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April 17, 2015 eBrief
How to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Jefferson County has a new Family Justice Center to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse receive advice, confidential counseling and services, and help with the criminal justice process. 

The Metro Alabama Justice Center is operated by the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, the YWCA, the Crisis Center Rape Response Program, and the Birmingham Police Department. 

Please share their flyer with people who need help.
Pro bono attorneys needed to help 24 indigent clients who are below the poverty level and cannot afford representation with uncontested divorces.
This is a great way to learn this skill set and to help someone in need. We can help you every step of the way. Let Heather Bussey know that you can accept an uncontested divorce.
Calling all BBVLP Volunteer Domestic Relations Attorneys!

Learn how to better represent indigent clients with domestic relations issues at the Legal Services Alabama free CLE on May 8 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. at 1820 7th Ave N, Suite 200. Judge Julie Palmer and Wendy Padilla-Madden, Baker Donelson, are presenting. Attendees will receive two CLE credits, one of which is an Ethics credit.

Contact Haley Box to register today as this CLE is limited to 30 participants. 
Don't miss this free one-hour domestic relations CLE

Hear Judge Edward Vines, Judge David Carpenter, Judge Dorothea Batiste, Judge Patricia Stephens and Judge Julie Palmer. The CLEs will take place:

Tuesday, April 28, Noon - 1:30 p.m. - Bessemer Courthouse

Thursday, April 30, Noon - 1:30 p.m. - Domestic Relations Courthouse
Try the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Please sign-up to work a two-hour slot on Wednesday at the Domestic Relations Help Desk or on Monday or Thursday at the Jefferson County courthouse.
Which case can you take today?

Desperate family and the Birmingham Police need help finding a killer
The family of a man who went missing in Birmingham 20 years ago needs help filing a declaration of death in Probate Court because the Birmingham Police have new evidence that the man was murdered. The man's body has never been found so the police need the declaration to move forward. The family cannot afford an attorney but understands there will be court costs. Click here to contact Nancy Yarbrough about the case.

If you shy away from taking domestic relations cases, this one will change your mind! -- Sweet woman who has been through a series of awful experiences needs help with a divorce
This pleasant woman came to our Help Desk after she had been charged $300 by an alleged "legal aid" service in Florida for doing nothing more than completing a legal separation complaint that is incorrect. She is seeking the separation from her husband because she says he cheated on her and she is worried that if she gets a divorce she will lose his health insurance which she needs because she has a painful back injury.The client is on food stamps, has trouble reading and writing, and has worked hard all her life as a cleaning woman. Click here to contact Nancy Yarbrough about the case.


Mother needs help with divorce and child support

A mother of two young children needs help leveling the playing field. Her husband, who she has filed a PFA against and she believes is abusing alcohol, has filed for divorce and custody. He has an attorney. She cannot afford one. Click here to contact Heather Bussey about the case.


Help this dad who has done the right thing

This client lost his job in January, has managed to stay current on child support, but cannot do it much longer. The dad wants to support his children to his fullest but needs someone to help him at his upcoming modification hearing. Click here to contact Heather Bussey about the case.


Client needs bankruptcy help

The client needs help filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Click here to contact Katrina Brown about the case.

Thank you to Grace R. Murphy, Maynard Cooper & Gale, for helping a client obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce in an extended service case. 

Thank you to Jacquese A. Gary for helping a client obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce and work out custody issues in an extended service case. 
Thank you to these attorneys who accepted cases:

Frances K. Quick, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Jaime C. Erdberg, Sirote Permutt
Joseph P. Callaway
Eric M.  Scott
Benjamin D. Cohn, Williams Elliott & Edwards
Patricia A. Doblar

Thank you to the BBVLP Help Desk Attorneys who helped clients this week!


District Court Help Desk: 33 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday

Patricia A. Doblar

Charles J. Lorant, Lorant Law Group

W. Ryan Myers, Cory Watson

A. Wilson Webb, Legal Services Alabama


Domestic Relations Help Desk: 33 Clients Helped on Wednesday

Patricia A. Doblar

Matthew A. Griffin

Pam Weed