April 24, 2015 eBrief
Clients that need Pro Bono Attorneys

NEW CASE 15-0003384
Tenant locked out of apartment and being harassed to leave in violation of judge's order
A Shelby County judge already ruled that the sons of this deceased landlord have no right to evict this tenant. But, in violation of the order, the landlord's sons have locked the tenant out for more than two weeks, denying her the right to even get her cat. Client works part-time, cannot afford representation and needs to keep this affordable housing or she will be on the streets. Please contact Katrina Brown for more information.

NEW CASE 15-0003182
82-year-old grandfather needs help getting his car back from a "mechanic"
This elderly gentlemen paid for his car to be fixed and has his receipt, but the "mechanic" refuses to return the client's car and, in fact, has left it outside exposed to the elements. The client think the "mechanic" is now trying to sell his car. Please help this grandfather get his only means of transportation back by contacting Katrina Brown.

Help this mother of 11 children defend herself against what she believes is a frivolous attempt in Shelby County by her husband to get custody of one of her daughters
The client's husband has an attorney and the client believes he has filed this motion because he doesn't want to continue to pay child support. This client has raised all 11 children since they divorced more than ten years ago. Please contact Heather Bussey for more information.

NEW CASE 15-0003267
Laid-off worker needs help probating her father's estate.
This 24-year-old client is looking for work and cannot afford an attorney to help her probate her father's estate in which there is a piece of property. The woman has tried to handle this matter pro se but has run into difficulties. Please help her get on the right track by contacting Katrina Brown.

PLEASE HELP 15-0002880
Dad has done the right thing - but now needs help
This father has never missed a child support payment but now he has lost his job and needs help filing a modification because he can't continue to make ends meet. The dad is looking for new employment but until then needs a little relief. Please help by contacting Heather Bussey.

NEW CASE 15-0003364
Stroke victim being taken advantage of by husband
Since this woman suffered a stroke eight years ago, her husband, who works in a coal mine and is her only means of support, got a girlfriend, moved the girlfriend into their marital home, stopped paying the bills and now has moved out. He also took their daughter's car "to get an oil change" and then gave it to his girlfriend. Help this woman get a divorce by contacting Heather Bussey.
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Thank you to Robin L. Burrell, Najjar Denaburg, for helping a mother get sole custody of her children and a Final Judgment of Divorce.

Thank you to Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates, for helping a woman who had been abandoned by her husband get a Final Judgment of Divorce.
Thank you to these attorneys who accepted cases:
Valeria F. Walker
Monica D. Austin-Hatcher, Hatcher Law Office
Courtney B. Brown, Burge & Burge
Thomas A. McLeod, Jr. 
Robin L. Burrell, Najjar Denaburg
Kathleen Kauffman, UAB Office of Counsel
Christopher J. Nicholson, Jones & Hawley
Meade Whitaker, Jr., Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Thank you to the BBVLP Help Desk Attorneys who helped clients this week!


District Court Help Desk: 16 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday

Patricia A. Doblar

Julia M. Goyer

Loring S. Jones, III, Jones & Associates

Kathleen Kauffman, UAB Office of Counsel

Moses O. Stone, Stone Law Firm

David H. Webster, Legal Services Alabama

Mary C. Wheeler, Cory Watson

Donald F. Winningham, III, Bressler Amery & Ross


Domestic Relations Help Desk: 33 Clients Helped on Wednesday

April E. Bauder, Gathings Law

Haley D. Box, Legal Services Alabama

Patricia A. Doblar

Matthew A. Griffin

Leon K. Johnson

T. Anderson Mears, II

Margaret C. Philips, Legal Services Alabama

Andrew P. Wheeler-Berliner, 23rd Street Law

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