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Mid-September 2013

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New Co-Lead Mentors

A Way to Provide Feedback

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Kathie Horn
Interim Coordinator
Cell: (414) 331.9309

Jon Schaefer
NTI Coordinator
Cell: (507) 766.9674

Communication NTI's expansion means that communication is imperative. At the middle and end of every month, NTI will deliver an email/newsletter to all NTI principals and mentors. The pattern will be:
  • Middle of each month - broad program information concerning NTI from the coordinator
  • End of the month - local information related to each district from co-lead mentors
Subscribers may un-subscribe at any time. Please note that un-subscribing removes you from all of MLC's publication email lists.


New Co-Lead Mentors

Join in welcoming our co-lead mentors. They will support NTI by mentoring the mentors and coordinating local NTI forums.

Linda Baumann


Northern WI District (NWD)

(920) 488.2650


Monica Dierker

Southeastern WI District & NWD


(414) 581.3798


Erin Duwe  


Western WI District

(920) 342.9062


Kate Hieb  


Western WI District

(440) 715.0944


Kathie Horn

Southeastern WI District & South Atlantic District 

(414) 331.9309


Molly Ring


MN District

(651) 345.5568


Jon Schaefer

MN & South Atlantic District (SAD)

(507) 766.9674


A Way to Provide Feedback


Stakeholders (i.e., mentors, beginning teachers, and principals) will periodically receive a five-question email survey. 

  • Mentors can expect one at the end of each month. 
  • Principals and new teachers can expect one toward the end of each quarter.  

Completed surveys provide prompt feedback for the planning of induction programming like beginning teacher forums, mentor forums, and NTI seminars. Please watch for the surveys in your email.


Many Thanks for Successful NTI Seminars

Thank you to Fox Valley Lutheran High School, Grace - Downtown Milwaukee, St. Croix Lutheran High School, and King of Kings - Maitland FL for hosting the Annual NTI Seminar this past August. Over 100 teachers, mentors, and principals participated. The feedback and discussion allowed for reflection and impacted NTI's work. 


Watching the Mentor Training Calendar
  • In Milwaukee WI: