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August, 2014



I have been participating with other staff and lay leaders of the church in a study called Draw the Circle, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge, by Mark Batterson.  It's a very powerful witness to the power of prayer.  So far, my favorite words come from the lesson on Day 3 centered on Joshua 3:5, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you." 

 The 5-Year Vision for Still Waters Adult Day Center that was developed in March surely speaks to this verse.  Throughout the visioning process, we sought to be thorough, inclusive, and communicate every step along the way.  We worked hard.  We created a vision that is ambitious, but attainable.  We prayed throughout the process for direction and continued blessings on this place.  Batterson writes, "We need to work like it depends on us, but we also need to pray like it depends on God."  I thought we had it covered.

 Then, well, - we got put on hold.

 In June, the Leadership Team of Castleton UMC was asked to affirm and support the 5-year Vision of Still Waters as set forth in the consultant's report of March, 2014.  Their response was positive, however, there was a caveat. Per their words:

"We are unable to affirm (Motion #1) in its entirety (Expanding our current physical capacity so a greater number of people can benefit from this ministry"). We (the Leadership Team) are currently assessing our facilities and do not feel we are in a position at the current time to affirm expansion.  A firm decision related to expansion will be made not later than May of 2015."

 Bad news?  Not necessarily.  I know our Visioning Team would have preferred to get an unqualified affirmation of the Vision. To their credit, however, the Leadership Team recognized that expansion is the cornerstone of the Vision and it's their call on what that will look like in terms of space.  They admitted that the church lacks an overall plan for the future use of space at this location, and have put themselves on record to create one. 

 Furthermore, all of the remaining goals of the Vision:  Expanded program offerings for guests, Developing programs and services to address the needs of caregivers, and Forging a deeper connection with the larger CUMC family, were affirmed as stated.  In addition, the Leadership Team signed off on creation of a Still Waters Advisory Team with specific duties and responsibilities.  I plan to have this group in place by late fall.  There are plenty of projects to keep them busy until we get resolution on the space issue.


As I contemplate being "on hold", it occurred to me that my share of responsibility is helping to guide the future direction of Still Waters for the next 5 years, but God's share of responsibility is much, much larger. Perhaps time will reveal a different vision for Still Waters, one that we could not have dreamed a year ago when this process began.  Perhaps the Still Waters Vision will inspire similar efforts in other ministry areas.  Perhaps some who have not been enthusiastic about the work being done here will have a change of heart. 

 My job is to work like it depends on me and pray like it depends on God.  That's what I plan to do.



Kathy Pellman, Executive Director

August 28
Art, Music and Dance Celebration

You are invited to Still Waters Adult Day Center, Thursday, August 28 from 4 - 7 pm for an "Art, Music, and Dance Celebration". (click for flyer with more info)

This is your opportunity to find out more about Castleton UMC's ministry to older adults in a casual, fun environment.  For family caregivers, this is your chance to see firsthand what your loved one has been doing at Still Waters.  If you're a professional in the senior services field, this is a great chance to learn more about integrating expressive arts in a geriatric setting.

During the past 8 months, Still Waters has been working with a team of expressive arts therapists in the areas of art, music and dance/movement to provide new forms of meaningful activities for 30+ older adults who regularly attend the center.  There is a growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of these programs with patients suffering from dementia.  In addition to helping our guests increase social participation, express creativity, and process significant life events, these activities are just plain fun!

Please stop by to view artwork created by Still Waters' guests individually and as a group (and purchase some items that are for sale), see how music is used to increase enjoyment, fellowship, and reminiscing, and to view the premiere presentation of a short film highlighting Still Waters' dance and movement therapy program.  The expressive arts therapists, along with interns currently assigned to Still Waters will be present to share their ideas and reflections.  Refreshments served.  For more information, contact Still Waters at 284-0837.

Still Waters Reaches Enrollment Milestone  


As this edition of the e-newsletter goes "to press", Still Waters had just enrolled our 100th guest.  On behalf of all of the Still Waters' staff and volunteers, we want to say thank-you to all of the families who have passed through these doors during the past 3 1/2 years!



