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First Year, Month by Month:            First-Year Parents!
December & JanuaryWinter morning on campus


First Semester Over! Your students have made it! The first semester of college is under their belts. Although they're almost on their way home, please permit one last ParentsPage for 2012.


Christmas in the Air: A wave of bittersweet nostalgia (or is it just homesickness?) may hit first-year students as they long for the familiar sweets, decorations, and traditions of home - not to mention worshiping with their families in their home churches.


Campus Busyness in December: Readers' Theater . . . basketball . . . organ recitals and piano auditions . . . Christmas concert . . . final exams! Even those who were able to wing it in high school know they definitely need to buckle down for college finals.


And more fun in January: Evangelism Day - an inspiring day for everyone!


Back Home: Christmas vacation can be challenging - both the coming-home part and the going-back part. (Remember the W-curve?) It may be hard for some students to leave the comforts of home in January, but they can do it! Assure them that during second semester, they will become more and more at ease here at MLC.


By the Numbers - 

MLC students work with little children at our Early Childhood Learning Center.

Starting with 115 


MLC's enrollment of 1200+ includes 115 undergraduate early childhood education (ECE) majors. That's 115 of your sons and daughters who have a deep desire to share the love of Jesus with his littlest lambs. 115 is important because it is almost double the number of students (62) enrolled in ECE just six years ago.  


115 is important also because
of other numbers: 


403: number of preschools and early childhood ministries in WELS (more than elementary schools!) who need these MLC students to graduate and become their teachers


12,000: number of children 0-5 enrolled in these preschools who are looking forward to being loved, cared for, and educated by these teachers


25: percentage of those 12,000 little children who are unchurched or non-Christian - in other words, 3,000 of them may never have heard about the Savior who loves them


1: number of new facilities needed on MLC's campus to educate all the early childhood education majors wanting to serve in this expanding ministry that is leading so many souls to Christ


There is much more to this story than just the numbers. Read all about it online and in the Fall 2012 issue of InFocus. Please pray for this endeavor and consider a gift to help us build this facility! Your dollars given now will be matched by a $1.25 million Challenge Grant. 


Winter Driving

Snow-covered California car
We've already been hit with one winter storm. Are more to come?  


Hazardous winter weather is a fact of life here in the Upper Midwest. When winter storms coincide with major college breaks, the college administration will decide whether to cancel classes by noon on the day before classes are scheduled to begin. Any cancellation message will be broadcast on the MLC website and the MLC Portal, and be texted through Honeywell Instant Alert. 


When winter road conditions are dangerous, parents and students should use their own judgment. College administrators will not tell anyone whether they should or should not travel.


If your student has a car on campus, consider these winter car care suggestions from VP Jeff Schone. 

What about the Sibs Left Behind?       First Year Parents!

Siblings left behind
The siblings left at home have special
challenges when their older brother
or sister goes to college


When a child goes off to college, she's not the only one making big transitions. As you've probably already encountered, thebrothers and sisters left at home have challenges of their own. The house is suddenly unbalanced. Something has shifted, and emotions run high for a while.


Just what's going on with those younger sibs? Read more



"This Term Paper Is Impossible!" 

Academic Success Center
Students can get assistance at the Academic
 Success Center in the library.


If your students express difficulty with academics, encourage them to talk to their prof and then give the Academic Success Center (ASC) a try. 


Under the direction of Randy Cox, the ASC provides free tutoring services for students needing help with class work, writing, and languages. It is located on the upper floor of the library across from the circulation desk. It is open during regular library hours.


Tutors trained to help specifically with writing and with Greek are regularly "on call" in the ASC - no appointment necessary. Writing tutors are available Sundays through Thursdays, 8 pm to midnight, and Greek tutors Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 pm to 10 pm.


Worship with UsOur AV department records chapel every day.


Our MLCTV analytics tell us that thousands of unique viewers watch our chapel services and concerts. Viewers log on from four continents: North America, South America, Asia, and Europe!


We invite you to watch and worship with us too. Morning services are live-streamed at 10:45 am. If you miss it, you can check the archive and play it whenever it is convenient for you. Make a special effort to watch when your students sing, play organ, or participate in some other way. Go to MLCTV 

The Global Gospel
Nate Gartner in South Korea
MLC students teach in South Korea.


On November 14, the campus family worshiped the Lord of Nations in our annual World Mission Festival Service in the Chapel of the Christ. What a great reminder of MLC's mission and the Great Commission - which are one and the same!


Did you know?

  • Last May, 19 of our graduates opted for international service.
  • More than 50 of our graduates are teaching in Southeast Asia alone.
  • Our graduates have taught in more than a dozen different countries around the world.
  • These graduates not only teach English and other subjects, but they also are living witnesses for Jesus.
  • If your student is considering international teaching, rest assured that all locations are evaluated by MLC staff in order to ensure a safe and successful experience. Factors considered include local safety and security, acceptable living arrangements, adequate salary, and good teaching conditions.  
MLC Picture Gallery
Singin' in the Rain
Singin' in the Rain featured real rain on the MLC stage.

Christmas Concert: 100 images


Musical : Singin' in the 

Rain - 158 images


Readers' Theater: A Tale of Two Cities - 47 images


Basketball: 70 images










In Case You Missed It 


InFocus NOv 12Check out these articles and more in the Fall 2012 InFocus

Mark the Date
Evangelism Day
Evangelism Day is an inspirational event for all!


Mark your calendars for several dates coming up. You are welcome to join us for the keynote addresses on Evangelism Day!


  • Dec 15-20 Final exams
  • Jan 10 Classes resume
  • Jan 21 Tuition Freedom Day
  • Jan 23 Evangelism Day 
Merry Christmas!
Chapel at Christmas

Merry Christmas from

Martin Luther College!

All of us in the Martin Luther College Admissions Department wish you a blessed Christmas! May your family find peace and joy in the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
We look forward to sharing more news with you again next semester! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us:
President Mark Zarling
VP for Student Life Jeff Schone,
VP for Academics Dave Wendler,
Director of Admissions Mark Stein,
Admissions Assistant/International Student Coordinator Megan Kassuelke, or
ParentsPage Writer/Editor Laurie Gauger.
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