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Primex Plastics is committed to sustainable practices that are ethical, responsible, and create value for customers. Your brand's environmental practices will benefit from our efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.  


Vanish is a product engineered by Primex Plastics Corporation
for any application where polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene are currently used. Products using Vanish feel and process like their unmodified counterparts. Vanish incorporates state of the art polymer technology to facilitate degradation in litter form, commercial or personal compost as well as in landfill disposal. It is available in sheet or roll for printing or forming.  


BioGreen is manufactured from renewable, bio-based materials, certified through an independent laboratory as compostable per ASTM D6400-04. This means that it will biodegrade, thus returning to its basic organic elements.


Primex is leading the way in providing  higher sustainable resources with our increasing line of post-consumer products and bio-degradable products.  We believe it is the sum of price, quality, service and sustainable efforts that make us the value-added leader.  






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