EP NEWS VOLUME 3 ISSUE 7 September 2014
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A Blue Print for Creating Unified Teams
Charles A. Archer is an internationally acclaimed leadership author and lecturer. His newest book will be released September 23, 2014 and is already available pre-order via Barnes and Nobles. In Archers' new book, Everybody Paddles, A Leader's Blueprint for Creating a Unified Team he explores what he identifies as achieving "unification," in which he goes beyond the topical meaning of the word. Rather, he takes it apart, examines every facet of what it means to achieve unanimity, offers examples as to what may have caused the crisis, and provides solutions on how to work through discord/non-compliance and accept true organizational efficacy.


So why an entire book on the topic of unification? Because in the opinion of Archer, he puts forth unification through consensus as a life lesson, something that is as necessary as the air we breathe to achieve the mission and goals of a team, family or organization. Everybody Paddles is a comprehensive road map to uniformity, arming readers with the knowledge and principle instruction that will enable them to release behaviors that are counterproductive and holding them back to remedy malfunction. "A unified team is essential for productivity, revenue increase, and optimal operations," Archer informs. Armed with his principles, from "Unity Stabilizes the Boat, Purpose Provides Propulsion, The Captain Sets the Course, the Whole Crew Paddles, to Every Crew Member Matters," at last, leaders will have the metrics to help their team elucidate solutions.


Using deeply personal circumstances and examples from his life's journey, Charles A. Archer opens up to readers about his own confrontations with being a CEO at 34 years of age and how creating  and implementing his principles helped put his career and life on a trajectory that he could have never imagined. In one instance, he writes about speculation of an orchestrated takeover by him to resentment towards him -and the company he co-founded. Combining the principles and knowledge of experts this, book also garners experience from colleagues of Archer such as a Diplomat implementing governmental political polices, a Civic pioneer changing the landscape of Lower Manhattan having imparting the principles at the house of Versace and Ferragamo, a Medical Savant running one of NYC's prominent hospitals and many more to provide a practical and profound guide. The analogies utilized in the book give the principles a dynamic lucidity, being making it memorable. As presented by Peter Borish, who offers the book's forward, "Everybody Paddles movement is an exponential function...in removing obstacles for success."


The book is available at the following retailers:


Barnes & Nobles (National)

Hudson News and Trophies (Major City Airports)

Barbara's Books  


Books & Books

Book People


Tattered Cover  

Upstart Crow Bookstore


Everybody Paddles   


Pete Frates 
Beverly, Massachusettes
Earlier this summer, Pete and his family became aware of a challenge to dump a bucket of ice on yourself or give to any charity of your choice. Pete, a former gifted baseball player who now fights ALS himself decided to raise awareness about ALS and the need for research funding. In a matter of a few short weeks,an awareness and charitable giving campaign that quickly morphed into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than 100 Million Dollars for the fight for a cure of ALS.

We salute Pete for inspiring so many others to pick up, in this case a bucket of ice, to make a difference in the lives of others. We join the millions who wish Pete success in his battle with this tough disease and congratulate him for raising our awareness.

He is our clear choice for Paddler of the Month.


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