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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

- Confucius
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News and Events

NEW Rio Roses YouTube Video Series - LivRio


Rio Roses recently launched a new YouTube video series called LivRio. This weekly video series provides viewers with marketing and floral industry tips, product information, as well as fun videos from the people at Rio!

Check out the latest video here


Savvy Retailer Club

Are you a retail florist? Are you interested in getting Rio benefits? Join the Rio Roses Savvy Retailer Club! This is a special place where you can get our newest Rio Marketing Kits with special material to promote Rio Roses in your shop. As a member, you also get up-to-date information on everything within the world of design, color trends, home decor and the floral industry. 

Apply for the Savvy Retailer Club here



Society of American Florists (SAF) Convention


SAF is hosting their 130th annual convention on August 13-16 in Marco Island, Florida. This convention provides floral industry professionals the chance to network, listen to dynamic speakers, participate in competitions, and learn more about the current state of the floral industry. In 2013, Rio won a blue ribbon at this convention and in 2010, Rio was awarded a blue ribbon and best in class for the Rio Corazon. We are excited to attend this convention for another year. 

To learn more about the convention, click here



Mears Floral Open House

August 24th in Springfield Missouri, Mears Floral is hosting their annual open house. Steve Steinberg is attending this event on behalf of Rio Roses. 

Welcome New Rio Associates!

 Rio would like to introduce our newest associates!


Monica Fernandez-Hermo | Marketing Coordinator

Monica comes to Rio from Tallahassee where she worked as Graphic Designer and Executive Manager for Southern Waste Information Exchange (SWIX). She graduated from Florida State University (FSU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Graphic Design. Now, Monica is back in her hometown doing what she loves!
Monica's favorite flower is the Rio Caramel Antike Garden Rose. 

Carlos De Rojas | IT Desktop/Network Administrator
Prior to joining Rio Roses, Carlos worked for his company GryphonTECH, Corp. He has an Associate of Arts in Computer Science from Miami-Dade College.
Carlos's favorite flower is the Rio Athos Rose. 
Tip of the month


Three Ways to Appease Angry Customers

Society of American Florists (SAF) recently released an article about three ways to appease an angry customer. Although the article is target toward retail florist customers, these tips can help everyone in and out of the floral industry. 
  • Show Responsibility: Remember when your English teacher lectured you about avoiding passive voice? Saying who did what gives a sentence more punch and an apology more credibility. A statement such as, "mistakes were made" dodges accountability, which reflects poorly on leaders. Assume responsibility (and never ever blame a subordinate) and you're poised to earn the customer's respect and continued business.
  • Show Sincerity: There's a six-word phrase that separates the unpersuasive apologies from the most believable ones: "I'm sorry if you were offended." Gaylord calls this "a big neon sign of insincerity." The customer is offended; don't worsen the situation by suggesting it's their fault for being too difficult/sensitive/picky. "I'm sorry we messed up and hurt your experience by doing XYZ," shows that you recognize their point and are truly sorry.
  • Express empathy: Be sensitive to the situation and the customer's feelings. If, say, you delivered an arrangement to the wrong recipient or made a bridal bouquet that didn't hold up through the ceremony, resist the urge to say, "Believe me, no one's more upset that this happened than me." No, your customer is definitely more unhappy. Better phrasing would be, "if this had happened to me, I would be devastated too." Then, do what you need to do to make the customer happy.
  • BONUS: Don't forget to always smile!
See the original article here

 Rio Ranunculus


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The Rio Rose Variety Guide is ONLINE!

Have you seen the latest Rio Roses Variety Guide?


You can access our Rio Roses Variety Guide online at any time. Please visit our BRAND NEW website at www.RioRoses.com and click on "The Hive" tab and then on the "Savvy Retailers Club" page. You will find the link under the Rio Roses Variety Guide 2013-2014 section. 


You can also view our Variety Guide by clicking here! Please feel free to view, download or share!




Picture of the Month 
Rio Roses's celebrates July Birthdays and Anniversaries!
  From left to rightRaciel Quesada, Linda Sapienza, Waldo Serrano, Ariel Gonzalez and Osmany Perez.