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December, 2014



I'm a fan of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I tape the shows and watch episodes whenever I get some free time. If you're familiar with the show, you know that Jimmy Fallon has a weekly bit called "Thank-you Notes." He "thanks" all kinds of people and objects for silly reasons. Here's a recent example: "Thank-you,turkeys for being so fat and well fed this time of year. You're probably thinking, 'Wow, November is the best month ever!'"

 On a more serious note, Thankfulness was the theme of many of the Center's arts and craft projects in November. Everyone was delighted with the three dimensional cornucopia that Deb, Mika and the guests created on the large bulletin board. I was equally intrigued by the William Blake quote: "The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest."

 At first glance, it seems the quote should refer to "Thankful Givers" not Receivers. Isn't that what we're taught? "It's better to give than to receive." But seeing this every day caused me to reflect a bit deeper. I realized that as I find more to be thankful for, my blessings seem to increase. That seems true here at Still Waters as well. We keep saying "thank-you" and keep receiving more.


 In keeping with the theme of Thank-you Notes and Thankfulness, I want to give a shout-out to some extra special folks for whom I'm thankful. You have certainly contributed to Still Waters' "plentiful harvest". 

Thank-you Still Waters volunteers. Collectively, you donated time equivalent to a full-time employee this year. That's right, if we put all of your hours together, it would be like having a staff person here 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. Thank-you, especially Barbie, Cindy, Paul and Nancy. You volunteer every Wednesday morning so that we can have a staff meeting.


Thank-you Ashleih and GreatCare.  You provide lunch twice a month and donate all of the items for our Christmas Butter-bean auction. You gave us a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and bring all sorts of goodies throughout the year. We look forward to seeing your smiling face.

 Thank-you Diane B. You and your friends made beautiful craft items, sold them at the Castleton Craft Fair and donated all of the proceeds to Still Waters. We couldn't ask for a more generous family caregiver.

  Thank-you Art & Music Therapy Interns,Crystal, Rachel, & Quinn. You have spent hundreds of hours with our guests, bringing them joy, creativity, and friendship. You have planned and carried out dozens of special activities. Your time with us has been a blessing. 

  Thank-you Geist Christian Church. Your first annual Holiday Boutique, the Artisan Table, was a huge success and you chose Still Waters as the recipient for the proceeds.

 My thank-you notes list could go on and on. As we approach the Christmas Season, that list will grow even longer. We have so many special visitors, activities, and celebrations scheduled, most of which will be provided by generous individuals, schools, and businesses. Many of you will make a year-end financial contribution or support our gift-wrap service. You will bring in cookies, candy and gift cards for the staff and guests. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

 Mostly, I'd like to say thank-you for your support and prayers this past year. All of us who are employees, volunteers, guests, and caregivers at Still Waters are lifted up by the goodwill and faith that surrounds us.

 I wish you a joyful, peaceful, and hopeful Christmas season.


Thank you.


Kathy Pellman, Executive Director

Christmas Gift Wrap Under Way

green-wrapped-present.jpg It's time for Still Waters' annual Gift Wrap Fund Raiser. This year our goal is to raise $2,000 for lockers for our guest's coats and other belongings (see related article).

Starting Dec 1, bring your unwrapped gifts to Still Waters any week day between the hours of 7:00 and 10:30 am (pease use Door #3) We will have them beautifully wrapped, tagged, and decorated by 4:00 pm. Pick-up times are between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. A donation of $2 per gift is requested. A workroom stocked with tons of beautiful paper, ribbon and tape is set up. We still need more volunteers. Sign-up online here. 

So go ahead and shop, then drop off your purchases!

The Gift Wrap program ends at 6:00 pm on Dec 22. 

We're Growing!

Still Waters is expanding!  Work is underway to create a larger Center that will allow us to grow both in numbers and in quality.  

When completed, Still Waters will have a new entrance, relocated and expanded reception area, lockers for our guests' personal items, and a larger, remodeled kitchen. The extra space we are gaining will allow us to accommodate additional guests as well provide space for both small and large group activities.  
Construction is under for a new Still Waters entrance 
Most importantly, our space will function better for our guests, reducing interruptions and distractions, improving safety, and providing better traffic flow. Administrative staff will be housed in the same area of the center where they can share equipment and supplies.  

As a result of these changes, we have a growing list of equipment and furnishings that will need to be purchased, including tables, chairs, lockers, and kitchen equipment.

More information on how you can help will be coming once we get closer to completion.
Thanks to a joint Art & MusicTherapy project, Still Waters' guests made rain sticks, every one a unique creation.

Everyone had fun making Halloween jack-o-lanterns
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Christmas Gift Wrap Under Way
We're Growing
Heidi's Still Waters' Video
Upcoming Events
Dec 1 - Gift Wrap Fund Raiser begins.  
Drop off gifts from 7-10:30 am and pick them up between 4 and 6 pm

Dec 1 First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close.The Center will receive 25% of your food bill. Last Alibi's event of the season.

Dec 3,10 &17 Caregiver Support Group, 3 - 4:15 (Art of the Soul Studio)

Dec 5 - Tea party and Christmas decorating at Still Waters 1:30-2:30

Dec 5 & 6 - Live Nativity at Castleton UMC 6-9 pm

Dec 9- Chapel service, 3-3:45; Family members welcome, use Door #1 Pastor Billy Nickrand will lead the service.
Dec 17 & 18 - Butter Bean Auction - Guests "buy" Christmas gifts using dried beans as money. Gifts are wrapped and sent home for family members. Sponsored by GreatCare.

Dec 21 - Service of Hope and Remembrance - Castleton UMC sanctuary 6 pm
Dec 22 - Last day for Gift Wrap Service

Dec 23 - Family/Caregiver Appreciation Day
No charge for Still Waters guests to attend. Families and caregivers are welcome to join us from 11 to 3 for music, food, and festivities. Food provided by Chef Suzanne

Dec 24 & 25 - Still Waters Closed for Christmas

Dec 24 - Castleton UMC Christmas Eve Services 4,6,8, and 10 pm

Dec 31 - New Year's Eve Party at Still Waters 3-5 pm

Jan 1 - Happy New Year - Still Waters is Closed
Fellow musicians Kitty and Bob share a moment
Dance/Movement Video

Dance/Movement Therapist Heidi Fledderjohn recently produced a short video that showcases her work at Still Waters. It was featured at the recent Indianapolis Spirit & Place Festival.

We're so proud of Heidi's work and how much it benefits our guests. Enjoy!
Dance Movement Therapy Video Heidi Fledderjohn
Dance Movement Therapy Video Heidi Fledderjohn
Card-making with Lucy
Creativity takes concentration
What would Thanksgiving be without pilgrims?