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"The best preparation for good work tomorrow, is to do good work today

- Elbert Hubbard
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News and Events

NEW Rio Roses YouTube Video Series - LivRio


Rio Roses recently launched a new YouTube video series called LivRio. This weekly video series provides viewers with marketing and floral industry tips, product information, as well as fun videos from the people at Rio!

This week's video is all about the 2014 FIFA World Cup! See which team everyone at Rio is rooting for by clicking here



TSFA 100th Anniversary Show


July 18-20, in Austin Texas, the Texas State Floral Association is hosting their 100th year anniversary show. Steve Steinberg is attending this event on behalf of Rio Roses. Congrats TFSA on 100 successful years!

Rio in the Community


Rio Roses Supports Miami Youth Ballet and Mencia Pikieris School of Dance 


On June 14th and 15th Rio Roses participated in the Miami Youth Ballet and the Mencia Pikieris School of Dance annual performance of their student showcase. Rio provided beautiful dozen rose bouquets for the student fundraiser and volunteered at the event to promote the arts for the community.   
Miami Youth Ballet's mission is to create opportunities for local young artists, to be mentored, grow and present their work for the enjoyment and cultural enhancement of our community. It is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) corporation founded in 2006 whose main focus is the development of youth dance skills. It offers students, training, extra coaching, performance opportunities and participation in the creative process.  Activities for the 2013/2014 season include our annual production of "The Nutcracker", the "Dance Creative" choreographic showcase and workshop and "Carnival of the Animals"


From the desk of... 


Raul Marrero
Senior Vice President / Partner
Equiflor Corp.
              Plan for Summertime Blues
Well, it is summertime! Are you already signing the Summertime Blues or are you doing something about it?
Are you persistently working for the sale, even in the face of doubt, or are you waiting for the sale to come to you? The sad reality is many in our great floral industry many wait for the sale to come to them instead of persistently working for the sale. It is easy to say, my customers are not buying or looking for anything, after the first round of calls you made, as no one seemed interested. There is one thing I know about this floral business is that everything changes in a heartbeat, and if you are not the one consistently on the phone with your customers, you did lose the sale.

Planning! How many of us plan out Summer? I can only assume everyone plans out busy periods like holidays (well some holidays, but that is for another article),
Spring time with weddings kicking into gear, graduations, proms, special events, etc... but how about Summer or the other "slow" periods? Remember, it is easier to say "it's slow". So what if everyone planned out Summer like it was a holiday month, would the result be different? Maybe yes and maybe no, but I would bet planning out Summer would yield better results than not planning Summer. So even though you know this, did you plan out your summer? We are not talking about vacations. 

Did you set a sales budget to track the top sales number? Was that budget shared with your sales associates so they know their piece of the plan? Are your buyers in tune with the plan? Did your suppliers offer opportunities for Summer sales and were you receptive? Was a promotion planned in advance to help customers make decisions that can help save them money or build their business? Did you find a few new products that you can introduce in the Summer, so you give your sales associates a reason to call again and again? Too many wait to see what Summer will bring, instead of planning in advance because there was no time to plan, or we are too busy to plan. Then you find that the Summer has started and busy goes away and it becomes slow, then you wish you had a plan or you had made the time to plan. Here comes the Blues...

At Rio we create a budget by day, by week, by month, by year and by sales associate. It is tracked and reviewed daily. Sales would be lost if we didn't have a plan on how we were going to hit budget (even though we don't always hit budget), if we didn't present sales opportunities to our sales associates, they would not be able to have the tools to increase sales. We all need to make revenue even in Summer months and slow periods, so why not plan for success?

We delivered an aggressive July Bite Size monthly promotion this summer to help build July sales and had the largest Bite Size ever. All pre-sold product that wouldn't have been sold if we didn't offer a monthly promotion. Even in July you can pre-sell flowers, you just have to keep trying.

Jack Welch said in his book "Winning" successful business have managers that have 4 E's and a P, and they need to stay strong everyday with 4 E's and a P.
E= must have Energy
E= must be able to Energize others
E= must have Edge, can see around corners
E= must be able to Execute, deliver results
P= must have Passion
Sales don't change whether it's fast pace or expected to be slow, and actually when it's expected to be slow the plan helps you work smart and not harder.

  Garden Roses


Ask your Rio Salesperson about Rio's Garden Roses!

To see a video of Rio's own, Oscar Fernandez, showing off our new Garden Rose Collection, please click here 


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The Rio Rose Variety Guide is ONLINE!

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You can access our Rio Roses Variety Guide online at any time. Please visit our BRAND NEW website at www.RioRoses.com and click on "The Hive" tab and then on the "Savvy Retailers Club" page. You will find the link under the Rio Roses Variety Guide 2013-2014 section. 


You can also view our Variety Guide by clicking here! Please feel free to view, download or share!




Picture of the Month 
Rio Roses's celebrates June Birthdays and Anniversaries!
  From left to right: Victor Giorgini, Leidiany Perez, Aerlim Diaz, Ricardo Sangio and Juan Lopez