Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program eBrief
February 13, 2015
The New BBVLP Website!

The Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. The new website has interactive features as well as volunteer attorney stories, available pro bono cases, helpful information for clients, updated case statistics, and so much more. The new website is a great tool for lawyers and clients. Please visit our new website by clicking here and let us know what you think! 
Two Bankruptcy Clients Need Desperate Assistance

Two clients need help with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. These clients have been working with a volunteer attorney and have already started the process of filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the attorney has had to pull out of the cases and these clients need guidance.

Both clients are extremely motivated and organized. They have already taken credit counseling courses but need help from an attorney to finish things up. Please consider taking one or both of these cases. If you are interested in assisting these clients, contact Katrina Brown or Nancy Yarbrough.
Clients in Need of a Pro Bono Attorney:

NEW! 15-0003016
Client Needs Help with Child Support Modification
The client needs needs help filing a Petition to Modify Child Support. The client also needs help assessing his DHR child support arrearage.

NEW! 15-0002974
Client Needs Help with Probate Property Dispute
The client's deceased brother willed his property to the client. However, another brother obtained a quit claim dead from the deceased on his deathbed. The deceased did not have capacity to sign the deed. The client needs to open the estate.

NEW! 15-0002981
Client Needs Bankruptcy Help
The client needs help filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 

NEW! 15-0002985
Client Needs Help with Car Title Dispute
The client finished paying for her car and has proof of her payments. She has requested title but the company has refused and turned her account over to an attorney. Client needs help with negotiation with the car company.

NEW! 15-0002986
Client Needs Help with Small Claims
The client has filed a claim against another individual. The individual signed a promissory note. The client needs help moving forward in the matter.


Single Mother Needs Help Filing Contempt Against Ex-Husband

Client needs help filing contempt against her ex-husband. The ex-husband has continually violated the final judgment of divorce and the client is extremely fearful of leaving her children with him. 

Father with 2 Children Needs Help with Divorce
The client needs help filing divorce. He has two children from this marriage. They have no property together. Settlement is a possibility. 

Client Needs Help Collecting Judgment
The client has a judgment against a defendant and needs help collecting the judgment. 

Blind Client Needs Help Collecting Against Contractor
The client has had electrical damage to the appliances in his home. The contractor admitted to the client that he would pay for some but not all of the damage. The client has receipts for all of the damaged property.

To accept a case, please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough 
with the case number.
♡ ♡ Be Our Valentine ♡ ♡ Volunteer at a Help Desk!

The BBVLP offers three Help Desks to provide legal services to low income community members every week. The Civil Help Desk is every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Jefferson County Courthouse on the 5th Floor. The Domestic Relations Help Desk is every Wednesday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Domestic Relations Courthouse. 

To sign up, please visit the calendar on the new website. Click on an available date, choose a time slot, give us your contact information, and you're done. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail as well as a reminder e-mail before your volunteer date. 
Project Homeless Connect - Save the Date!

This year's Project Homeless Connect will take place on Saturday, April 11, at Boutwell Auditorium. This innovative one-day event is about breaking the cycle of homelessness, increasing access to services and ending chronic homelessness in Central Alabama. Project Homeless Connect needs volunteer attorneys to provide legal assistance.

To volunteer, please contact Lisa Borden.

FREE CLE for Volunteer Attorneys on February 27th


To thank our volunteer attorneys and to provide them the tools they need to defend BBVLP clients, we are holding a free three-hour CLE on Consumer Debt Litigation hosted by Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice and Legal Services Alabama.


Please mark your calendars for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on February 27th at the Birmingham Bar Center. Participants will learn how to effectively use relevant statutes and case law to help their clients win consumer debt cases. 


To qualify for the free CLE, you will have had to volunteer at a Help Desk during the past year or taken a full representation pro bono case. You can also attend the CLE free of charge if you commit to working a Help Desk or commit to accepting a case in 2015. 
Thank you to Bruce A. Burttram, Burttram & Henderson, for helping a mother of four who had been abandoned by her husband obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce. Mr. Burttram and his client faced several setbacks finding the husband but were able to serve him by publication.

Thank you to Patrick J. Ballard, Ballard Law Office, for helping his client obtain Guardianship over his disabled child. The client has had sole custody of the child since the mother left in 1998 but was unaware he needed a guardianship after the child turned 21. 

Thank you to Mary Brunson Salser, Lloyd Gray Whitehead & Monroe, PC, for helping her client obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce. The client's husband had representation in the case so it was crucial that the client receive help from an attorney. Ms. Salser helped her client with all of her paperwork along with testimony in the case.

Thank you to James B. Griffin for helping his client in a property matter. The property had a lien on it that the client was unaware of. Mr. Griffin helped his client get his money back from the bank.

Thank you to Stella C. Jackson, Gregory C. Starkey & Associates, for obtaining a Final Judgment of Divorce for her client. 

Thank you to Andrew S. Nix, Maynard Cooper & Gale, PC, for helping his client settle a dispute with an insurance company. Mr. Nix helped the client reach a settlement and schedule a payment plan.

Thank you to Ryan D. Wilson, Porterfield Harper Mills Motlow & Ireland, PA, for helping his client reach a settlement agreement in a landlord tenant dispute. Mr. Wilson and opposing counsel also filed a joint stipulation of dismissal on behalf of the parties. 
Thank you to Kimberly P. Gloss for accepting an extended service divorce case involving a minor child.

Thank you to Patricia A. Doblar for accepting an extended service divorce case.

Thank you to Robin L. Burrell, Najjar Denaburg, PC, for accepting an extended service divorce case involving three minor children.

Thank you to Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates, Inc., for accepting an extended service divorce case.
Thank you BBVLP Help Desk Volunteer Attorneys!

17 volunteer attorneys assisted 49 clients this week at our Help Desks.

District Court Help Desk: 19 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday
Patricia A. Doblar

Patricia Doblar

Clay M. Doten

Leslie A. Palmer

Rima P. Patel

Honza J. Prchal- Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC

Tiffany P. Rainbolt - Maynard Cooper & Gale, PC

Eric M. Scott

Donald F. Winningham, III- Bressler Amery & Ross, PC


Domestic Relations Help Desk: 30 Clients Helped on Wednesday

Sara E. Adams, Lorant Law Group

Patricia A. Doblar

Kimberly P. Gloss

Matthew A. Griffin

Leon K. Johnson

Priscilla L. Kelley

Megan M. Nix

Eric M. Scott

Andrew P. Wheeler-Berliner, 23rd Street Law


The BBVLP would also like to welcome Andrew McKinney, a University of Alabama School of Law who will be a new intern.