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Parents, Be Proud

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Your Final Issue of the Year! 

orientation 13-14
Remember dropping your student off and getting your parent tour last August? Time has flown, and your students have grown!

Our goal for MLC ParentsPage is to provide information and guidance to all MLC parents, especially first-year parents as they send their son or daughter off to college for the first time. So we're wondering . . .

  • How did we do?
  • What was most helpful to you?
  • What would you like to see more of?

If you have any comments or suggestions about the ParentsPage, please feel free to contact Laurie Gauger, MLC ParentsPage Writer/Editor.



Commencement and Call Day!

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, Martin Luther College awarded degrees to 143 graduates. MLC President Mark Zarling told the graduates: "Your labor in the Lord is never in vain. To quote a veteran pastor, 'Gospel ministry is truly the only occupation that makes a difference the day after eternity dawns.' Rejoice in the victory God has given you. Rejoice in the labors a loving Father has prepared for you. Step onto the next campus, or step onto that foreign land, or step into your first call, or step forward into a new stage in your pilgrimage. Do so with confidence, for you do not walk alone. You walk always and ever with Jesus, for resurrection reality changes everything."

Graduation by the numbers:
  • 24 Preseminary
  • 87 Education
  • 1 Staff Minister
  • 12 Educational Studies
  • 1 Theological Studies
  • 18 Master's Degrees


Congratulations to all our graduates! 
Check out the May 2014 assignments here
Check out commencements recap and videos here.   

Parents, Be Proud!

senior awards 13-14
Senior award winners 2014

Our students - your children! - work hard, using their God-given gifts to prepare themselves for service to the church. Several have been recognized for their hard work, and we congratulate them: 

(Back row) 

Justin Eternick (Lakeside): Knight Award     

Rebecca Engelbrecht (Shoreland): Knight Award  

Kimberly Schmill (Manitowoc): Education Leading Scholar Award          

Noah Willitz (MLS): Preseminary Leading Scholar Award and Brooks Scholarship 


(Front row) 

Micah Plocher (MLS)UMAC Scholar Athlete Award and Brooks Scholarship


Bethany Schultz (LPS): UMAC Scholar Athlete Award and Knight Award  


Peter Plagenz (WLA): Fine Arts Award


Russell Scoggins (Anderson-Shiro, Austin TX): Service Award and  Student Senate President              


Katrina Buchholz (ALA): Via Veritas Vita Award


Final Details


They've Got Mail:
All first-class mail will be forwarded to students' home addresses over the summer. Magazines will not be forwarded 


Sending Next Year's Books to Campus:

We ask that you send no packages to your student's MLC address prior to August 1. Packages received at MLC prior to August 1 will either be "Returned to Sender" or forwarded to the student's home address.


In Case You Missed It

See your electronic version of the spring MLC InFocus. Read features on our new urban education minor and the important need to recruit new pastors. The issue also profiles12 outstanding MLC students. Check it out!


Summer for MLC Students


MLC students on immersion trip
MLC students on immersion trip

This summer might be just like last summer for your student - work, play, family time. But as they get older, more ministry-training opportunities will present themselves.

For instance, many junior and senior Spanish students go on an immersion trip in the summer. About 100 students participate in Daylight USA at congregations all over the country, where they plan and run VBS, lead Bible/sports camps, canvass neighborhoods, and more. Many students also assist in their home congregations.

Whatever opportunities arise, encourage your student to think of summer as prime time for additional training.


Picture Gallery 

Swine Sizzler
Swine Sizzler
Check out these new photos 

Spring music recitals


Swine Sizzler - year-end picnic


Student Senate Benefit concert


SPaMball tournament - WLS vs. MLC preseminary softball

Please check in to the Picture Gallery over the next couple weeks to see photos of the Commencement Concert, Commencement Service, Call Service, Alumni Banquet, and much more!


Mark the Date
First-year parents, remember August 2013 when you and your students first arrived? You're veterans now! See you next year!


Aug 25: First day of classes


Sep 26-28: Homecoming and Parents' Day

Parents UKnighted

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