September 25, 2013

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Mark the Date

First Year of College: October               First-year Parents


New students are making new friends and finding 

their way around.

What your first-year student may be experiencing in late September and October of their first year of college: Excitement: New faces, new spaces, new challenges. God is good!


Cooler weather: It was hot those first couple weeks, but your students weathered it, and now they'll love the Minnesota autumn. Academics: They may be wondering: Is this what college is really like? Can I handle this course work? Am I using my time well? Do the professors like me? What are college midterm exams like? Campus busyness: Musical rehearsals, set building, and costume creating.Intramural and intercollegiate sports. A new set of student teachers going out. The Divers! Homecoming! Homesickness: Frequent calling and texting. Battling the urge to just give up and go back home where things are familiar. Praying a lot. High school romances perhaps faltering or fading.Handling new freedoms: Should I go out with my friends or start that big project? I really need to get off Facebook and get to work. I think I need to be more careful with my money. Pleasant surprises: I love daily (and twice-daily!) chapel. There are people here who are just like me. I didn't know this place would feel like home so fast.


How's It Going with the Roommate?     First-year parentsdorm room

Your daughter calls home and says her roommate is ignoring her. Or your son says his roommate stays up every night till 2, plays his music too loud, uses all the outlets, and leaves piles of books and dirty shorts everywhere. Is there a solution?

Balancing Academics and Athletics 
men's soccer
You know how demanding college athletics can be. But there's no need to worry about your student's participation in sports. At MLC, our coaches are also professors, and the classroom takes precedence over the court. Read more. 

Is the Honeymoon Over?                        First-year parents
ballroom blast
The first-years had a blast at orientation.  
But will the good times last?  

Does the following sound familiar? Your student was so excited to come to MLC. And the first few days were great! Orientation was fun. They met cool people at the mixer. Their classes sounded interesting, and the profs were nice. They felt like real college students.

Wow! Things were good. And then . . . CRASH!


Is the honeymoon over? More here.

The Voice of Experience:                     First-year Parents
Is MLC Cliquey?
cliques Becky
Alumna Becky Amann (in the striped shirt) fondly remembers making lots of new friends at MLC.


Does your student say they 

feel a little left out because certain kids seem to know everyone? Does it seem that kids from some high schools are sticking together and not mixing with others?


2010 graduate Becky Amann remembers what that was like. A few years ago she wrote: "College is not just like high school. Yes, the first few weeks it seems cliquey, but that's because people are nervous and they stick with the people they know. I went to Luther Prep, and by my sophomore year I had more non-Prep friends than Prep friends. Part of it is simply growing up. You're in college now. You want to act more like an adult. You want to be open to other people and enjoy other people's company. I will always cherish the close bonds I have with my high school friends, but I really appreciate my new friends too."

What's There to Do?                           First-year Parents
Flandrau State Park


We won't pretend to be New York, but New Ulm does have its diversions. If your student calls home with the classic "I'm bored," suggest these activities.


Issues that Matter
Anita Smith
Christian psychologist Anita Smith


This year, Christian psychologist Anita Smith will present information and lead discussions on the topic of healthy relationships. Using the theme  "Streetlights," Anita will present the following topics:  


September 16: 

"Red Light." Relationships that need to STOP because they are unhealthy.


November 11: "Yellow Light." Warning signs that a relationship could be bad. When to 'trust your gut' and SLOW DOWN.


February 17: "Green Light." Great relationships that you should GO with.


The first topic has already been presented, but two more are coming! As future called workers, all our students, men and women, are invited to participate. Presentations are in the comfortable lobby of Centennial Hall. 


New Pictures!


The MLC Photo Gallery is updated regularly. Some new additions include recent Athletic photos.

I've Got Shotgun!rides home


Your students can find and offer rides to Wisconsin, Michigan, the Cities - wherever - on the Ride Share link on the Portal, and also through posts on the Ride Board in the main hall of the WCC (Wittenberg Collegiate Center). By carpooling, they can save some gas money and get to know other students at the same time.


