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How Do You Imagine Resurrection?

A New Adventure

Restoring the Biblical Imagination on April 26

The Installation of President Ferlo

Exploration Event at Bexley

Kellogg School Summer Institute SOLD OUT
June Courses in Chicago
How Do You Imagine Resurrection?
Holy Week Reflection from President Ferlo

How do you imagine resurrection?


Frankly, the Gospels aren't much help.  We know a lot about the before and after of Jesus' resurrection, but precious little of the during.  The Gospel writers balk at describing an event that no one witnessed.   Once Joseph of Arimathea gives the go-ahead to use his pre-purchased resting space, we are told very little. True, Matthew has a story about the Pharisees arranging with Pilate to put guards at the entrance, thus preventing anyone from breaking the seal, stealing the body, faking a resurrection.  In a way, that reported episode is the exception that proves the rule.  On the actual mechanics of resurrection the lips of the evangelists are as sealed as the entrance to the tomb. 


This gap in the Gospel account gets reflected liturgically, in the odd little service designated for Holy Saturday in the Book of Common Prayer.  Few parish churches I know of actually mark that occasion.  In most places, the church building is as hollow as the grave-the altars stripped of ornament, the aumbry emptied, no Eucharist scheduled for the day.  Perhaps the bare wooden cross from the Good Friday service still occupies its spot in front of the barren table.  No one has yet had the time to put it back in the sacristy closet. 


Read President Ferlo's entire Holy Week reflection.

A New Adventure
Bexley Seabury Board Begins Work May 15


Nearly five years of work came to fruition quietly in late February when the legal federation between Bexley Hall and Seabury Western Theological Seminary became final. The new entity, which will be inaugurated on April 27 in Indianapolis, is formally called the Bexley Hall Seabury Western Theological Seminary Federation, Inc. For now it will be known simply as Bexley Seabury.


Beginning on May 15, the federation will have a single board of trustees that will include continuing members from each seminary's board and ten new members. "Thankfully, many of the leaders who oversaw the birth of the federation have agreed to stay on, while our new members complement their skills and experience with fresh perspectives and ideas," said Roger Ferlo, Bexley Seabury president. "I'm grateful to Alan Gates and Wendy Lane who chaired the nominating committee, the committee's members, and the ten people who agreed to join us at this pivotal time. Bexley Seabury has just the board it needs to lead us into the future."


Read the entire article.

Restoring the Biblical Imagination
April 26 in Indianapolis
The Henry Luce Foundation has awarded a grant to support Restoring the Biblical Imagination, a Bexley Seabury Federation public event at Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) in Indianapolis on Friday, April 26. Please join the faculty, alums and board of the Federation for a day of exploring how sacred texts can help us foster understanding and create communities:

1:30-2:15 pm  President Ferlo's Address: Restoring the Biblical Imagination

2:30-4 pm  A Muslim, a Jew and a Christian Walk into a Cafe:  Building Relationships through Scriptural Study 



Sarah Snyder, Cambridge Interfaith Programme 

Joshua Stanton, Center for Global Judaism at Hebrew College

Homayra Ziad, Trinity College 

Learn more about the presenters.


This participatory workshop will introduce attendees to the process of Scriptural Reasoning, which brings together Christians, Jews and Muslims to study and discuss each other's holy texts. 

Learn more about the workshop.


4:30-5:45 pm The Bible for Nones:  Sights and Sounds of Scripture



John Addison Dally, Seabury

Shaun Whitehead, St. Lawrence University

Frank Yamada, McCormick Seminary

Learn more about the presenters.


This workshop will immerse participants in images and sound that make scripture appeal to the heart as well as the mind. Come learn new ways to begin conversations about the Bible with the growing number of Americans who do not identify with any religion. 

Learn more about the workshop.


6:00-6:30 pm  Panel Discussion


6:30 pm  Dinner Reception (tickets $25 each)


Restoring the Biblical Imagination is free and open to all (dinner reception is $25), and participants can earn up to four hours toward continuing education credits. Learn more and register online. Information about travel to Indianapolis and lodging is available online.
The Installation of President Ferlo
April 27 Festival Eucharist; Dean Markham to Preach
President Ferlo
The Board of Trustees of the Federation of Bexley Hall and Seabury Western Theological Seminary invites you to the installation of the Rev. Roger A. Ferlo, Ph.D. as the federation's first president. President Ferlo's installation will take place at a festival Eucharist on Saturday, April 27 at 10 am at the chapel of Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Travel and lodging information is available on Seabury's website, and maps and directions are available on CTU's website.

Dean Markham
The Very Rev. Ian Markham, Ph.D. will preach at the installation service. Dean Markham is dean and president of Virginia Theological Seminary, a position he has held since 2007. He has also served as dean and professor of theology and ethics at Hartford Seminary and as visiting professor of globilization, ethics and Islam at Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Exeter, and is the author and editor of many books, including Against Atheism: Why Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris Are Fundamentally Wrong. 

The Exploration Event at Bexley Hall

April 2-3Exploration

Do you know someone who is exploring a call to seminary? Bexley Hall and Trinity Lutheran Seminary invite prospective students to visit campus and explore their faith, passion, purpose and calling at The Exploration Event on April 2-3 in Columbus, Ohio.
Lodging for out-of-town guests and meals will be provided, and some need-based travel assistance is available. Learn more and register online on the Trinity Lutheran website. To learn more about academics, formation, and the Bexley Hall community, please talk with Dean Thomas Ferguson.

Kellogg School Summer Institute Sold Out

Join the Waiting List TodayKellogg

Our popular Kellogg School Summer Institute is sold out for its June 2013 session. If you'd like to join the waiting list, apply online now. Questions? Please email Susan Harlow.
June Courses in Chicago 
Susan Harlow_crp Congregations in the 21st Century 
June 3-7, 2013 
What are religious congregations and why do we need them? The definition of religious congregations is shifting and expanding as new models emerge for communal worship. The focus has grown beyond what takes place within physical houses of worship to include the wealth of possibilities offered by online communities and by groups of people who gather outside of the traditional church. This one-week course will examine religious congregations from theological, historical, sociological and economic perspectives. Included in the discussions will be emerging and fresh ministries that are popping up on the religious landscape and an exploration of what God is calling the church to be and do in today's world.

Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Susan Harlow, director of congregational development 

Community Organizing for Missional Living 
June 9-15, 2013 
Community organizing is all about relationship building, a crucial component of effective ministry. Come to this one-week course to learn new skills for getting to know your community. Develop your skill in bringing people together to work for change. Increase your ability to conduct power analysis and strategize effectively. Discover how community organizing is a powerful approach to living out one's faith in the world. 

The core of this course is the Industrial Area Foundation's acclaimed national leadership training, co-sponsored by Seabury and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Office for Congregation Based Organizing. 

Instructor:  Thomas Lenz, lead organizer for United Power for Action and Justice

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