December 11, 2012

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Mentoring New Pastors and Teachers


Mentoring is becoming an increasingly important focus for both new pastors and new teachers in the WELS. The program for new pastors is called Pastor Partners, and the one for new teachers is called New Teacher Induction. This issue permits more coverage to New Teacher Induction to help distinguish it from previous mentoring programs in WELS schools.  


Please take time to read about these exciting new programs.

 Meet Kate Hieb - A Beginning Teacher
Kate Hieb


Kate Hieb admits that she was not excited to be mentored as part of the synod's New Teacher Induction program. "I did not think I needed a mentor and took it as an insult that someone would expect me to have one."Read why Kate changed her mind. 

Meet James Schneck - Teacher Mentor
James Schneck

 Jim Schneck is excited about New Teacher Induction. He has been teaching for 30 years, but he has never seen anything as valuable for new teachers and the schools they serve as this program. Read why.

Pastor Partners: An Interview with a
Pastor Paul Fritz
Mentor and Mentee   


Pastor Jeremiah Gumm and Pastor Paul Fritz give their impressions of the mentoring program begun through Grow in Grace. Pastor Partners offers three years of mentoring for Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary graduates as one part of a developing comprehensive initiative of support and encouragement for all WELS pastors. Read what Pastors Gumm and Fritz have to say.

Why Become a Teacher Mentor?  


Mentors Michelle Behrens and Linda Bauman share the typical reaction of WELS mentors. They love it and consider mentoring an honor and a privilege. Mentors enjoy the training and describe how they learn new ways to approach their own teaching and to communicate professionally. Read why Michelle and Linda enjoy it so much.

WELS Continuing Education Opportunities