March 11, 2016
Please help these clients escape dangerous relationships, get relief from insurance companies, and turn over new leafs on life

Open Cases:
16-0005337 - Grandmother needs help after husband tested HIV positive
This grandmother, who is taking sole care of her two grandchildren, needs a divorce from her abusive husband who contracted HIV without her knowledge and now has locked her out of their house. The woman, who is on disability, cannot even get her grandchildren's clothes and has had to rent another house to live. Please email Heather Bussey if you can help.

16-0005420 - Please help woman who has been abused for 15 years .
After 15 years of enduring physical abuse, this mother of three finally fled to a shelter after her husband strangled her. He was arrested and she obtained a protection from abuse order. The woman, who has a 14-, 7-, and 9-year-old and is unemployed, now needs a divorce to ensure her family remains safe. Please email Heather Bussey if you can help.
15-0004893 - Homeless man needs help with child support
This man, who is now living in a boarding house, needs help with back child support on his 17-year-old daughter. The client says his wife is willing to negotiate the past debt. Please email Heather Bussey if you can help.

16-0005441 - Woman needs help with insurance company who won't pay for her medical expenses
This woman came to the BBVLP Help Desk with records that showed she had insurance when she had a medical treatment, but now the insurance company will not pay. She has tried to work with the insurance company but is getting the runaround. Please email Katrina Brown if you can help.

16-0005444 - Grandmother needs help fixing roof that was damaged in 2015
For almost two years, this 84-year-old grandmother has been trying to get her home owner's insurance to pay for her roof that was damaged in a storm in 2015. The woman has been a loyal customer making payments for 12 years and now that she has a problem the company is refusing to pay. Please email Katrina Brown if you can help.

BBVLP was featured on LawCall
From left to right, Nancy Yarbrough, executive director of the BBVLP, Tiffany Bittner, LawCall host, 
and Ken Riley, of Farris Riley & Pitt, on LawCall which is broadcast at 10:30 p.m. on Fox 6 WBRC.

Thank you to Ken Riley, of Farris, Riley & Pitt, for featuring the BBVLP on LawCall last Sunday on Fox 6 WBRC. More than 20 clients called the BBVLP or visited a Help Desk last week thanks to watching the show, which airs at 10:30 p.m.
Congratulations to attorneys who closed cases:
Benjamin Cohn, Williams Elliott & Edwards
Aman Kahlon, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Tarackia Barge

Congratulations to attorneys who worked a Help Desk this week:
Civil Help Desk served 24 clients on Monday and Thursday:
Tarackia Barge
John Paul Bruno, Lorant Law Group
Yu Huang
James Illston
Kendra Johnson
Tereza Sampaio

Domestic Relations Help Desk served 37 clients on Wednesday:
Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume
James Illston
Leon Johnson
Margaret Philips, Legal Services Alabama
Tereza Sampaio
Pamela Weed

Jessica Chang, Cumberland School of Law
Avuntee Patel, Cumberland School of Law
Barbara Saurer, University of Alabama

Firehouse Shelter Clinic:
James Bedsole, Bressler Amery & Ross
Kathleen Bowers, Bressler Amery & Ross
Steve Brown, Bressler Amery & Ross

Thank you attorneys who accepted cases:
Tarackia Barge
Morgan Franz, Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury
David Hyme, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Robert Keller, Russo, White, & Keller
Carol Montgomery, Butler Snow
Whitney Seals, Pate & Cochrun
Donnie Winningham, Bressler Amery & Ross
Nominations being taken for Alabama State Bar Pro Bono Award
The Alabama State Bar Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service is soliciting nominations for the 2016 Alabama State Bar Pro Bono Award. The award recognizes the outstanding pro bono efforts of attorneys, law firms, mediators and law students. Nominations can be based on a nominee's direct pro bono representation of the poor in civil matters or on the encouragement and promotion of pro bono legal services or a combination of both activities.

Please click here to download the nomination form. The nomination deadline is April 1st. Award winners will be honored at the Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting.

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