May 1, 2015 eBrief
Clients that need Pro Bono Attorneys

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Mother needs help with Divorce
The client has been married to her husband for twenty-seven years. They had three children together. One of their sons passed away in 2011. While she was still grieving the loss of her son, she says that her husband moved his girlfriend into the marital home and locked her out. One of her family members found her a place to stay. The client is collecting social security and cannot afford to support herself. Her husband has worked throughout the marriage and had been her primary means of support. Please contact Heather Bussey to help this client with her divorce.

Tenant locked out of apartment and being harassed to leave in violation of judge's order
A Shelby County judge already ruled that the sons of this deceased landlord have no right to evict the tenant. But, in violation of the order, the landlord's sons have locked the tenant out for more than two weeks, denying her the right to even get her cat. The client works part-time, cannot afford representation and needs to keep this affordable housing or she will be on the streets. Please contact Katrina Brown for more information.

Laid-off worker needs help probating her father's estate
This 24-year-old client recently lost her father. She is looking for work and cannot afford an attorney to help her probate her father's estate in which there is a piece of property. The woman has tried to handle this matter pro se but has run into difficulties. She is motivated and wants to resolve the probate matter. Please contact Katrina Brown to assist her.

** Uncontested Divorces **
Please contact Heather Bussey if you'd like to take a truly uncontested divorce case. These cases do not take a lot of time and are very basic. Generally, there are no custody/visitation issues or any property to divide. These are a great way to help a client that desperately needs an attorney to better their situation in life. If you've never done a divorce before, the BBVLP would be happy to assist you or pair you with a mentor. 
Attorney Sara LaDu
April Showers bring May Help Desks

Please click here to sign-up to work a two-hour slot on Wednesday at the Domestic Relations Help Desk or on Monday or Thursday at Civil Help Desk.

**The Help Desk will be closed May 6 and May 7**
Thank you to these attorneys who accepted cases:
Benjamin D. Cohn, Williams Elliott & Edwards
John M. Aaron, Aaron Law Firm
Meade Whitaker, Jr., Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Patricia Doblar

Thank you to Patricia A. Doblar for helping a mother get sole custody of her child as well as child support. The father had originally denied being the father but, after a paternity test, hired counsel and filed a counter-claim for child support. The father's attorney requested an exhaustive list of documents and interrogatories. It was vital for the client to have an attorney to assist with the custody and support. 

Thank you to the BBVLP Help Desk attorneys who helped clients this week!


District Court Help Desk:  19 clients helped on Monday and Thursday

Nina M. Towle, Cory Watson

Patricia A. Doblar

Honza J. Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis

John M. Aaron, Aaron Law Firm

Matthew S. Moore, II


Domestic Relations Help Desk:  34 clients helped on Wednesday

Haley D. Box, Legal Services Alabama

Patricia A. Doblar

Kimberly P. Gloss

Matthew A. Griffin

Brenda L. Harrell, YWCA Central Alabama

Leon K. Johnson

John B. Milledge

Margaret C. Philips, Legal Services Alabama

Free Domestic Relations CLE

Legal Services Alabama Domestic Relations CLE on May 8 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. at 1820 7th Ave N, Suite 200. Contact Haley Box to register today.