June 5, 2015
Pro Hops Vino! September 17, 2015
Pro hac vice is good for an attorney to know but Pro Hops Vino! is what an attorney does not want to miss. Please save the date:

Pro Hops Vino! 
After work on September 17, 2015
Attorney Jennifer Anderson helps a blind BBVLP client at the Birmingham Bar Center. The Bar Center is open to volunteer attorneys to meet with clients. Please contact Katrina Brown or Heather Bussey to schedule a meeting.

Attorneys needed in June
The BBVLP holds Help Desks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. Please contact Heather Bussey or Katrina Brown with the days you would like to volunteer.

The BBVLP website calendar is currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize if you have encountered any difficulty trying to schedule a volunteer session. 
Open cases

Client needs help opening father's estate
This client's father received a settlement in an asbestos case but died before he could collect it. This client needs help opening the estate so she can collect the settlement. Please contact Katrina Brown to help this client.

Domestic abuse victim needs divorce help
The client says she was abused and that her husband is an alcoholic. The husband lost his job, their house went into foreclosure, and he moved in with another woman. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client file for divorce.
Thank you to Bo Linder, Law Office of Browne G. Linder, III, for helping a domestic abuse victim with her divorce. The client was able to retain the marital home as well as get sole custody of her children while the father will pay child support. Mr. Linder also got the Protection from Abuse order incorporated into the final judgment.

Thank you to Kimberly P. Gloss for helping a mother get custody of her child in a extended service divorce case.

Thank you to Deborah A. Gregory for helping a mother get custody of her child as well as child support.

Thank you to Jessica K. Hardy, Kirk.Drennan, for helping a mother get custody of her child and child support in a divorce case.

Thank you to John B. Milledge for helping his client reach a settlement in a contested divorce. The client received custody of her two children and got child support.

Thank you to J. Timothy Smith for helping his client with a child support issue.

Thank you to B. Diane Paris, Dauphin Paris, for helping her client with property division in a divorce case. 
Thank you to D. Alexander Ealy, King Simmons, for accepting an extended service case.
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at Help Desks this week:

District Court Help Desk: 29 clients helped on Monday and Thursday
Haley D. Box, Legal Services Alabama
Barbara R. Luckett, Legal Services Alabama
Honza J. Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Karen L. Puccio, Cory Watson
Donald F. Winningham, III, Bressler Amery & Ross
David H. Webster, Legal Services Alabama

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 24 clients helped on Wednesday
Patricia A. Doblar
Matthew A. Griffin
Maura R. Goodwyn
Leon K. Johnson
Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates
Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program
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