April 3, 2015 eBrief
Sign up for Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect
(PHC) will take place on Saturday, April 11th at Boutwell Auditorium. PHC needs help from volunteer attorneys to provide clients with legal assistance. Please sign up for a two-hour time slot.
Please consider helping one of these clients in need of an attorney:


Widow Needs Help Transferring a Title so She Can Pay the Mortgage

The client is a widow that is trying to pay off a mortgage on her home. The house and mortgage are in her deceased husband's name and she would like to have the home transferred to her name so she can pay off the debt. She has a copy of the deed and death certificate. E-mail Katrina Brown for details.



Mother Needs Help with Uncontested Divorce

The client needs help with an uncontested divorce. She does have two minor children from the marriage but no joint debts or property. Custody will not be an issue - this is truly uncontested. E-mail Heather Bussey for details.



Client Needs Help with Father's Estate

The client needs to open his father's estate. Client is unsure of the amount of the estate but would like to speak with an attorney to see if it is worth pursuing. The father died intestate. E-mail Katrina Brown for details.



Uncontested Divorce after a Long Separation

The client is seeking a divorce after being separated from her husband for seven years. This is an uncontested divorce. E-mail Heather Bussey for details.



Woman Needs Help taking Care of Mentally Ill Aunt

The client needs help getting  a guardianship over her elderly aunt who is a paranoid schizophrenic. The client has been taking care of her aunt for more than fifteen years. The aunt is currently in Bryce Hospital. The client already has power of attorney but is required to get a guardianship so that she can help take care of her aunt when she gets out of the hospital. E-mail Katrina Brown for details.



Client & Deceased Brother Taken Advantage of by Family, Need Probate Help

The client was supposed to get his brother's house through his will. However, another brother got title by getting the incapacitated brother to sign over the deed on his deathbed. The client needs to open the estate and get the house that his brother wanted him to have. THIS CASE HAS BEEN LISTED A FEW TIMES AND WE ONLY NEED A PROBATE ATTORNEY TO TALK TO THE CLIENT TO SEE IF HE HAS A CASE. E-mail Katrina Brown for details.

Volunteer at a Help Desk

Please sign up to work a two-hour slot on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at a  Help Desk session. 

Thank you to Melody H. Eagan, Lightfoot Franklin & White, for helping her client obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce.

Thank you to J. Pratt Austin-Trucks for helping a mother receive sole custody and child support.

Thank you to Audrey E. Brown, Lightfoot Franklin & White, for helping a client get a Final Judgment of Divorce through settlement. 
Thank you to these attorneys who accepted cases:

Julie M. Schilff, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz
G. James Brady, III, Huie Fernambucq & Stewart
Melanie M. Atha, Cabaniss Johnston Gardner Dumas & O'Neal
Matthew A. Griffin
Bejamin D. Cohn, Williams Elliott & Edwards
Lewis W. Page, Jr. Page Law Firm
K. Edward Sexton, II, Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison
Julie D. Carter, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Thank you to 9 BBVLP Help Desk Attorneys who helped 44 clients this week!


District Court Help Desk: 10 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday

David H. Webster, Legal Services Alabama

Andrew P. Wheeler-Berliner, 23rd Street Law


Domestic Relations Help Desk:  34 Clients Helped on Wednesday

Patricia A. Doblar

Kimberly P. Gloss

Matthew A. Griffin

Leon K. Johnson

Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates

Margaret C. Philips, Legal Services Alabama

Andrew P. Wheeler-Berliner, 23rd Street Law


Thank you to the BBVLP Student Interns for helping out this week:

Lauren Spradling, Cumberland School of Law

Allie Thompson, Cumberland School of Law

Virginia Underwood, Cumberland School of Law

Cynthia Upton, Cumberland School of Law

Andrew McKinney, University of Alabama School of Law