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April 19
Best Dam Ride

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I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine.  

Kurt Vonnegut
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 70% of firefighters working in the U.S. are volunteers. 
Thank you to Jersey Mike's Subs for selecting SFBF as their  "Month of Giving" charity. On March 25th, be sure to visit a local CSRA Jersey Mike's location; 100% of the sales from that day will be donated to SFBF.
Thank you to the Southern Wind Riders Motorcycle Club for raising $1,382 at their Polar Bear Plunge event. 

I was in a town I knew nothing about and I was alone. I felt completely safe and cared for at the Chavis House. Thank God for you!

  Sandra Toole
Chavis House guest
12th Annual Best Dam Ride
Sunday, April 19th 
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March 2015  


Almost daily, the staff of Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation gets the pleasure of seeing patients recover and families leaving for home. Unfortunately, we also work with families who are in crisis, and sometimes, we comfort families grieving a loss. That pain is never more poignant than when a firefighter's family is our guest. From these tragic events, we witness the great sense of community that exists throughout fire service. When one firefighter suffers, word travels quickly and our phones begin to ring with offers of help from surrounding fire departments - a reminder of how fortunate the Burn Foundation is to be part of the fire service family.

The Brotherhood of Firefighters As a young bride, every time Sharon Stafford heard a siren she was scared, knowing her firefighter husband was running toward danger. Today, after nearly four decades of marriage, she admits that her worries had lessened about her beloved getting injured. "I guess I never thought he would be hurt because he always came back home," explained Sharon, wife of Battalion Chief Stephen Stafford, a 41-year veteran firefighter, and burn survivor, who was treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital. "I was shocked when I heard about the accident. It never entered my mind that he would be injured."


Chief Stafford, with the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department, Station 12, sustained an inhalation injury February 11th while battling a house fire. Unfortunately, his friend, Lt. Randy Parker, died while battling the fire. Two other firefighters were injured and treated at the Burn Center with minor burn injuries.


While her husband received medical care in the Burn Center, Sharon, their  four children and two grandchildren, experienced the true meaning of the Brotherhood of Firefighters. Not only did members of their own fire department visit, but also firefighters from the Augusta Fire Department, Columbia County Fire Rescue, and Belvedere Fire Department called on the family to show their support. Total strangers - yet part of the legendary Brotherhood, a close-knit fraternity that cares for one another like family and understands that their survival depends on each other.

"The firemen in Augusta were phenomenal. Firemen are about the brotherhood, and I appreciate them so much," shared Sharon. "They brought food and gift baskets, and showed an abundance of love and support. It was a blessing and I am eternally thankful."


Lt. James May and others from the Augusta Fire Department escorted Sharon to Macon for the funeral of Lt. Parker. This was one of the many acts of kindness to support the family of Lt. Parker and Chief Stafford.

Accommodations at the Chavis House allowed Sharon and her family to stay by Chief Stafford's side throughout his recovery. "You all treated us like royalty," explained Sharon. "You made us feel like family. I am at a loss for words.   At the Chavis House we ate, slept, washed clothes and had everything we needed. It's like a big family there. I was touched by so much love and so many prayers that my heart is going to burst. "


From the Fire House to the Chavis House, the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation honors all firefighters for their heroic deeds each day.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Lt. Parker's family, and for Chief Stafford and his colleagues who were injured, we wish you a full recovery.  

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