Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program eBrief
January 9, 2015
Record Year for the BBVLP!
The Birmingham Bar Volunteer Attorney Program reached new heights in 2014 thanks to the help of our fantastic Pro Bono Attorneys. BBVLP volunteers provided legal help to 2,305 low income community members during 2014. That is 600 more clients that were served than in 2013. Additionally, volunteer attorneys accepted and closed 220 extended service cases in 2014, almost three times the number of extended service cases closed in 2013. 

The unprecedented work of volunteer attorneys has provided a substantial immediate and long-term impact to the Birmingham community. For every $1 invested in the BBVLP, the Birmingham community receives $12.38 of immediate and long-term financial benefits. Thank you to everyone that has volunteered for making such a positive impact on the Birmingham community!

Help Desk Opportunities
The BBVLP offers three Help Desks to provide legal services to low income community members every week. The Civil Help Desk is every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Jefferson County Courthouse on the 5th Floor. The Domestic Relations Help Desk is every Wednesday from 8:30 am - Noon at the Domestic Relations Courthouse. Please check out the Help Desk calendars for January, February, and March for available times slots. Please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough to sign up.

Clients in Need of a Pro Bono Attorney:

To accept a case, please reply to this e-mail or contact Nancy Yarbrough with the case number.

NEW! DC 14-0002733
Client Needs Help Fighting Eviction
Client entered into a lease agreement in September 2014. The landlord's daughter claims the property belongs to her via her father's will and her attorney has sent the client a letter to vacate. The daughter's name is not on the deed. The client needs help enforcing the lease agreement.

NEW! DC 14-0002086
Great Grandmother Wants to Adopt her Three Great Grandchildren
The client has cared for and had custody of her 3 great grandchildren for the past 7 years. She would like to adopt the children but the mother will not consent to the adoption.

NEW! DC 14-0002508
Father Needs Help with Child Support Modification
The client is an unemployed father that needs to modify his child support order. One of his children turned 19 this past year. 

NEW! DC 14-0001666
Client Needs Help with Specific Performance Case
The client has a pending civil suit for specific performance and needs help with discovery. The case is set for trial in June.

Thank you to the following attorneys for closing their BBVLP cases!

Robert A. Emerson  helped a client obtain a final judgment in a divorce case.

Debra J. Krotzer, of Carr Allison, helped a client obtain a final judgment in a divorce case. 

Suzanne O. Yayman helped a client obtain a final judgment in a divorce case.

T. Ross Kinder helped a client obtain a mortgage modification and prevent foreclosure on the client's home.

Matthew D. Wright helped a local non-profit organization with the closing process for a residential property donation.

Thank you BBVLP Help Desk volunteer attorneys!

District Court Help Desk: 24 clients helped on Monday and Thursday

Sara E. Adams - Lorant Law Group

Matthew H. Lembke - Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Emily M. Ruzic - Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

E. De Martenson - Huie Fernambucq & Stewart, LLP

Eric M. Scott

Shaun E. Styers


Domestic Relations Help Desk: 42 clients helped on Wednesday

Patricia A. Doblar

Matthew A. Griffin

Leon K. Johnson

Priscilla A. Kelley

Eric M. Scott

Shaun E. Styers

Pamela Weed


Attorneys who accepted cases for extended representation: 

Priscilla L. Kelley