August 14, 2015

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Leverage your marketing dollars by sponsoring Pro Hops Vino! to get valuable exposure to Birmingham's legal community while helping low-income families overcome life-altering issues. 

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Be recognized for your pro bono service

Attorneys volunteering 50 hours or more with the BBVLP in 2014 will be recognized by the Supreme Court of Alabama on Thursday, October 29th. The BBVLP will provide a list of all attorneys that have met this milestone.

However, if you do pro bono work outside the BBVLP, you can still qualify to be recognized.

Click here for instructions and click here to complete your application if you did pro bono work outside of the BBVLP in 2014.

Open Cases

Father of three laid off from job and needs Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Making this situation worse is that the client's wife also lost her job.
Please contact Katrina Brown to help.

Help this child enjoy a good life
This 50-year-old client wants to adopt her seven-year-old cousin, who she has been caring for since the child was two-months-old because her parents abandoned her. The mother is consenting to the adoption and the father's whereabouts are unknown. Please contact Katrina Brown to help.

Widow needs help obtaining unclaimed funds
This widow received a letter from the clerk's office stating there was over $700 in unclaimed funds from her husband's estate but she needs help claiming them. 
Please contact Katrina Brown to help.

Domestic Abuse victim needs divorce
This client has withstood verbal and physical abuse for years. Please contact Heather Bussey to help.

Client needs help with divorce after her husband left her with the bills
This clients was in a long-term marriage and needs help with the debt her husband left her. Please contact Heather Bussey to help.
Volunteer at a Help Desk or a Homeless Legal Clinic
The BBVLP holds Help Desks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week and clinics at Pathway's and Firehouse homeless shelters every other week. Please sign-up.
Thank you to the attorneys who closed cases this week:
Loring S. Jones, III
Louis Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates, Inc.

Thank you to the attorneys who volunteered at a Help Desk this week:

District Court Help Desk: 22 clients on Monday and Thursday
Patricia Doblar
George Gaskin
James Griffin, James B. Griffin, LLC
Amy Hazelton, South Company
Andy Jones, Cory Watson
Tiffany Rainbolt, Maynard Cooper Gale, PC

Domestic Relations: 28 clients on Wednesday
Jennifer Buettner, Southern Company
Meredith Busby
Patricia Doblar
Mattie Gaskin, YWCA of Alabama
Matthew Griffin
Leon Johnson
Browne G. Linder, III, Law office of Browne Linder, III, LLC
Sue Ellen Summers

Ellen Sullivan, law student at Birmingham School of Law
Thank you to the attorneys accepted extended representation clients:
James Fancher
James Griffin, James B. Griffin, LLC
George Gaskin
Elizabeth Kohn
Browne G. Linder, III, Law office of Browne G. Linder, III, LLC
Thomas M. Little, Smith, Spires, & Peddy P.C.
Lisa Robinson

Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program
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