July 22, 2016 

Project Homeless Connect is tomorrow!

Thank you to the following judges, legal aid attorneys, Birmingham Bar Program Volunteer Attorneys, and law students for helping homeless clients tomorrow from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Project Homeless Connect at Boutwell Auditorium.

Click here for instructions on volunteering tomorrow.

Thank you in advance to:
City of Birmingham Municipal Court Judge Andra Sparks and his court staff including Mankinta Holloway and Bettye King.
Jefferson County Judges Shanta Owens and Stephen Wallace
Jefferson County Bessemer Cut-Off Judge David Carpenter
Bessemer Judges Lynneice Washington and Scott Roebuck who provided orders to help homeless clients 
Community Law Office Attorneys including Texys Morris and Ashley Heidger
Legal Aid Society Attorneys including Director Jequette Edmonson
Legal Services Alabama Haley Box, Meg Philips and Angela Jenkins

Thank you in advance to the following volunteer lawyers and law students who are giving up part of their Saturday to help the homeless:

Volunteer Lawyers

Trey Abbott
Paige Boshell
Angie Cameron
Julie Carter
Kathy Collier
Bill Crowson
Elise Fuller
Alan Gardner
Lisa Grant
Melinda Guillaume
Charles Henderson Clark
James Illston
Kendra Johnson
John Laws
William Long
Alex McSwain
Louis Mendez
Lindsay Nadeau
Gregory Rhodes
Andrew Salser
Tereza Sampaio
Judge Strom
Kristin Sullivan
Jeanetta Wells
Ida Tyree- Hyche
Jeanetta Wells
Leslie Wynona
Sarah Yates

Volunteer Law Students

Alyssa AgostinoMaria BardocolonLuke BrooksJessica Chang
Kacey CooperMeg DeitzKaylie EichholtKimberly Fasking
Kristina GubbelsStephanie GushlawBridget HarrisLeah Johnson
Kayla LukerJacey MannJill PierceJamilla Pritchett
Kevin PuntneyGina RamseyShelby ScottSidni Smith
Jeremy ThomasAmanda WinemanJillian Zarecore

1. Mother of eight children needs your help

Help this stay-at-home mother of eight divorce her husband who abandoned her after 18 years of marriage.  (16-0005012)

2. Mom wants to see her son

This mother needs help filing a contempt motion as her ex-husband refuses to let her see her son. (16-0006140)

3. Help this women who has a rent dispute with her landlord

The client has a judgment against her for unpaid rent in the amount of $7,000.00. The client does not dispute that she owes money, she is disputing the amount she owes. (16-0006190)

4. This couple needs help after their landlord stated taxes were raised when they were not

The client and his wife have a rent agreement with the landlord which states that part of their rent includes the taxes for the house. The landlord paid the taxes until January of this year.  He is now demanding $1,500.00 for said taxes, or the client and his family will face eviction.  The landlord alleged that the property taxes were increased by the city. Client checked with the Tax Assistor's office, and they informed the client that the tax had not been raised. Client is otherwise current on all rent and fees.

5. This disabled client needs help against his landlord

This client would like help getting his deposit back from a former landlord after renting a room in a house. The statutory 60 days have past, and landlord refuses to return the deposit. Client is disabled and is currently living in a shelter. (16-0006316)

* This is the second time in eBrief

6. Help this mother get guardianship over her mentally ill son

The client  is seeking to get guardianship over her 25 year old son, who suffers from schizophrenia. Client has a letter of support from her son's doctor. (16-0005989)
Monday & Thursday Mornings

Richard Davis, Starnes Davis Florie, and Lawrence Cooper, Cooper Law Firm, volunteered at the Civil Help Desk. David and Cooper are both part of the BBA Federal Section.

Wednesday Mornings

Charles Allen talks to a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Homeless Shelter Help Desk
Tuesday Mornings
1st & 3rd at Pathways | 2nd & 4th at Firehouse

Last week Louis Mendez, Bressler Amery Ross, helped pre-register for Project Homeless Connect at Firehouse Shelter.

Charles Allen
Abby Van Alstyne, Quinn, Walls, Weaver & Davies
Meredith Busby
Dan Crane, Crane Injury Lawyers
Laurence CooperCooper Law Firm
Richard DavisStanes Davis Florie
Patricia Doblar
Megan Elder, Kirk Drennan
Melinda Guillaume
James Illston
Kendra Johnson
Lawrence Johnson
Preston MartinBressler Amery & Ross
Tarackia Phillips- Barge
Pamela Weed

Christy Boardman, Bressler Amery & Ross
Luke Brooks, Cumberland Law School
Jessica Chang, Cumberland Law School
Jamillah Pritchett, Cumberland Law School
Sidni Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rebecca Wadley, YWCA

Kenneth Baumann
Merrell Law Firm

Kenneth helped his 
client receive joint custody of two children.

Debra Krotzer
Carr Allison

Debra helped her client obtain a uncontested divorce so he could move on with his life.

Walter McArdle
Spain Gillon

Walter helped his client receive a Chapter 7 discharge of her debts
 and now client is able to go forward with a fresh financial start in life. 

Greg White
Russo White & Keller

Greg helped a domestic violence victim who was also suffering cancer 
obtain a divorce.
Special Thanks to Randy Quarles, Quarles Law Firm
for taking three cases last month.
Dan Crane, Crane Injury Lawyers

Thank You To The Sponsors of Pro Hops Vino!


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BBA Workers Compensation Section
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Land Title Company

Thank You To The Vendors of Pro Hops Vino!

Donations from the community are the number one funding source for the Volunteer Lawyers Program. Click here to donate.
There are two ways attorneys can choose to help with the Volunteer Lawyers Program. Click here for what you can do.

Only clients who cannot afford representative are served by the BBVLP. Click here to see eligibility guidelines.