Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program eBrief
January 30, 2015
The BBVLP is off to a great start in 2015 with attorneys volunteering at our Help Desks and accepting extended service cases. We've recently got two new cases in that are in need of our excellent volunteers.
Clients in Need of a Pro Bono Attorney:

NEW! 15-0002920
Single Mother Needs Help Filing Contempt Against Ex-Husband
Client needs help filing contempt against her ex-husband. The ex-husband has continually violated the final judgment of divorce and the client is extremely fearful of leaving her children with him. 

NEW! 14-0002214
Mother Needs Help Filing Child Support Contempt 
Client's ex-husband is behind on child support and has violated other issues in the final judgment of divorce. The mother has 3 children she cares for and the ex-husband has not paid child support since 2004. The client needs help filing child support contempt.

To accept an extended service case, please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough 
with the case number.
Thank you to Yashiba G. Blanchard, The Blanchard Property Law Firm, for closing an extended service bankruptcy case. Ms. Blanchard helped a client get discharged from bankruptcy. The client had been harassed and threatened by a creditor after she had been involved in a car accident. 

Thank you to Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Assocaties, Inc., for closing an extended service divorce case. Mr. Montgomery was able to help his client end an abusive marriage. 

Thank you to Brian D. Turner, Jr., The Law Offices of Brian Turner, for helping clients through a volunteer help desk at Highlands United Methodist Church in conjunction with their homeless ministries. The clinic takes place on the last Wednesday of each month from 10:00 am - 11:00 am.
Thank you to Lisa C. Robinson for accepting an extended service visitation case. 

Thank you to Lois R. Beasly-Carlisle, Carlisle & Carlisle, for accepting 2  guardianship extended service cases.

Thank you to Thomas M. Little, Smith Spires & Peddy, for accepting an extended service client needing help with discovery.

Thank you to Adam E. Tice for accepting an extended service case to help a client with a probate matter.

Help Desk Opportunities


The BBVLP offers three Help Desks to provide legal services to low income community members every week. The Civil Help Desk is every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Jefferson County Courthouse on the 5th Floor. The Domestic Relations Help Desk is every Wednesday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Domestic Relations Courthouse. Please check out the Help Desk calendars for January, February, and March for available time slots. Please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough to sign up. 
Thank you BBVLP Help Desk Volunteer Attorneys!

16 volunteer attorneys assisted 46 clients this week at our Help Desks.

District Court Help Desk: 19 Clients Helped on Monday Thursday
John M. Aaron, Aaron Law Firm
Abigail P. Van Alstyne, Quinn Connor Weaver Davies & Rouco
James B. Bailey, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Patricia A. Doblar
C. Meade Hartfield, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz
Rima P. Patel
Shaun E. Styers

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 27 Clients Helped on Wednesday
Sara E. Adams, Lorant Law Group
Patricia A. Doblar
Matthew A. Griffin
Leon K. Johnson
Priscilla L. Kelley
Megan M. Nix
Amy L. Peake, YWCA Central Alabama
Eric. M. Scott
Shaun E. Styers