partner diocese the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, and Diocese of Chicago lay and clergy leaders including Shoemaker Scholarship recipients. We look forward to continuing to learn with and from these gifted leaders!


Save the Date x 4 
September 21, 2015... September 23, 2015... April 28, 2016... September 21, 2016

1...Breakfast in Chicago with Walter Brueggemann
Monday, September 21  

We are honored to jointly sponsor with St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, Chicago a visit from scholar-author Walter Brueggemann, professor emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary. Among the world's most influential Bible interpreters and most energetic champions of rhetorical criticism, he is perhaps best known for his novel work to make the Book of Psalms speak to modern readers. Please reserve Monday morning, September 21 and stay tuned for details on this very special event.
Columbus Convocation 2015 featuring Mike Kinman
Wednesday, September 23
JOIN US for a day of reflection, prayer, and action on racial justice. Our Convocation Columbus 2015 will focus on the urgent need to help our communities grapple with the sin of racism and
the arduous work ahead to repent, forgive, and reconcile. Who better to help us begin than
Mike Kinman, dean of Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis?
"Black Lives Matter" signs were visible on the streets and in the convention center throughout General Convention 78, thanks to people of Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

Mike will share with us his experience helping the Cathedral community respond faithfully to the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson and the underlying, longstanding racial inequities. We'll learn how leaders from Christ Church Cathedral took their the racial justice ministry to General Convention in Salt Lake City and how they are now enlisting faith communities across the country to unite in meaningful action. 

3... Chicago Convocation 2016 featuring Amy Jill Levine
Thursday, April 28
We're pleased to feature Amy Jill Levine, University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School, as keynote speaker for our next Chicago Convocation. A self-described "Yankee Jewish feminist who teaches in a predominately Christian divinity school in the buckle of the Bible Belt," Amy is known for her commitment to eliminating anti-Jewish, sexist, and homophobic theologies and her finely tuned sense of humor. Plan to be with us for an enlightening day. 

FOUR...Columbus Convocation 2016 featuring Sarah Coakley
Wednesday, September 21

Sarah Coakley, one the leading theologians of our time, will  anchor
next year's Columbus  Convocation. Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at University of Cambridge, Sarah had established a successful decades-long academic career before deciding to pursue ordination. She is known for her work bridging theological, philsophical-ethical, and scientific concerns. Don't miss this opportunity to examine the possibilities for the people of God in a new light.

Watch your mail and email for more information in the coming weeks and months, and contact Conrad Selnick with any questions.  
Entrepreneurial Leaders Wanted
Seeking DAS, MDiv, and DMin candidates -- perhaps someone you know
Bexley Seabury is looking for more curious-minded and resourceful believers who are called to lay or ordained ministry and to theological education in a generous spiritual and intellectual tradition. Do you know someone who is:
      • exploring lay or ordained ministry
      • considering a call
      • in the discernment process
      • weighing options for seminary
If so, help us reach out to initiate a conversation about our continuing education and diploma and degree programs.
To refer a potential student or for more information, contact Tom Ferguson  
Register by August 17 for Fall 2015 Courses 
LEARN WITH US for credit or for enrichment

One of the strengths of our learning community is the rich dialogue among students who are on different formation paths.

Some of our students are considering a call to ordained ministry. Others are committed lay leaders eager to know more about the church. Still others come to the conversation with extensive track records leading congregations. Add in the pedagogical skills and scholarship of our gifted faculty and you have everything necessary for a learning and discipleship experience that, quite literally, changes lives.

Join us this fall and see for yourself, choosing a location and learning format that works for you.

Hybrid, weekly, and monthly courses in Columbus:
> Anglican and Episcopal History with Tom Ferguson
> Ecclesiology and Ecumenism with Ellen Wondra
> Forming Gospel-Shaped Mission with John Dally
> Field Education Seminar with KJ Oh
> Liturgy & Music: Development and Theology
   with Jason Fout
> Anglican Formation with KJ Oh

Hybrid course in Chicago
> Pastoral Offices with Valerie Bailey Fischer 

Online only, beginning August 31
> Canon Law with Ellen Wondra

To learn more and to register, follow the links above. Each of these courses is available for academic credit ($1,620), continuing education units ($400), and enrichment/no credit ($375), except for Canon Law ($540) which is offered exclusively online and not-for-credit.

