EP NEWS VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2 February 2015


EverybodyPaddles dedicated Black History Month 2015 to a month-long feature reflecting, honoring and thanking African-American influencers and game-changers from past through present.


The icons, influencers and legends have set the course of change we are on and for the future. It is the hope that the twenty-eight (28) featured have taught, demonstrated or reminded you of the fact that our American trajectory was forever changed by those who refused to be bound by mental, economic, physical or social change. 


Though the list could not be all encompassing; we pay homage to the inspiring men and phenomenal women not featured that have been extraordinary in the civil rights movement, the arts, commerce, health, education and entertainment sectors that have made history and redefined what was/is possible for our United States.


Here are our 2015 #TheInfluencerInfluencers

During the month of February, Charles A. Archer had the opportunity to interview three African American men who have and continue to influence social change beyond Black History Month. 

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David Dinkins Interview


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