EP NEWS VOLUME 3 ISSUE 10 December 2014
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Reflect and Proceed

It's that time of year again-the merriment of holidays, the time when we 'Reflect and Proceed.' It's hustling and bustling, mistletoe's, holiday parties, shopping for expensive presents and spending time with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.


This year unlike most, I am making a conscious effort to the EP focus of December of "Reflect and Proceed" so that the moments of the season aren't in the blink of a rush, but something you plan to and hope you can enjoy and relish. I know it's true for all of us that this time of year comes seems to come faster and faster ever passing year and causes fervent but not pleasing fervor. Sometimes it's hard to be fully present in the moment when we have our cell phones, which have our email and social media accounts, not to mention the  overwhelm and stress about finances and juggling commitments. It helps to step back and take it all in, meaning, to reflect then proceed with all activities this holiday season.


I don't find much meaning in the commercialism facets of the festivities and don't invest much attentiveness in it. When I was a child I certainly believed in all the merriments and made a big deal, but that has faded considerably with time as it pertains to the pecuniary expectations-no garland, no wreaths, no trees, no cards, and no gift obligations. What I have embodied is mysticism of during this time of year, where I get to do something or go somewhere I have never been. These nuances have allowed for meeting elderly individuals or visiting and inviting those without families during the holidays. This is a way I can truly give to others what they would have missed this year.


Please read the article above that I used my own funds to buy and mail hundreds of envelopes of protest to Mayor Bill De Blasio and Public Advocate Letitia James regarding the treatment of city constituents. One continual way to Reflect and Proceed is truly, Peace on earth and Goodwill toward man.


As I proceed with my next adventure of the unknown, which I will reveal to you in the January 2015 newsletter-I am make a stop. This is an important stop to see my mother and my family. Though I am busy and holiday traffic is insane, it's important to make the effort - particularly with family, as they're the roots of me and where I come from.


Whatever you do this holiday, 'Reflect then Proceed,' so you can truly enjoy the holidays. Though they do come once a year... it's important to make this and every year count!




Everybody Paddles   


This month's EP Paddlers are the thousands of youth, victims' families, human rights advocates, faith leaders, and Hip Hop activists and artists, and politicians in major U.S. cities including New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Berkeley and Mississippi that have stood their ground and protested peacefully against injustices. Some politicians walked out of Congress. People staged die-ins. They shut down more streets and intersections and they marched and rallied to denounce recent and historical police brutality and racial profiling.