March 6, 2015 eBrief
Congratulations to B-Metro's 2015 Top Lawyers

Congratulations to the BBVLP Board Members Judge Scott Vowell, Angie Cameron, Sam Franklin, Deborah Smith, and Anne Durward for being named 2015 top lawyers by B-Metro. Judge Vowell received a Lifetime Achievement Award and Angie, Sam, Deborah, and Anne were all named Stars of the Bar. They will be recognized for their achievements at a ceremony on Thusday, March 12. Click here for more information.
Alabama State Bar Pro Bono Nominations

The Alabama State Bar is accepting nominations for 2015 Pro Bono Awards. The awards recognize pro bono attorneys, mediators, law firms and law students. Know somebody that you'd like to nominate? Click here for a nomination form. Nominations are due April 1. 
Thank you to our Donors!

Without the generous support of the Birmingham legal community, the BBVLP would not be able to support the volunteer attorneys that provide civil legal assistance to thousands of low-income citizens. Please see page 19 of the Birmingham Bar Association Bulletin to see our donors as well as the value of an investment to the BBVLP. You can donate at anytime through the new BBVLP website.
Volunteer Attorney Sarah LaDu counsels a Help Desk client.
Volunteer at a Help Desk

Please sign up for a Help Desk session on the BBVLP website. You can choose a two hour time slot on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We expect a busy few weeks because of recent Help Desk cancellations due to inclement weather.
Clients in Need of a Pro Bono Attorney:

NEW! 15-0003080
Client Needs a Divorce from his Identity Thief Wife
The wife has been using the client's name and credit without his permission or knowledge. She also remarried while they were separated. No children are involved.

NEW! 14-0002213
Client Needs Help Getting Pension Benefits
A very polite and nice woman needs help with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in order to get half of her ex-husband's pension that she is entitled to as part of her divorce decree. 

NEW! 15-0003072
Client Living in Dangerous Conditions, Needs Help Getting out of Lease
The client's apartment complex refuses to fix her apartment after she has made numerous verbal and written complaints about the dangerous conditions. She has taken pictures of all of the damages. The apartment complex has also charged her with incorrect late fees and her utility bills have escalated even though her use has not changed. This is the fourth client that has had similar problems with the same apartment complex.

NEW! 15-0003070
Client Cheated out of House Inheritance by Fraudulent Tenants
The client's parents rented their house to tenants. The parents both passed away. The tenants fraudulently posed as the parents' children and got the house through probate. The client has been forced to live in a shelter.


Client Needs Help with Probate Issue

The client was supposed to get his brother's house through his will. However, another brother got title by getting the incapacitated brother to sign over the deed on his deathbed. The client needs to open the estate and get the house that his brother wanted him to have.


Blind Client Needs Help Getting Title to his Deceased Mother's House

Late in 2013, the Client lost his vision shortly after his mother passed away. He had been living with his mother prior to her passing and has continued to do so ever since. The client has no siblings and is unaware of any other heirs. The house is in his mother's name and he would like to get title in his name.


Father Needs Help with Visitation for his Children

The client's ex-wife has been intentionally withholding visitation on weekends, holidays, birthdays, and even on Father's Day. The ex-wife also monitors all phone calls the children have with their father and won't talk to him about the children's grades. The father is on disability and pays child support. This case was assigned to a volunteer attorney who had to withdraw because she will be out of the country when the case goes to trial in June.



Client Needs Help Negotiating with DHR

The client has been divorced since 2006. The client needs help calculating his arrearage and negotiating a payment plan as DHR says he owes more money than he actually does. The client is well organized and has all receipts for payments.


To accept a case, please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough with the case number.
Thank you to Rachel V. Barlotta, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, for closing an extended service divorce case. Mrs. Barlotta helped a victim of domestic violence get a Final Judgment of Divorce. 

Thank you to T. Anderson Mears for closing an extended service divorce case. Mr. Mears helped his client obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce after finding out that the client was not the father of the wife's child. 

Thank you to T. Ross Kinder for closing an extended service payment modification matter. The client had obtained a payment modification with her bank. The bank denied her the modification after four months and began charging her an amount she could not afford. Mr. Kinder helped the client get a modification for reduced payments.
Thank you to Robert C. Keller, Russo White & Keller, for accepting two extended service bankruptcy cases. Mr. Keller will help the clients file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Thank you to Kathleen A. Collier, Balch & Bingham, for accepting an extended service adoption case. Ms. Collier will be helping a grandmother adopt her three grandchildren.

Thank you to Jessica Kirk Drennan, Kirk.Drennan, PC, for accepting an extended service divorce case. Mrs. Drennan will be helping a mother get a divorce as well as deal with issues of support and visitation.
Thank you BBVLP Help Desk Volunteer Attorneys!

10 volunteer attorneys assisted 51 clients this week.

District Court Help Desk: 15 Clients Helped on Monday (Closed Thursday due to inclement weather)
Patricia A. Doblar
Rima P. Patel
Sarah P. LaDu, Kirk.Drennan, PC

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 36 Clients Helped on Wednesday
April E. Bauder,  Gathings Law
Patricia A. Doblar
Matthew A. Griffin
Leon K. Johnson
Priscilla Kelley
John B. Milledge
Pamela Weed