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That crazy Minnesota weather! Yes, we did have a snowstorm on April 18. Spring has been excruciatingly slow in coming this year. We want families from warmer climes to know this is not the norm, even for Minnesota! We would not be at all surprised by 80s and 90s in May. It's just hard to say! . . . Decisions: A few students may be reconsidering whether they'll come back next year. We hope they take time to pray and ponder and to speak to parents, profs, and peers. Busyness on campus: Recitals, final exams, portfolio reviews. Tennis, track, softball, and baseball teams are doing more postponing than playing. Maybe when this snow melts. . . .  Wind symphony goes on tour. . . . Senior excitement: Graduation and Call Day (for education majors) send the adrenaline soaring . . . Roomies for next year: Choices have been made, resulting in excitement and (possibly) some hurt feelings . . . Mixed feelings about going home: Excitement, of course . . . sadness about leaving new friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends . . . worry about making enough money . . . wondering what it'll be like to hang out with the old high school crowd again. . . . A little readjustment: It may take a week or two for your students to remember what it's like to live at home - to communicate with you about where they're going and when they'll be home, to help with housework and yard work, to be considerate of their brothers and sisters. At the same time, it will be wonderful to have them back, won't it?

MLC Graduates - They're Good for It!  

cost of higher education
MLC grads are noted nationally for their loan repayment rate!

According to the U.S. Department of Education, in the last three-year period, MLC graduates defaulted on their student loans at the low rate of 3%, compared to the national average of 13%.


A similar statistic was published in the September 1, 2010, issue of US News & World Report: Of the 8,412 colleges whose students had federal loans, MLC was tied for 5th place in the nation loan repayment.


"From what I know of our students, I wouldn't expect anything less," said Vice President for Administration Steven Thiesfeldt. "The statistics speak well of MLC graduates and reflect a Christian ethic that places a high priority on fulfilling personal obligations. The report is also an indicator that our graduates are gainfully employed and in a financial position to meet those obligations."


Storing Stuff for the Summer 

students carrying boxes
Why take it back home?

Your students can leave clothes, furniture, appliances, etc., in New Ulm for the summer. Some options:


Goosetown Storage

1 S Valley Street



Abbot Storage

1226 S Broadway



New Ulm Storage

424 N Valley



M & J Mini Storage

2000 N Broadway




Coming to Graduation?  


Andrew Loescher graduation 2012
Graduation is around the corner!

The Commencement service and call service are Saturday, May 18. Note this important information about seating: 

For May graduation, there are no reserved seats except for graduates, faculty members, and individuals with handicaps (if you require handicapped seating, please have the graduate contact Graduation Marshal Michelle Gartner, and a seat will be reserved for you). The gym doors will open at 8:30 am. Feel free to send one person from your party to reserve seats when the doors open.


More graduation information is available here


A Report Card on Alcohol Use glasses of beer


By VP Jeff Schone


In 2008, I attended the Mankato High Risk Drinking Summit, along with 200 other education, law enforcement, and community and student officials. The topic was how to change the culture of drinking at US colleges and universities. The keynote speaker offered five suggestions.

Following that summit, I wrote a short article for this newsletter in which I graded MLC efforts in regard to the speaker's five points. 
In 2011, I updated the article, re-evaluating our campus culture and noting the progress we've made. Read more.

Come Golf with Us!

golf Classic 2012
Join us for the 21st annual MLC Golf Classic!


The MLC Golf Classic is June 10, 2013, at the New Ulm Country Club. 


Since its beginning in 1993, the Golf Classic has donated almost $600,000 to MLC. 


Last year we celebrated our 20th anniversary with 127 golfers, beautiful weather, and a delicious dinner. It was a great day, and we're looking forward to even more golfers and more fun this year.


Golf & Dinner is $60 for New Ulm Country Club members and $100 for non-members. Two sets of Rocketballz Irons will be given away! If interested, please contact Michelle Gartner at 507.354.8221 x393. 


My Student Seems Sad - Is This Depression?

depressed young man


College is a time of change for students. If one of the changes you notice in your students is excessive sadness, you may wonder whether it's simply that - sadness - or something more serious, like clinical depression. Here are some specific symptoms of depression, possible causes, and steps parents can take to assist students who may be depressed.

Let's Stay in Touch!


Please be sure to check out our many publications!


KnightWatch Weekly is our weekly recruitment e-newsletter geared to high school students. It's produced primarily by an MLC student editor. (This year it's LPS graduate Nathanael Jensen.) The stories cover the gamut of campus happenings: Homecoming, Snow Carnival, drama, music, clubs, field trips, etc. Find it here. The only subject not covered is athletics, and that's because athletics has its ownMLC SportsPage e-newsletter . . . 


MLC SportsPage, which is written by Sports Information Director Mike Gibbons. 


We also publish a monthly MLC Update, which is full of college news, financial outlooks, governing board news, calls, retirements, anniversaries, and campus events. 


Finally, we want to be sure that you are getting MLC InFocus. A new issue is coming out next week. If you are not getting it, please email Tami Board, our data management specialist, and let her know! Or you can check it out online, along with all the previous mentioned publications.


Let the Children Come groundbreaking

We broke ground! Our new Early Childhood Learning Center is slated for a September 2013 opening! 


Jennie Mehlberg has accepted the call to be our new ECE professor; Elizabeth Klugherz of Nicollet, Minnesota, has accepted a call to be one of our lead teachers; Kristin Mantey of Manhattan, Kansas, is deliberating a call to be a second lead teacher; and we will be receiving a graduate as a third lead teacher. 


It's an exciting time. We welcome your prayers and your support! To learn more about this important ministry, see our informational brochure or watch our Video.

And please consider giving a gift to further this important ministry! Give here. Thank you!


Picture Gallery 

Check out these new photos: 
Mark the Date
2012 Commencement concert
Commencement Concert 2012


Apr 24: Housing Lottery


Apr 25-27: Children's Theater performances


Apr 28, 3:00 pm: Faculty Anniversary Service: Professors Joyce Diels, Earl Heidtke, and Mark Paustian


Apr 30: Financial Seminar for Students: Retirement Planning


May 11: Preseminary Students & Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Softball Tournament 


May 13-17: Final Exams


May 17, 4:00/7:30 pm: Commencement concerts


May 17, 4:00 pm: Alumni Banquet


May 18, 10:00 am: Commencement Service


May 18 2:30 pm: Call Service


Aug 26: First day of classes


Oct 25-27: Homecoming Weekend

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