For information about more 2015-2016 course offerings, download our brochure 
Accolades and Alums...Alums and Accolades 

Strength in numbers and leadership 


If you would like to share our 2015 magazine, click on the image above for a PDF copy.

We experienced a little more urgency around the deadlines for our annual magazine this year here at Bexley Seabury. As you are aware, it is a 

General Convention year, and we wanted to have the magazine available there at our booth. We normally publish the magazine after the academic, Annual Fund, and fiscal years close at the end of June, actually printing it in July. General Convention 78 convened on June 25, and we were ready 

with copies of magazine on hand at our booth and in the mail.

Thank you all for your support and feedback.  

One of our Trustees Associates sent us this:


"I received the latest issue of the Bexley Seabury magazine and want to congratulate you all. It is excellent and will be well received by all who receive it."


Here is a little bit about our General Convention experience "by the numbers," as it were. 

A001..."Restructure for Spiritual Encounter," the resolution (adopted) which most directly deals with Episcopal seminaries

4... Number of faculty, staff, and board members elected to positions by General Convention (as reported above, Tom Ferguson; Suzi Holding. Sandra McFee and Deborah Stokes)

14... Total number of faculty, staff, board members, and alums who  rotated through staffing our booth

20... Number of average minutes Roger Ferlo spent in personal conversation with any given

prospective student

64... Total number of hours the booth was open

120... Attendance at our Bexley Seabury reception honoring the ministries of alumnae and alumni

200... Number of Bexley Seabury backpacks given away 


Our alums were very well represented among the Deputies to  

General Convention. We estimate 18% of General Convention 78 deputies and alternates graduated Bexley Seabury, Seabury-Western, or Bexley Hall -- a remarkable statistic and testimony to the caliber of our graduates. 


We welcomed to our booth numerous alumni and alumnae from Bexley Seabury and Seabury-Western. As for Bexley Hall alums, also out in numbers, people from each of our three eras --  

Columbus, Rochester, and even Gambier -- stopped by to say hello.


Our alums are the fruits of our labor. Our ministry is fulfilled in  

your ministry. We value your support and that of everyone in our broader donor community. Thank you.


Conrad Selnick

Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations

On Campus & Beyond 


Friends and Colleagues 
Newland Smith, Seabury-Western librarian 1964-2007, was given the John Nevin Sayre Peace Award by the Episcopal Peace Fellowship in recognition of his "relentless witness to nonviolent peacemaking." Congratulations, Newland!

In Memoriam
The Rt. Rev. David C. Bowman, ninth Bishop of Western New York, died July 10, 2015 in Cleveland at the age of 82. Bishop Bowman served as interim dean of Seabury-Western 2004-2005. He is remembered by faculty as "beloved by all," "humble and highly effective, as well as genuinely kind and warm," and for his sound advice. Read more

The Rev. Charles Henry Howell (Seabury-Western '95) died at the age of 53 over the 2015 Fourth of July weekend, while vacationing in Colorado with this wife, Liz. They have one daughter, Georgia. Son of an Episcopal priest, Church graduated seminary with highest honors. At his first call, Grace Church, Grand Rapids, Mich., Church helped found and was first vicar of Sudanese Grace Church, a mission congregation for refugees fleeing from war. In September 2006 Chuck became 10th rector of Christ Church, New Brighton, N.Y., and was serving a second term as dean of the Staten Island clericus at the time of his death.

Larry Eugene Lee, father of Bishop of Chicago Jeff Lee, died June 30, 2015 in Michigan.

The Rev. Paul H. Mizutani (Seabury-Western '63) died June 30, 2008 at the age of 77. He is survived by his wife, Saeko.

David Murray, godfather of Bexley Seabury VP Academic Affairs and Academic Dean Tom Ferguson, died July 6, 2015 in Boston.

Jeanne Sanford, mother of Bexley Seabury Assistant to the President Ron Fox, died July 7, 2015 in Morris, Ill. Read more

The Rt. Rev. O'Kelley Whitaker (Seabury-Western '52), retired Bishop of Central New York, died June 25, 2015 at the age of 88. Bishop Whitaker served as a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman during World War II and served churches in North Carolina and Florida before becoming bishop coadjutor. Read more 
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