Mary Lambert and Karis Hood will be interning for the BBVLP this summer. Both just finished their first year at Cumberland. Come volunteer at a Help Desk and say hi.

Volunteer at a Help Desk
The BBVLP holds Help Desks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. Please sign-up for a two-hour time slot.
New client in need of a volunteer

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Domestic violence victim needs help
The client is seeking a divorce from her husband. She says that she has been abused throughout the marriage and that her husband is an alcoholic. The husband lost his job and their house went into foreclosure. She also says that her husband left her and moved in with a 22-year-old. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client with her divorce.

Thank you to B. Diane Paris, Dauphin Paris, for helping a domestic violence victim win sole custody of her three children.

Thank you to Lewis W. Page, Jr., Page Law Firm, for helping a blind client get a settlement from his apartment complex for damage to  his appliances. 
Thank you to the attorneys who accepted extended service cases this week:

Rachel V. Barlotta, Baker Donelson
D. Alexander Ealy, King Simmons
J. Edmund Odum, Jr.
Marcus R. Chatterton, Balch & Bingham
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at Help Desks this week:

District Court Help Desk: 14 clients helped on Thursday
Patricia A. Doblar
Charley M. Drummond, Fish Nelson & Holden
D. Alexander Ealy, King Simmons
Honza J. Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Moses O. Stone, Stone Law Firm
J. Vincent Swiney, II, Swiney & Bellenger
Richard A. Wright, Cory Watson

Domestic Relations Help Desk:  24 clients helped on Wednesday
Sara E. Adams, Lorant Law Group
April E. Bauder, Gathings Law
Pooja Chawla
Tiffany J. deGruy, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Patricia A. Doblar
John B. Milledge
Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates
Margaret C. Philips, Legal Services Alabama
Andrew P. Wheeler-Berliner, The Berliner Firm
Help needed for July at legal clinics for the homeless

Birmingham Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP) offers bi-weekly legal clinics at the Old Firehouse Shelter and First Light Shelter. HELP needs attorneys to volunteer to provide advice and assistance or to accept referrals from volunteers that are unfamiliar with a particular area of the law. Volunteer attorneys are needed for the July clinics. Click here for more details.

For more information, please contact Lisa Borden by e-mail or call (205) 244-3803.
Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program
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