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Growth is never by chance; it is the result of forces working together.


James Cash Penney

By the Numbers: 
$170,000:  Estimated annual savings due to Faith Partner donations of meals. 

David Griffin raised over $3,000 with a poolside fundraiser at the South Carolina State Firefighters Association's annual meeting in Myrtle Beach. 


All the staff, all the people I have met coming through those doors are remembered. I may have had a loss but I'm taking away a lot of treasures also. 
  Donna Woodward
Chavis House guest

A special thanks to SRNS Training Site employees for their $850 donation to the Burn Foundation's Pediatric Fund.  This enabled us to purchase special toys and equipment for pediatric patients at the Burn Center.  "Freddie", the Legacy Doll (shown here with Alicia Sweat and Child Life Specialist, Katie McCullough,) will be used to help young patients understand their treatment. 

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July 2015  


It is amazing to watch what happens when small groups of people come together for a common cause. Last year, over 70 church groups and other organizations provided meals for the guests at the Chavis House. Recently, Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation recognized these volunteer cooks at the Faith Partners Appreciation luncheon.  Like our surrounding communities, the groups are diverse but share a concern for the patients and families that we serve.    In this newsletter, you will meet Mrs. Hazel Merritt, one of our longest serving Faith Partners.  She brings more than fried chicken and macaroni salad - she "feeds" our spirits, as well.

Hazel Merritt - An Inspiring Volunteer
The Burn Foundation could not provide its meals program without the many volunteers who quietly and humbly serve without any fanfare or recognition. They are the quiet angels who prepare a meal or share a prayer with a hurting family member. At our recent Faith Partners Appreciation Luncheon, Hazel Sills Merritt was recognized for her faithful service to the meals program since the Burn Foundation began in 1988.


Hazel was born in Thomson, GA in 1917 and will celebrate her 98th birthday in September. Hazel's first job was at Kress and Woolworth's 5 & 10 on Broad Street. A friend from work had a party and it was there that she met her future husband, Wesley Merritt. All the girls got in one room and all the boys in another. Each girl would stick her foot out the door and each boy picked a foot. Hazel recalls that Wayne picked her foot because it was the biggest - a size 8.5.


Wayne & Hazel were married in 1938 and purchased their first home, consisting of four rooms, for $1,460. Their income was $17.00 per week. Their second house was built from concrete block that they made each night with their own concrete block mold. The next day Hazel would take the molds out to dry in the sun. Six thousand handmade blocks were used to build their five-room house. They reared two sons and two daughters, which led to seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. 


Hazel became involved with the Burn Foundation through Mann Memorial United Methodist Church, where she has attended for over 60 years. She credits her long-time friend, Anne Cheney, for getting their church involved in the Burn Foundation's meals program 27 years ago. Their small army of cooks has continued to bring meals to the Chavis House the second Monday of every month.


"It's a worthy cause. It means so much to the people in the Chavis House who are so many miles away from home," explains Hazel. She doesn't hesitate to pray with them and offer a tender word of encouragement.


She stays active with Operation Buddy, a ministry her church provides to patients from the Veterans Administration Hospital. Hazel is one of many who cook a homemade meal for more than 50 veterans the first Wednesday of every month.


Nearing 100 years of age hasn't slowed Hazel, who lives alone, and voluntarily gave up driving just a few years ago.  She says her secret is eating right and exercising twice a day.


Hazel is proud of the missionary work done through Mann Memorial. "I'm so blessed that they've let me be a part of it." Those 8.5 size shoes will be hard to fill by anyone else.


Thank you to Chef Stephen Childress, with First Baptist Church of Augusta, for sharing his Citrus Dressing Recipe.  Guests raved about the salad dressing at our recent Faith Partners Appreciation Luncheon.

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