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Mid-October 2013

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Kathie Horn
Interim Coordinator
Cell: (414) 331.9309

Jon Schaefer
NTI Coordinator
Cell: (507) 766.9674

Mentor Recruitment


Do you know a teacher who works collaboratively with peers, has a passion for ministry, and has taught for three or more years? Consider encouraging them to become a mentor.

The current application period for mentors is now open. We urge teachers who want to be mentors to act as soon as possible. Application can be made online (application link). New Teacher Induction has a select number of mentor openings for next year, and teachers are responding. NTI covers training costs.  

Maria Gines
October 17 - New Teacher Seminar


Do you remember your first parent-teacher conference as a teacher? Were you excited, nervous, scared, or stressed? This free seminar will discuss parent-teacher relationships and prepare beginning teachers for quarter conferences. Mentors and principals may encourage beginning teachers by inviting them to attend. All are welcome. Food and fellowship begin at 4:30 PM with the seminar from 5-7 PM CST. Our thanks to St. John-Jefferson WI for hosting.

If you have not yet registered, you may still register online. Distance an issue? Several teachers have registered to receive a link for streaming it online. Online registration form.     


Looking Forward to Seeing You   


We are looking forward to seeing all our mentors at one of the forums taking place during the Minnesota and Wisconsin Lutheran state teachers' conferences.

  • Minnesota Mentor Forum - October 17, lunch/sectional at MLC
  • Wisconsin Mentor Forum - October 25, 10:30 am, at Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Please contact the coordinator if there are scheduling conflicts.

NTI Surveys 


Toward the end of October, new teachers and principals will receive a five-question survey in their email in-boxes. The survey will help ensure New Teacher Induction alignment and inform next steps.

New teachers and principals receive an NTI survey toward the end of each quarter. Mentors receive an MAC/MAL survey at the end of each month.
Watching the Mentor Training Calendar
  • In Milwaukee WI: 
  • In Madison WI: 
For additional supports, visit the NTI Webpage

NTI Contact


Kathie Horn, NTI Interim Coordinator

Cell: (414) 331.9309

E-mail:  klynnhorn@gmail.com    


Jon Schaefer, NTI Coordinator

Cell: (507) 766.9674

E-mail: schaefjm@mlc-wels.edu