January 13, 2014 

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How Much Are You Paying for College?

Students signed a thank-you card to donors at last year's Tuition Freedom Day.


College is expensive. You and your students know that better than anyone. At MLC, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible while maintaining a high-quality ministerial training program.


Donors help us keep costs low. Thanks to the generous people of the synod, the average MLC student last year paid only 61% of their college costs. 


The other 39% was covered by synod subsidy (17%), donor-funded scholarships and grants (15%), and government grants (7%).


We express our gratitude to these many supporters on Tuition Freedom Day. Falling on January 29 this year, Tuition Freedom Day is the first day on which the average student is "freed" from the cost of his tuition. 


Parents of Seniors, Are You Ready for Graduation?


Commencement is May 17 at 10 am. The Call Service is at 2:30. Find all the details about times, seating, caps and gowns, pictures, etc., HERE

First-year Parents
First Year, Month by Month: January & February  Old Main from steps winter


Second Semester Ups and Downs: Some students have a very hard time coming back to college after a wonderful family-and-friend-filled Christmas vacation. Others find it comfortable to be back at school. Both responses are completely normal.


Brrrr: You've seen it yourself on the news: We've had record-breaking, bone-chilling cold! We're not sure what January and February will bring, but we sympathize with our southern students! 


New Courses: Some students feel optimistic, some discouraged, depending on how well they did first semester. A new semester means a fresh start!


Valentine's Day: Some students have high expectations for this day, hoping one of those beautiful floral arrangements delivered to campus is for them. Others feel a little more alone than ever, a feeling that's led to the day's alternate name: Singles Awareness Day (SAD). 


Winter Weight Gain: Unfortunately, the "Freshman 15" is no myth - especially in these colder climes.


Campus Busyness: Basketball continues. Third-quarter student teachers are busy "on location." Winter play sets are being constructed. Evangelism Day will rejuvenate the spirit. Winter Carnival will give students a booster shot of fun to beat the winter blues.

I Need an A on This Paper! 


If your students express difficulty with academics, encourage them to talk to their prof and then give the Academic Success Center (ASC) a try. 


Under the direction of Randy Cox, the ASC provides free tutoring services for students needing help with class work, writing, languages, and Minnesota Teaching License Exams (MTLE). It is located on the upper floor of the library across from the circulation desk. It is open during regular library hours.


Walk-ins are encouraged to meet with tutors who are trained to help specifically with Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, German, biology, math, and writing. These tutors are available specific nights and afternoons.


Ladies' Auxiliary - A Great Way to Serve

President Laurie Millner, Elaine Steffan, 
and Dinah Spurgin.


Consider joining - or supporting - Ladies' Auxiliary! 


Ladies' Auxiliary has supported the college for more than 50 years, donating thousands and thousands of dollars. Their standing projects include scholarships, library support, and the Daylight program. In addition, this year they have pledged to fund these important projects:


$1200 Curriculum library materials

  4710 Infant/Toddler playground equipment

  2500 Furniture for Music Center lobby

  1550 Equipment for digital commons

    475 Campus Seating

    180 Library archives film preservation


Auxiliary members who live close by also support students through campus events - like providing hundreds of cookies at the Anchor Christmas party


If you'd like to learn more, contact Professor Bill Pekrul


If joining isn't convenient now, but you'd like to support their projects, you can donate here. Thanks, parents!


First-year Parents

Still Homesick? That's OK

homesick student
Some MLC first-years still feel homesick.


Your students may be surprised that their homesickness just isn't going away. It's important to let them know that being homesick does not indicate immaturity or insecurity or inadequacy of any kind. It's a natural grieving process that occurs when a student has left a very safe and comforting place. Read more.




Should My Student Have a Credit Card?

credit card


Credit card providers can be predatory, targeting young college students with promises of easy money whenever they need it. We do not allow any credit card solicitors on our campus, but students may still receive solicitations in the mail. Are credit cards helpful or hazardous? Read more.

News You Can Use


MLCTV: You can now sign up to receive a monthly notice about the special broadcasts on MLCTV. Sign up here.


Sports Updates: Want to know the score? We communicate up-to-the-minute sports info in a variety of ways:

  • Twitter: @mlcknights
  • Text messages or emails: Email SID Mike Gibbons to let him know what sports you want updates for. He'll put your email address and/or phone number on the list.

You can also watch football, volleyball, and basketball liveOr watch interviews at YouTubeAnd, of course, there's always good info at the MLC athletics website and the UMAC website.

Glimpse at Everyday Life

 Students play cribbage at Late Night.

Here are just a few of the opportunities presented to students on the Portal today!

  • Intramural basketball starting-competitive and recreational league
  • Graduates invited to Lutheran Women's Missionary Society Dinner
  • String Ensemble organizational meeting
  • Babysitters needed at St. John's
  • Minnesota State Grant available
  • Scholarship available for seniors with 3.75 GPA
  • Jazz Lab Organizational meeting 
  • Cribbage Tourney at Late Night in Caf
  • Musicians needed for contemporary worship at evening chapel
Mark the Date
College Choir tours Florida over Spring Break.


Jan 16       Financial Seminar:                     Life Insurance

Jan 22       Evangelism Day

Jan 26       Nolte Organ                             Recital

Jan 29       Tuition Freedom                       Day

Feb 2-8     Winter Carnival

Feb 5         Convocation 

Feb 6-8      Focus on Ministry  

Feb 9          Preseminary Gathering 

Feb 14-16        Large school basketball tourney

Feb 16             Wind Symphony concert

Feb 17             Streetlight Series: safe relationships 

Feb 19             Financial seminar: health insurance

Feb 21-23       Winter Play: The Giver

Feb 21-23       Small school basketball tourney 

Feb 28             Spring Break begins at 4:30 pm

Feb 28-Mar 3 College Choir tour

Mar 1-5           EFE for first-years on campus


Parents UKnighted

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