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Storybook Brunch

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All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. 

Charles M. Schulz
350: The number of Storybooks that will be given away at the Storybook Brunch. 
Our guests enjoyed being pampered during "Spa Day" at the Chavis House.

Citizens of Georgia Power built a new walkway for our guests during their Day of Caring. 

Thank you and your special team at the retreat for all your love, care and concern while my son and I stayed with you. It truly means a lot, bless you all.

  Beverly Stepp
Chavis House guest
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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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February 2015 


It has been said that the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation feels more like a family than an organization. We like that reputation. We think of our patients, guests and volunteers as part of one big family. This month, you will read about a local corporation that shares our appreciation for family.  It's that family culture that drew PotashCorp to become one of our biggest supporters.

Family Matters 

"There is a great partnership between PotashCorp and the Foundation," said Ceil Polk, Director of Human Resources. "We see how you put families first, and that's our motto as well - Families First, Safety First. PotashCorp is a wonderful company with a big heart for people. We strive to create a culture that cares. We work hard and pull together as a family. Nothing we accomplish as a company is more important than returning our people home safely."


Ceil should know, she's been with the company for 36 years. Ceil began her professional career in the banking field, but after experiencing two bank robberies, she felt it was time to change careers. "I survived two, but felt if there was a third, I may not be as lucky," explained Ceil.


PotashCorp is the world's largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing the three primary crop nutrients - potash, phosphate and nitrogen. With operations and business interests in seven countries, PotashCorp is an international enterprise and a key player in meeting the growing challenge of feeding the world.


Their Family First value became more than a slogan in 2012, when a PotashCorp employee from their Trinidad plant was burned and transferred to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital for treatment. Their concern for that employee's family was evident. During that time, local PotashCorp team members, including Ceil, and (current) General Manager Edmond Thompson, were able to tour the Chavis House, the Foundation's lodging facility for family members of burn patients.


"I can't imagine being a burn patient's family member, who lives far away, needing to be near the hospital and wondering where I would sleep or eat. It's wonderful the way that you support these families and reduce their stress and worry," shared Ceil. "I think the Foundation is awesome and we are so blessed to have it in our community."


Last year, PotashCorp gave over $575,000 to more than 70 local organizations that positively impact our community. It was their compassionate community support that led us to nominate PotashCorp for the Association of Fundraising Professional's 2013 award for most philanthropic Local Corporation. We were not surprised when they won, nor were the numerous other charities and programs that they have supported over the years.  


Several PotashCorp employees have become part of our family. On March 4th, Ceil Polk will retire and begin spending more time with her own family. After doing some traveling with her husband, John, she will continue her volunteer work at her church - and hopefully at the Burn Foundation. Thanks so much, PotashCorp, for your continued support and best wishes to Ceil for a happy retirement.

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