June 12, 2015
Judge Julie Palmer
Judge Julie Palmer wins 2015 Judge of the Year award

Judge Julie Palmer, a BBVLP board member, was awarded the 2015 Judge of the Year by the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar.

Judge Palmer was presented the award at the Family Law Section's annual "Divorce on the Beach" CLE on May 29th.

"Judge Palmer is deserving of this award because she is a leader in domestic relations law in our state and has been for some time via continued service to the Section and to the local and state bar," said Heather Fann, president of the Family Law Section and also vice president of the BBVLP.

Judge Palmer served as a past president of the Family Law Section and was a board member for seven years before being elected judge. In 2006, Judge Palmer was named "Lawyer of the Year" by the Family Law Section.

Attorney Jessica Kirk Drennan, of Kirk.Drennan, nominated Judge Palmer for the award noting that "she works to keep attorneys informed of updates in case law, organizes CLEs, keeps her docket current, and treats everyone fairly."

As the presiding judge for the Domestic Relations Court for the 10th Judicial Circuit/Birmingham Division, Judge Palmer is an active supporter of the BBVLP and was instrumental in starting the BBVLP's weekly Domestic Relations Help Desk. Judge Palmer hears the bulk of cases assigned by the BBVLP to volunteer attorneys in the domestic relations courthouse. 
Attorney Dan Crane helps a client avoid eviction by explaining what she needs to do at the Civil Help Desk.
Volunteer at a Help Desk
The BBVLP holds Help Desks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. Please sign-up for a two-hour time slot.
Clients in need of volunteer attorneys:

Client needs to file bankruptcy to help get driver's license bank
This client has been working on this case with a volunteer attorney but the attorney had to come off of the case due to an illness in her family. The client was involved in a car accident in 2003. She is no longer working and is on a fixed income. She found out that her license had been suspended because of a judgment against her stemming from the car accident. The client desperately needs her license so that she can go to doctor's appointments. Please contact Katrina Brown about this client.

Client needs help with child support 
The client has overpaid child support since 2006. Both of his children are in their twenties but the income withholding order is still in effect. He has overpaid thousands of dollars. Please contact Heather Bussey about this client.

Client needs help retaining custody
This client won custody of his seven-year-old daughter and is paying to keep her in a good school. The mother is now appealing this ruling and there is an upcoming hearing in Domestic Relations Court. The father is employed but makes minimum wage and receives no child support.  Please contact Heather Bussey about this client.

Domestic violence victim needs help with divorce
The client has a pending assault charge against her husband for domestic violence. She wants a divorce. She has two minor children but they do not own property. Please contact Heather Bussey about this client.
Thank you for closing your pro bono case...
Bob MacKenzie

Thank you to Bob MacKenzie, Starnes Davis Florie and BBVLP board member, for helping a client that was being taken advantage of buy a rental company.

The client did not speak English and was being charged rent even though her apartment was not ready to be lived in. The bills were double what the company had told her. Mr. MacKenzie helped the client get out of her lease so that she could find a suitable living situation.
Thank you to the attorneys that accepted extended services cases:

Babara Luckett, Legal Services Alabama
Derry Johnson
Louis Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates
Elizabeth Kohn
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at Help Desks this week:

District Court Help Desk: 21 clients helped on Monday and Thursday
Bill Barnes (see photo)
Volunteer Attorney Bill Barnes regularly volunteers at the District Court Help Desk.
Haley Box, Legal Services Alabama
Dan Crane, Crane Injury Law
Patricia Doblar
Linda Hall
Derry Johnson
Loring Jones, III, Jones & Associates
Vincent Nelan, Baker Donelson
Bill Prosch, Jr. 
Tiffany Rainbolt, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Vincent Saylor, Lorant Law Group
Mitchell Theodore, Cory Watson

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 22 clients helped on Wednesday
Sara Adams, Lorant Law Group
Stephanie Blackburn, Legal Services Alabama
Meredith Busby
Patricia Doblar
Linda Hall
Priscilla Kelley
Leon Johnson
Anderson Mears, II
Margaret Philips, Legal Services Alabama 

Legal Services Alabama is hosting a CLE on SNAP Intentional Program Violations on Friday, June 19, 2015 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the LSA Birmingham office. For more information please click here or contact Misty Ledbetter.
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