Here's Where to Turn

John Boeder where to turn
Campus Pastor John Boeder can be your student's first person to turn to.



If your student calls home with a problem - sickness, relationship troubles, a surprising

D- or two - our campus has personnel who are trained to help resolve these difficulties. Remind your student to seek out these people.



Join Us for Homecoming!  Homecoming 2013  


October 25-27: The weekend is chock-full! Watch soccer, volleyball, and football. Cheer on the Knights. Let our students wow you at the Talent Show. Watch the traditional Burning of the M in Luther Hollow. Enjoy the outdoors on Saturday's Sprinter Fun Run. Worship Sunday morning at 9:30 in the Chapel of the Christ. Have brunch with us at 10:30 ($5.50). And then attend the Early Childhood Learning Center Dedication and Open House at 1:00. For more details, go to our Homecoming webpage. Hope to see you there! 

Join Ladies' Auxiliary! 

ladies auxiliary
President Zarling addresses the 
Ladies' Auxiliary 2012 meeting.
On Saturday, October 5, the 2013 MLC Ladies' Auxiliary National Meeting will begin at 8:30 am in the auditorium. Gathering around the theme "Give Thanks to the Lord for His Unfailing Love," attendees will learn about new programs at the college, select new projects for 2013-14, and work together with other MLC supporters. Lunch will be available in the Luther Student Center. Workshops on "Timely Topics for Today" will highlight the morning, with student entertainment and a closing service in the Chapel of the Christ rounding out the afternoon. We hope you attend this event in support of our WELS College of Ministry. Childcare is available. 
 Mark the Date 
(and see what your students are up to!)

September 24

Student financial seminar: The Necessity of Budgeting 

September 27
Men's soccer - 2:00 pm
Women's soccer - 4:15 pm
Volleyball - 7:00 pm
September 28
Men's soccer - 12:00 pm
Volleyball - 1:00 pm
Women's soccer - 2:15 pm
October 2
Convocation: Pastor Mark Gabb and Teacher Kyle Bender, St. Paul-Beverly Hills FL - "Pastors and Teachers Working Together: Mutual Benefits and Encouragements"
October 4

Men's soccer - 2:00 pm                                                               

Women's soccer - 4:15 pm

October 5  
Ladies' Auxiliary Annual Meeting - 8:30 am, Auditorium
Men's soccer - 12:00 pm
Football - 1:00 pm
Women's soccer - 2:15 pm
October 6
Wind Symphony Concert - 3:00 pm, Auditorium
Lyceum: Kimmel and Buller - 7:30 pm, Auditorium
October 8
Tom Bell Organ Recital - 8:00 pm, Chapel of the Christ
October 9
Volleyball - 7:00 pm
Tom Bell Organ Masterclass - 8:00 pm, Chapel of the Christ
October 11
Lyceum: The Divers - 7:30 pm, Auditorium
October 12
Women's soccer - 12:00 pm
Football - 1:00 pm
Men's soccer - 2:15 pm
October 15
Volleyball - 7:00 pm
October 16
Midterm break begins after classes
October 21
Classes resume
October 22
Student financial seminar: Debt & Debt Management 
October 25-27
Homecoming/Parents' Weekend
October 25
Women's soccer - 1:00 pm
Men's soccer - 3:15 pm
Volleyball - 7:00 pm
October 26
Volleyball - 11:00 am
Women's soccer - 12:00 pm
Football - 1:00 pm
Men's soccer - 2:15 pm
October 27
Homecoming Worship - 9:30 am, Chapel of the Christ
Early Childhood Learning Center Dedication - 1:00 pm
Preseminary/Seminary Gathering - 7:00 pm, St. Paul's Church

November 1-3
Musical: Into the Woods
December 7-8
Christmas Concert 

Parents UKnighted! 
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