March 13, 2015 eBrief
Great Cases in Need of Pro Bono Attorneys

We have culled our open cases this week to ones where clients desperately need help. Please consider accepting a case:



Client Living in Dangerous Conditions, Needs Help Getting out of Lease

The client's apartment complex refuses to fix her apartment after she has made numerous verbal and written complaints about the dangerous conditions. She has taken pictures of all of the damages. The apartment complex has also charged her with incorrect late fees and her utility bills have escalated even though her use has not changed. This is the fourth client that has had similar problems with the same apartment complex.


Woman Needs Help taking Care of Mentally Ill Aunt

The client needs help getting  a guardianship over her elderly aunt who is a paranoid schizophrenic. The client has been taking care of her aunt for more than fifteen years. The aunt is currently in Bryce Hospital. The client already has power of attorney but is required to get a guardianship so that she can help take care of her aunt when she gets out of the hospital. 



Wife Wants to Adopt Step-Son

The client's ex-wife and mother of his child abandoned the family some time ago. The client has remarried and the wife would like to adopt his son. The adoption is uncontested.



Client Needs Bankruptcy Help

The client was recently involved in a car accident. An insurance company obtained a settlement and garnishment against her. She is now unable to afford rent and utilities because of the amount of the garnishment. 



Client Needs Help with Uncontested Divorce

The client needs help ending her short-term marriage. The couple has no property, debts, or kids. This is a true uncontested divorce. Both parties agree and will work together to resolve this matter.


To accept a case, please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough 
with the case number.
Volunteer Attorneys April Bauder and Pooja Chawla

Volunteer at a Help Desk


Please sign up for a Help Desk session on the BBVLP website. You can choose a two-hour time slot on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The Civil Help Desk meets on Monday and Thursday at the Jefferson County Courthouse; the Domestic Relations Help Desk meets every Wednesday at the Domestic Relations Courthouse.
Attorneys who Closed Extended Service Cases

Thank you to Alisha R. May for helping her a domestic abuse victim with several issues. First and most importantly, Ms. May helped her client get a Protection From Abuse. Ms. May then assisted her client throughout the divorce case, which included problems with locating the defendant to serve him. Ms. May settled the case for her client and got her sole custody and child support. The mother has a PFA against her ex-husband and he can only contact the children by phone. 
Attorneys who Accepted Extended Service Cases

Thank you to Jennifer M. Anderson for accepting an extended service case. Ms. Anderson will be helping a blind client with a probate issue.

Thank you to Alexander W. Jones, Jr., Pritchard McCall & Jones, for accepting an extended service case. Mr. Jones will be helping a homeless client with a probate matter where somebody obtained her mother's estate through fraud.

Thank you to Shannon H. Dye, Carney Dye, for accepting an extended service case. Mrs. Dye will be helping a mother who lost her son with a probate matter.

Thank you to Benjamin D. Cohn, Williams Elliot & Edwards, for accepting an extended service case. Mr. Cohn will be helping a mother get a divorce from a husband that refuses to support her.
Thank you BBVLP Help Desk Volunteer Attorneys!

13 volunteer attorneys and 1 intern assisted 54 clients

District Court Help Desk: 24 Clients Helped on Monday and Thursday
Rosemary N. Alexandar, Shunnarah Injury Lawyers
Patricia A. Doblar
Alan W. Garner
Maura R. Goodwyn
Honza J. Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Tiffany P. Rainbolt, Maynard Cooper & Gale
David H. Webster, Legal Services Alabama

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 30 Clients Helped on Wednesday
Sara E. Adams, Lorant Law Group
Patricia A. Doblar
Matthew A. Griffin
Leon K. Johnson
Priscilla L. Kelley
Louis M. Montgomery, Bhate Environmental Associates
Robert Ireland, Cumberland School of Law Intern

Congratulations John Milledge!

The UAB National Alumni Society honored BBVLP volunteer John Milledge as part of their UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 Class of 2015. Mr. Milledge is Founder and Vice President of Corporate Operations for Action Environmental, which UAB honored as one of the top three fastest growing businesses owned or operated by a UAB alumni. Click here to read the full story.

Mr. Milledge is a regular volunteer at the Domestic Relations Help Desk on Wednesday mornings. 
Cyberbullying Symposium - Free 3 Hour CLE

The Cumberland Law Review is presenting a symposium on cyberbullying on March 27, 2015 at 9 a.m. in the John L. Carroll Moot Court Room. Speakers will be Adele Kimmel (Public Justice), Tina Meier (The Megan Meier Foundation),  and Gina Lowe and James Gallini (The Gallini Group). Registration will take place at the event.