You have placed your trust in us to care for someone who is precious to you.  You have reached out to us at a time of great family stress, and given us an opportunity to make a difference in your lives and the lives of your elder.  We give thanks for the times when we were able to do so.


To all of the wonderful guests who have been part of our past and present program, we also say a profound thank-you.  Each of you has given us a gift of your presence, friendship and wisdom. And, you continue to show us that each one of us is a child of God, unique and loved by Him always.

Massage and Yoga Services Expanding

Still Waters is pleased to announce the expansion of our exercise and relaxation therapies programs.  Kathe Thompson who has been leading Yoga classes at Still Waters for the past year is now offering 15-minute Private Coaching Yoga Sessions twice a month on Mondays.  These individually designed sessions feature breathing, aromatherapy, balance, strengthening, and flexibility.  The cost is $20. 


Still Waters' guests have been enjoying Jen Potts' chair massages for the past year and a half.  Now she is able to offer 30 minute table massage sessions twice a month on Tuesdays from 4 - 5:30 pm.  Jen's table massages are available to guests as well as caregivers.  The cost is $30. 


To learn more or to schedule a Private Coaching Yoga or Table Massage, contact Allie at 284-0837.


Private Chef Off to a Good Start

 If you haven't tried the new take-home dinner program at Still Waters prepared by Chef Suzanne, now is good time to start.  The Private Chef program has been rolling along for the past 6 weeks and the early results are pretty impressive.  

Still Waters' guests, caregivers, staff, and others have purchased  97 meals, earning extra funds for Still Waters.

The feedback has been positive as well.  "I love the convenience of a fresh, health meal that I don't have to cook," said one caregiver.  Added another, "This is really a wonderful service and the food is delicious."  "I especially loved the Asian meatballs and the little desserts are an extra treat," said another.

As a reminder, orders are due by noon each Monday and Wednesday.  Pick-up times are after 2:30 pm each Tuesday and Thursday.  Each Private Chef meal includes entree, 2 sides, and dessert and costs $10. Click here for the August menu.
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Art, Music, and Dance Celebration
Private Chef Program Off to a Good Start
Still Waters Reaches Enrollment Milestone
Massage and Yoga Services Expanding
Upcoming Events
The Passing of a True Friend
2014 Fish Fry Update
Upcoming Events

Aug 4First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill. Bring a table of 8 and get free appetizers

Aug 19 -
Chapel service, 3-3:45; Family members welcome, use Door #1.. Pastor Billy Nickrand will lead the service.
Aug 28 - Still Waters' Celebration of Art, Music, and Dance 4-7 pm.  Please enter the Ministries Center at Door 3.

Sep 1 - Still Waters will be closed in observance of Labor Day

Sep 8 - First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close.  Note: date changed due to Labor Day holiday

The Passing of a True Friend

Still Waters has lost a beloved volunteer.  Jessie, a beautiful and gentle golden retriever, owned by Nancy Shryock, passed away suddenly in early July.

Since our doors opened in early 2011, Jessie and Nancy faithfully visited Still Waters twice a month.  Ever the ambassador of love, Jessie patiently worked the crowd, performed tricks, and even presented special Jessie valentines and Christmas cards to each guest!  Nancy always said Jessie got excited when they were coming to Still Waters.  She knew the routine (thorough brushing and a bath) and the route from Greenfield. 


Thank-you Jessie and Nancy for 3 years of service to Still Waters.  Your gifts of joy and love will always be remembered and cherished!  

Great Weather for a Fish Fry


The 35th annual Castleton United Methodist Church Fish Fry is now history but it surely was one of the best ever!  The weather was perfect and the food was delicious.  Still Waters' guests enjoyed their lunch outing to the "big tent" both Thursday and Friday.


The folks in charge of the big event reported total sales in excess of $53,000.  That's a whole lot of fish!!


Enjoying fish and fellowship

An assortment of yummy desserts
Patriotic program celebrating Independence Day
Our lovely garden.