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Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Oprah Winfrey
23: The number of Storybook characters you could meet at the 2015 Storybook Brunch.
Thank you to all our BFFs - Burn Foundation Friends - who gave generously in 2014 to support the mission of SFBF.

The Chavis Retreat is so amazing. We appreciate all that they have done for us in the time we have been here. We have met so many wonderful people at the hospital and retreat. The food has been great and the people have been too. Thanks so much, all of you. 

  Crystal Oden
Chavis House guest
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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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January 2015


This past year millions were introduced to Anna, a young princess in the movie, Frozen, who is a bundle of energy and will stop at nothing to find and make things right with her sister. In this issue, you'll read about Rebecca Sterner, who reminds us a lot of Anna, with her energy and contagious spirit, and whose leadership enabled us to surpass our goals for last year's First Annual Storybook Brunch. The sold-out event offered a magical morning for children to meet their favorite storybook characters. The Second Annual Storybook Brunch will be held Saturday, February 28th, at First Baptist Church of Augusta.  To purchase tickets visit

BFF Rebecca Sterner 

When it came time to choose a chairman for the First Annual Storybook Brunch, the Burn Foundation staff made a list of qualifications for the chair. The ideal volunteer would be enthusiastic, inspirational, creative and persuasive enough to encourage new sponsors to support an event that had never been done in the Augusta area.


Spend 10 minutes with Rebecca Sterner and you will agree that she was the perfect choice for event chairman. Rebecca is an endearing, perky brunette with a bright smile (think Sally Field in Gidget). She grew up in Augusta in a loving, Christian home, where she learned the value of a strong work ethic and the importance in volunteering in her community. She was active in her church's youth group and choir and enjoyed gymnastics and cheerleading. Rebecca may have put her pompoms away, but the cheering never stopped. As a wife and mother of four children under the age of 12, she is constantly cheering on her family at soccer matches, basketball games and gymnastic meets. At First Baptist Church of Augusta she cheers on the youth group during relay races and praise band performances. Whether you're the best athlete, or the underdog, Rebecca has a desire to inspire and encourage others.  

Before Rebecca and her husband, Matt, started a family, Rebecca worked for five years as the Marketing and Special Events Coordinator at Fat Man's Enterprises. This was the perfect place to work and hone her party planning skills, which along with her minor degree in Theater from Augusta State University, were put to great use in designing sets and props for the Storybook Brunch. 


Rebecca's natural likability and positive attitude make it hard to say "no" to her. She recruited more than 30 volunteers, and helped sell more than 25 sponsorships that raised nearly $30,000 for the first time event.


"Being able to help plan such a huge event to benefit the Burn Foundation gave me a lot of insight into what the foundation does on a daily basis. Even though we were only providing an event for kids to come meet and greet their favorite Storybook characters, the reason behind the event changed my life forever," shared Rebecca. "There are so many families that are emotionally struggling with a burn patient that anything we can do to minimize their worry whether it is through a meal, a ride, or someone to talk to will bless their lives."


Rebecca's enthusiasm is contagious and was felt by all who were fortunate to work with her on the Storybook Brunch event.

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