March 27, 2015 eBrief
Please consider helping one of these clients in need of an attorney

Single mother Needs Help
The client's ex-husband is attempting to get custody of one of their three children against her will. The mother needs help responding to this action in Shelby County. Email Heather Bussey for details.

Client needs help communicating with the Court
This client, who is Chinese and speaks with an accent, had difficulties acting pro se and was ordered to pay $2,000 for water damages on her property that she did not cause. The client is well-organized and has receipts and evidence. The judge in the case suggested she come to the BBVLP so that she is fairly represented. Email Katrina Brown for details.


Contractors haven't finished work on fire-damaged house

This client paid two contractors who both failed to perform work to rebuild her fire-damaged home. The client needs to get her money back so she can repair her house. Email Katrina Brown for details.



Client and deceased brother taken advantage of by family

The client was supposed to get his brother's house through his will. However, another brother got title by getting the incapacitated brother to sign over the deed on his deathbed. The client needs to open the estate and get the house that his brother wanted him to have. THIS CASE HAS BEEN LISTED A FEW TIMES AND WE ONLY NEED A PROBATE ATTORNEY TO TALK TO THE CLIENT TO SEE IF HE HAS A CASE. Email Katrina Brown for details.


Female inventor allegedly bilked by so-called patent company
The client paid more than $5,000 to an "invention company" to help her patent and market her idea for a product. The client never received the patent, is now worried the company may steal her idea, and wants her money back. Email Katrina Brown for details.

The Elite Eight of Uncontested Divorces

Please email Heather Bussey for information on one of eight true uncontested divorces. 

Your help is needed at  a Help Desk


Please sign up to work a two-hour slot on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at a  Help Desk session. 

Thank you to John M. Aaron, Aaron Law firm, for closing a case where he helped the client probate and obtain her late husband's settlement of a lawsuit against his former employer.

Thank you to Melanie M. Atha, Cabaniss Johnston Gardner Dumas & O'Neal, for closing a divorce case.

Thank you to Kellie S. Avery-Tubb for helping a client with a bankruptcy who needed a fresh start to be able to provide for her family.

Thank you to April E. Bauder, Gathings Law, for helping a woman get a divorce against her husband who was incarcerated for attempted murder.

Thank you to Robert C. Keller, Russo White & Keller, for helping his client get successfully discharged from bankruptcy. 

Thank you to Gregory S. Stanley for helping his client access her late husband's pension. 
Thank you to these attorneys who accepted cases:
Orrilyn L. Stallworth
Pooja Chawla
Lisa C. Robinson
Eric M. Scott
T. Anderson Mears, II
Maibeth J. Porter, Maynard Cooper & Gale
Carolynn H. Moore
Julie D. Carter, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Thank you to 14 BBVLP Help Desk Attorneys who helped 50 clients this week!


District Court Help Desk: 21 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday

Gordon J. Brady, III, Huie Fernambucq & Stewart

Patrica A. Doblar

Honza J. Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis

William F. Prosch, Jr.

Eric M. Scott

Donald F. Winningham, III, Bressler Amery & Ross

Orrilyn L. Stallworth


Domestic Relations Help Desk: 29 Clients Helped on Wednesday

Monica Y. Agee

April E. Bauder, Gathings Law

Patricia A. Doblar

Kimberly P. Gloss

Matthew A. Griffin

Leon K. Johnson
Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates

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Project Homeless Connect
(PHC) will take place on Saturday, April 11th. PHC needs help from volunteer attorneys to provide clients with legal assistance. Please sign up for a two-hour time slot.