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November 2011

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Registration for the next semester is open. Priority for graduate students ends December 22. Register now to ensure your spot.
Master's Grant:


A need-based financial aid program, the MLC Master's Grant, has been established with help of a Thrivent Church-Wide grant. Teachers for whom personal finances will prevent their graduate studies participation are encouraged to apply. Find out more here.
New Adjuncts:


Dr. Dennis Gulczynski and Gail Potratz have been added as adjunct instructors in the MLC master's program. They have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer our students. Read more . . . 
John MeyerA Word from the Director...
God's Plans 


Professional growth is one way many Christian teachers seek to serve their schools and students faithfully. While educators use advanced study to better meet their current duties, these learning experiences are also God's way of preparing them for future opportunities to serve him, his church, and their neighbors. 

Here's how . . .

M-AbregoMeet the Adjunct Faculty 

We thank God for the gifts of Dr. Michelle Abrego, adjunct professor on the MLC graduate faculty. Dr. Abrego is a leader in education and a valuable resource for other school leaders. She has shown her faithfulness not only by fulfilling her duties well, but also by growing professionally that she might become a better servant. Read about Dr. Abrego . . .

Kurt & Derek RosenbaumGraduate Studies are . . . REAL! 


College students often feel like they are waiting for REAL life to begin. Sometimes one sits in class and wonders, "What's the point? Will I really ever use this in the REAL world? If only I could just be done with classes and do REAL ministry." Find out how graduate studies are different . . .

Revised Educational Leadership Offered in January 

Next semester, MLC will offer an updated version of EDU5301 Educational Leadership. With the help of new course instructor, Dr. Abrego, EDU5301 has been streamlined to focus on collaborative and servant leadership. This focused approach allows students to gain an in-depth understanding and apply it directly to their educational setting. EDU5301 Educational Leadership is a required course in the leadership emphasis, but it is open to all graduate students as an elective.

Learn more about the course here . . .

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