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Primex Plastics is proud to highlight the many benefits of our ABS/Acrylic Sheet Products. Primex offers a wide range of monolayer and co-extruded multilayer ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) sheet products. Combinations of 100% custom color virgin, virgin cap/utility base, low gloss (matte) cap/utility base, and custom color cap/utility base are available. For exterior applications, our Weather-X 401 Film or a Centrex co-extrusion is available. Primex also offers a wide variety of embossed surfaces. End uses of ABS include tub/shower surrounds, pickup truck caps, boat accessories, automotive trim parts, and computer housings.






Why is
ABS/Acrylic the right choice for the Sanitary Market?  
  • Excellent durability- will not chip, dent, stain or fade
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Antimicrobial can be added               (mold & mildew protection)
  • Lower cost than traditional remodeling

Other ABS Charicteristics  


STRENGTH-Surface, gloss and high impact


FORMABILITY- Excellent definition


FABRICATION- Easily thermoformed, heat bent and glued




FINISHING- Machines well with circular saw, routers and band saw


COLOR MATCH- Per customer requirements & specifications


LAMINATION- There are several options of laminated film that are available to help give the desired appearance such as granite and more.


CAP THICKNESS- Understanding of cap thickness is critical.  More does not mean better as the properties of the sheet can be adversely effected the greater the cap thickness.  Contact our Technical Support for assistance.


MASKING- Formable masking should be used to protect the sheet during shipping and installation


OTHER APPLICATIONS-Automotive parts, displays and outdoor applications that require a high gloss finish to avoid painting parts.


Please contact your Territory Manager or Inside Sales Team for more information on ABS.  



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Weather-X 401 Film

 weather-x 401 

 Click to see our Weather-X 401 Film Brochure.


Contact your Territory Manager or Inside Sales Team to receive a printed version.

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