August 21, 2015
Pro Hops Vino!
Pro Hops Vino! - October 8

International Wines, Sam Spina Importing Co., Fairhope Brewing Company, and FoodBar join the list of food, wine, and beer purveyors at Pro Hops Vino!

Pro Hops Vino! is shaping up to be the party you don't want to miss. Tickets are limited so click here and buy your sponsorship or register today.

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Volunteer at a Help Desk
Please sign-up for a two-hour time slot at a Help Desk held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday or at a legal clinic at Pathway's and Firehouse homeless shelters. Please contact Heather Bussey about helping at a shelter clinic.
Open Cases

Help mother get guardianship over her son
Client's son had a stroke in May 2015. The client says that the son's ex-wife has signed him out of the rehabilitation center where he was receiving treatment and he is now living with her. The son and ex-wife have been divorced for five years. The ex-wife allegedly refuses to allow the client to see her son. The client is concerned about the health and safety of her son. Please contact Katrina Brown to help this client.

Client needs help with divorce after her husband left her with the bills
This client has been has been in a long-term marriage and says her husband moved out two years ago with his girlfriend. The client is on disability and cannot afford their joint debt. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client file for divorce

Help client through a pending divorce
This client is in a long-term marriage and needs help with alimony issues. Client is disabled and cannot afford to maintain her household. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client.

Help this father see his child again
Client's ex-wife moved to Georgia with their nine-year-old son in violation of their divorce agreement. Client has not heard from his son for several months. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client.
Thank you to the attorneys who closed cases this week:
Amy Glenos

Thank you to the attorneys who volunteered at a Help Desk this week:

District Court Help Desk: 26 clients on Monday and Thursday
George Gaskin
James B. Griffin
John Hall, Legal Services Alabama
Linda Hall
Ryan Myers, Cory Watson
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Moses Stone, Stone Law Firm

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 27 clients on Wednesday
Sara Adams, Lorant Law Group
John Carradine Baker
T. Anderson Mears, II
John Milledge
Louis Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates
Margaret Philips, Legal Services Alabama
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner, The Berliner Firm

Pathways Homeless Clinic: 4 clients on Tuesday
Julia Bernstein, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Jessica Grover, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Grace Murphy, Maynard Cooper & Gale

Firehouse Shelter Clinic: 8 clients on Wednesday
Thomas Buck, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Leland Murphree, Maynard Cooper & Gale

Thank you to the attorneys who accepted cases this week:
John Hall, Legal Services Alabama
Kellie Avery-Tubb
Chris Nicholson, Jones & Hawley
Courtney Brown, Burge & Burge
Lisa Robinson
Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program
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