EP NEWS VOLUME 4 ISSUE 1 January 2015

Sandra Bookman Here & Now Host
On Sunday, January 25, 2015, Charles A. Archer (our Founder) appeared on ABC's Here and Now with Sandra Bookman. Archer shared the importance of office team and camaraderie in order to build productive cultures and work environments.  The EP Principles provides a road map to acknowledging and appreciating that #WeAllCount. To view the world learn about Everybody Paddles, see Segment 3 of the following link 

We would like to thank ABC, Sandra Bookman and the Here and Now team for the opportunity to share that workplaces and productive environments require that everybody contributes and paddles together. 

Sydney Harbor Bridge - Australia


Sydney Harbor Greetings
Sydney Harbor Greetings


Unobstructed views-how to get back there? When do we learn to put limits on ourselves? How does fear take over and envelope us to paralysis? To usher in 2015, I went somewhere I'd never been, Australia, and I went alone. 


I decided to be daring and welcome the New Year amongst the unknown. I labeled it the, "TheExperience2015" and that is how I vow to live out the rest of the year. I want to do things I have never done, met new people, discover new things and go places I have never been. Do you know what happens when you remove the limits the universe, God, or whatever your association removes its limits. Imagine my amazement when I was informed I was invited to be featured on ABC's Here and Now television program upon returning from Australia. I invite all of you readers to join me on this experience and take the use the hashtags #WeAllCount and #TheExperience2015 to tell us about your year. 

The Year of Everybody 

We believe that 2015 is The Year of Everybody and we seek to #UniteAndIgnite with you in the following ways:
  • #ManifestMondays on Instagram  - tell us something that you are committed to doing for the week, month or year.
  • Amazon Special E-Book Price of of $1 - http://www.amazon.com/everybodypaddles
  • In February, #TheInfluencerInfluencers - 28 Black American Change Agents 
  • Live and Virtual Training Sessions (See Speakers Kit)
  • Social Media Partnership Campaigns
  • #EPGear - Spring/Summer 2015
  • E-mail us at Info@EverybodyPaddles.com

EP Thoughts One 150126a
Better occurs when We All Work Together

Everybody Paddles Gear
#EPGear - Winter 2014/15 

The Everybody Paddles Mission

We Know Your Value

Share It With The World

Connect With People, Places and Possibilities

Where Everybody Matters

Do Your Part - Think Everybody! 


The EP Mission is bigger than a person or a book - its about a Life Style.  The EP Lifestyle is about Our Interests, Attitudes, Opinions, Choices, Decisions, Self-Expression and Experiences.  We dont just talk about #WeAllCount - We live it with Everybody.

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