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Reedsburg Inside Sales  


In continuous operation since 1986, our
Reedsburg, WI site prides itself on premier quality and exceptional service, with a focus on the Graphic Arts Markets.  Utilizing specially designed extrusion lines on a 24/7 schedule, Reedsburg is able to meet customers' toughest time demands with quality levels beyond compare.  Our knowledgeable Inside Sales team is excited to be your connection to our outstanding service.

 "Call any of our Inside Sales/Service Team for your needs, including questions that you may have regarding products, pricing, samples, shipment information, or technical assistance.  We are all eager and motivated to assist you in a timely and effective manner." Says Lynelle Roessler, Reedsburg's Sales/Service Supervisor.

Operating with the motto: "Large enough to handle your requirements; small enough to handle your needs," Primex offers true partnership with its customers. Our steady growth is a sign that we know our business and share our extensive knowledge base for the betterment of our customers.
All Inside Sales members can be reached by calling (800) 524-6777 then their extension, or contacted via email by clicking on their name.

Lynelle Roessler
7 years experience   
Sales Service Supervisor
ext 333
Cheryl Gavin 
21 years experience 
   Sales Service Rep   
ext 340
Evon Schuenke
7 years
Sales Service Rep
ext 336
Patty Creviston
7 years experience 
Sales Service Rep
ext 339
Paul Leske
5 years experience
Sales Service Rep
ext 337





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From beginning to

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