January 2014 Issue
"You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take."
--Wayne Gretzky 
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V-Day Pep Rally!

Dear Partners and Friends,

Our annual Valentine's Day Pep Rally, to honor the start of the Valentine's Day season, was held on Monday, January 21st. There were lots of motivational cheers and thanks to our outstanding, hardworking employees who make our efforts a success. We wish you all a successful Valentine's Day 2014! Check out our Pep Rally video here!

Rio Roses 2014 Valentine's Day Pep Rally!
Rio Roses 2014 Valentine's Day Pep Rally!

 Rio Roses News and Events


Rio Roses and Dr. George Staby join together to present Care and Handling Webinar


On January 15th, Rio Roses hosted a webinar with Dr. George Staby on "How will I handle my flowers for Valentine's Day 2014?". Wholesalers and retailers attended the online presentation and had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Dr. Staby about many areas of flower care to help optimize their flower performance for the holiday. Thank you Dr. Staby for a successful and informative webinar! 

Ritz Carlton Diamond Anniversary and Rio Roses

On January 23rd, 2014 The Ritz Carlton South Beach celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a spectacular Diamond themed event. For this celebration, The Ritz launched the unveiling of its newly renovated ballroom. Rio Roses donated a variety of chocolate hued roses and other mocha colored flowers to promote their chocolate diamond themed foyer. Other rooms were decorated in other diamond colored themes such as the canary yellow diamond, the perfect diamond and the pink diamond. Congratulations Ritz Carlton on your 10 year Diamond anniversary!

Great products for Valentine's Day!

Check out our great Valentine's selection of Rio Roses and other high quality Rio Specialty cut flowers just in time for the biggest flower holiday of the year!


Welcome Morgan Stoner and Linda Sapienza to the Rio Roses Team!

  We are happy to welcome two new employees to the Rio Roses family! 


Morgan Stoner, 
Jr. Marketing Coordinator 


Morgan is a recent graduate of the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Prior to joining Equiflor, she worked as a marketing intern for the Adrienne Arsht Center as well as Rocket Music in New York City. 



Linda Sapienza, Trusted Sales Consultant

Linda has been in the floral industry for over 25 years, She has vast experience in the wholesale arena and worked for Equiflor from 1995-2003 as a sales representative. Linda is very excited to return to Equiflor as a trusted sales representative. Please join us in welcoming Linda back to our Rio Roses Sales Team!


Valentine's Day By The Numbers
National Rose Month - June
Valentine's Day is a holiday that celebrates love and affection between people and their significant others; however, it is also a holiday that celebrates the relationship between people and their wallets. Year after year, shoppers prove that they are willing to spend big bucks on February 14 in order to please their loved ones. 

According to CNN, the average person spends $130.97 on Valentine's Day alone, and what are they buying?  Flowers. Of the $18.6 billion dollars spent on V-Day, $1.9 billion of that is allotted to flowers. CNN also reports that 51% of people who are shopping on Valentine's Day buy red roses, and 61% of men who shop on Valentine's Day are buying all varieties of flowers.  


What makes flowers such a successful Valentine's Day gift? Maybe because CNN claims that 6 million people are expecting or planning a marriage proposal, and what better way to propose than with flowers?  Flowers are also popular because they are given in succession with other gifts such as jewelry and chocolate.  So, no matter what you do on February 14, flowers are always the icing on top of the cake that is Valentine's Day.


Read the full CNN article here! 


From the desk of...
Jerome Raska, 

President of 

Blumz...by JRDesigns


Detroit / Ferndale , Michigan


This year Friday February 14th is  is Valentine's Day.... So is that good or bad?


As a retailer, I always embrace every holiday with all of the possibilities they can provide. As we all know, the weekends are some of our most challenging times to have a floral holiday, such as Valentine's Day, with all of the obvious distractions pulling at the discretionary dollar the consumer may have. As a floral provider, we have found our best success by partnering with other businesses in our area; restaurants, jewelers, movie theatres etc. In addition, despite the consumer becoming more and more last minute and looking for immediate results, we are still promoting early delivery.


With early orders placed and accepting delivery on or before February 12th the client receives not just a mylar balloon, and small heart box of chocolates for FREE, but they also get a 10% increase of flowers in their design. FREE still gets attention and when you say we can also give you a VIP 10% floral enhancement they really have a hard time saying no. This moves our deliveries to earlier in the week, with many of them going to offices, and this is exactly what we want! This also creates a buzz around the office and, before you know it, more orders start rolling in to some of the same offices. In addition, with all of the early deliveries you, as a retailer, have the opportunity to spend the necessary time with your walk in clients! Who, by the way, are future deliveries - when greeted with professionalism and outstanding Rio Roses product!


Our focus in selling is always directed at what result the sender is looking to get. When selling, we ask, "what results are you looking to achieve?" When we get them thinking about that, the budget generally becomes unimportant. Customers today are willing to spend more than we give them credit. Knowing that rose prices are higher at the Valentine holiday, we offer several other alternatives, but all of them include some roses -it is the flower of the day!  In addition to our dozen, two dozen and three dozen rose vases, we also offer roses and lilies, sunflowers, and roses and assorted garden mix with roses. Featuring other selections to promote assorted color roses allows you to provide color motif designs. Citrus, Neon, Vintage muted and, of course, monochromatic bouquets are always popular as well.  In an effort to meet our clients' needs and have a smooth running "no overtime" holiday we streamline our selections to manage production much easier.  


No sale is concluded without the suggestions of some finishing touches of gourmet chocolates, balloons or plush animals. These simple suggestions can attribute to an additional 20% in sales when presented in a "must-have" tone of voice.


What all retailers must realize is that the results we have for the holiday are directly related to good planning, quality product from Rio Roses, and a well-trained positive staff. It's not brain surgery, it's flowers! 


Enjoy, because we work in a wonderful industry!

The Rio Rose Variety Guide is now ONLINE!

Have you seen the latest Rio Roses Variety Guide?


You can now access our Rio Roses Variety Guide online at any time. Please visit our BRAND NEW website at www.RioRoses.com and click on "The Hive" tab and then on the "Savvy Retailers Club" page. You will find the link under the Rio Roses Variety Guide 2013-2014 section. 


You can also view our Variety Guide by clicking here! Please feel free to view, download or share!




Pictures of the Month 
Rio Roses celebrates the start of the Valentine's Day season with our annual
Valentine's Day Pep Rally!