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October 2011

Teachers' Conference Reports:
Watch for the MLC Graduate Studies report at your WELS district teachers' conference. It will feature students in the program. Oral reports will be given at several conferences by graduate students or by the director. A written report will be provided at conferences that do not allow oral presentations. See a listing of conferences and who will present the report.
Bulletin Updates:


Updates to the 2010-2012 Graduate Studies Bulletin are available online. Among the updates are new program plans with K-6 licensure and clarifications on the capstone proposal and project. 


Registration for the next semester begins October 15. Watch for upcoming emails with links to online registration. Semester II course offerings can be found here. 
John MeyerA Word from the Director...

A New Perspective


People sometimes use the expression "thinking outside the box" to describe the importance of taking on a new or fresh perspective. When teachers seek graduate studies, they are looking for an outside perspective. MLC Graduate Studies makes it a priority to provide its graduate students with perspectives that represent the best and latest ideas from ALL of education. Here's how . . .

JuernMeet our Graduate Faculty
The strength of the MLC graduate studies program is the quality instructors whom God has provided. These twenty-four men and women are the reason that 98% of our students report that the program impacts their classrooms and ministry. Short biographies of the MLC graduate faculty can be found online. Read about them here . . .    
Meet the Graduate Studenthintz

As one listens to Chris Hintz (Emmaus-Phoenix) talk about graduate studies at MLC, it's easy to see that a big benefit of the master's program has been the opportunity to reflect-to reflect on the gifts God has given him and the opportunities to use those gifts. Read about Chris . . .

YOU Can Be a Graduate Student 


Now is the time to start planning to get your master's degree. Some students, like May 2012 graduates Darren Vogt and Mayu Takada, begin their graduate studies right away. Others will get a year or two of experience first. Both are great! The important thing is that teachers are interested in learning and improving. 

Read more . . .  

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