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April 2016

On March 3, nearly 150 of our Peer Educators attended the Middle School Teens Tackle Tobacco Conference! While most of the day went off without a hitch, upon learning that the keynote would not make it in time to kick off the day, the conference manager asked our team if we could step in...
...and step in we did! 
CCCOE TUPE staff leading large group inclusions for 300+ students.
In other good news, both San Ramon Valley's and CCCOE's TUPE grants have been funded! We look forward to welcoming Brentwood Union and Liberty Union into our consortium, with Antioch, Byron, Mt. Diablo, Pittsburg, and West Contra Costa!
As always, if you have any questions, please contact me

Emily Justice
TUPE Manager 
Contra Costa County Office of Education

Kick Butts! Day Recap

Kudos to all schools that participated in Kick Butts! Day this year! There were so many functions going on my head was spinning! Presentations and tabling -- lungs and all -- skits, dance routines, cups-in-a-fence, #NotaReplacement social media campaigns, jugglers, clowns, fire breathers... (okay maybe those last few were an exaggeration). Check out some of the action! 
Summit HS students present on the dangers of tobacco. 
Riverview MS students create their "Tobacco Industry Wall of Shame."
Oak Grove MS (top) and Pinole MS (bottom) students use "cups-in-a-fence" to share the message that Smoking Kills! 
Foothill MS students prepare to show the effects of cigarette use on physical activity. Spoiler alert! They couldn't make it through the Cha Cha Slide!

I am truly proud of the work of our Peer Educators and Site Coordinators -- you did a phenomenal job of getting the message out about the effects of tobacco. Youth and adults were engaged and informed. Some schools even extended the day into the whole week -- good job you magnificent overachievers you. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to organize activities and participate -- it definitely was a success. Great job everyone! 

Your Neighborhood TUPE Enthusiast,

Derrick Kirk
Youth Development Specialist

Questions regarding school-wide, youth-led prevention efforts? 
Contact Derrick Kirk, TUPE Youth Development Specialist.
Alcohol Awareness Month

While the majority of young people 
are not current alcohol users, alcohol remains the most commonly used drug among youth and, in addition to many immediate negative effects, the younger someone begins drinking, the more likely that they will develop alcohol dependence later in life.  

Our TUPE classroom-based prevention programs address alcohol and other drug use. In addition, our partners at the Contra Costa County Health Department work on alcohol prevention efforts at the school and community levels. 

For more information about local alcohol prevention efforts, please contact Isabelle Kirske, Alcohol & Other Drugs Prevention Coordinator, Contra Costa County Health Services.
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CCCOE Educational Services
Emily Justice, M.A., Manager, Tobacco Use Prevention Education

Pamela Comfort, Ed.D.,
Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services

Pam Tyson, Ph.D., Director, Educational Services
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Marijuana Prevention Youth Summit 
Saturday, April 16
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Riverview MS, Bay Point

Health Education Round Table Discussion
Wednesday, April 27
2-4 pm; CCCOE
Quarterly TUPE Collaborative Meeting
Friday, May 6
10 am - Noon; CCCOE

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) Network Meeting
Friday, May 13
10 am - Noon; CCCOE 

Live Webcast
The Triangulum: Tobacco, Marijuana, & E-cigarettes 
Thursday, May 26
9:00 am - Noon

Welcoming Schools & Communities Summit 
Saturday, September 10
Contra Costa County

Questions about an upcoming meeting or event? Contact Emily for more information. 

 Useful Resources

*NEW* The ACLU has created a toolkit to help educators and parents better understand the California Healthy Youth Act. This new law (2016) requires comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education to be taught at least once in middle school and at least once in high school. 

ALL IN for Health is a statewide campaign to equip education leaders with the tools they need to connect families and individuals to health coverage and care. 

Contra Costa TUPE
Information, Upcoming Trainings, & Resources

E-Cigarette/Vape Pens
Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes: The Facts You Need to Know

CA State Health Officer's Report on E-Cigarettes: A Community Health Threat
Orange County Dpt. of Education: Not So Safe
 Fast Facts & Articles

Nearly 20% of high school students who use e-cigarettes to vaporize nicotine also use them to vaporize marijuana. 

Cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. 

Article: Rating schools by students social-emotional skills worth trying, evaluator says

Article: Overdoses from fentanyl spread in Sacramento County

Student Poster Contest!

art supplies
The Rainbow Community Center is holding a poster contest for Contra Costa students!

Students are asked to submit a photo, drawing, painting, or collage that answers the question:

"What does it look like to be safe and included in your school as an LGBTQ+ or Ally student?"

Deadline is May 1, 2016. 

Check out the flyer for more information.