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June, 2014



I recently helped conduct a survey for our State Association of adult day providers (IAADS).  Two of my colleagues - Teri House from Harrison Terrace and Gina Johnson from Millers Assisted Living - and I called each center in Indiana and questioned folks about their facilities, clients and services.   Invariably conversations turned to the challenges we face with issues such as marketing, space, and funding.   It was a wonderful experience speaking with other center directors throughout the state.  We are all passionate about our work, and continue to be amazed and frustrated with how few people know about adult day services or consider it as a care option for their family members. 


The state of the adult day services "art" in Indiana is modest.  There are 37 centers operating in Indiana, providing care for more than 700 persons on any given day.  Last year, around 2,000 Hoosiers received care at an Indiana adult day center.  As an Association, IAADS takes pride in those accomplishments, while recognizing that we have a long way to go.


In many other states, adult day services are much more plentiful than here in Indiana.  Only 5 states have lower rates of utilization of adult day services than Indiana.*  You could argue the reasons for that are cultural and geographical.   But, keep in mind that Indiana also has a higher utilization rate for nursing home care than 41 states.*   Politics and special interest groups definitely play a role is how we Hoosiers care for our seniors.


As I contemplate this information in light of Still Waters Adult Day Center, our accomplishments here seem pretty modest as well.  As one of 37 centers, Still Waters represents 2.7% of the total.  Our average daily census of 17 represents 2.3% of the total population of adult day attendees.  We are a bit below the average daily census of 19.7.  Nationally, the average daily census is around 40 people*.  That is the figure we have used as a goal in our 5 Year Vision.  If Still Waters grows to care for an average of 40 people per day, we will be average for the country but among the largest centers in Indiana.  We never said we wanted to be the biggest center, but we probably need to grow in order to keep up with an overall upward trend in the State of Indiana, modest as it may be. 


But I also feel that Still Waters needs to grow in order to help build awareness for adult day services.  There's a certain amount of publicity and interest that gets stirred up whenever something new happens.  A little more education and awareness for adult day services in Indiana can't be a bad thing in a place where the need far exceeds the supply.


I hope you will help get the word out about adult day services.  Our industry needs more advocates, especially here in Indiana.


*Long Term Care Services in United States: 2013 Overview. National Center for Health Statistics, December, 2013.



Kathy Pellman, Executive Director

Expressive Therapies Blossom


Still Waters' Art, Music, and Movement therapy programs have blossomed during the first months of the year.  We have been able to add several new groups for the guests, offer a six-week Art Therapy for Caregiver's program, and start a collaborative dialogue among all three modalities.


We have convened monthly meetings with Jessica (Art Therapist), Jan (Music Therapist), and Heidi (Dance/Movement Therapist) with the goals of: 


                Improving communication among the 3 expressive therapists and the Still Waters' staff to improve care for our guests


                Creating collaborative projects and holding exhibits/events that showcase all of the expressive therapies at Still Waters


                Developing a common data collection tool that allows us to track outcomes associated with the 3 therapies


These meetings have been extremely productive, and we have several exciting initiatives in the works, including a Celebration of the Art, Music & Dance exhibit & live performance event scheduled for August 28 (more information to come). 


The end of the school year brings transitions in student interns.  Art Interns Rachel (IU Herron) will continue with us through the summer, while Chelsea (St. Mary of the Woods) has completed her work at Still Waters.  Music Interns Perry and Rachel (IUPUI) finished their time here, while Emily (IUPUI) begins.  And Crystal, our former undergrad (IUPUI) music intern returns in June to begin her graduate internship at Still Waters. 


We'd like to say "THANK-YOU" and "GOOD LUCK" to all of our departing interns.  You have enriched our program and the lives of our guests.  Best wishes for your future success!

Music Therapy Intern Perry leads a singing group

Private Chef Comes to Still Waters


Starting in June, Still Waters is delighted to offer a delicious new service - Private Chef Meals by Chef Suzanne.


Private Chef is a line of homemade, freshly prepared dinners, available through local caterer, Chef Suzanne.  Chef is partnering with Still Waters to bring these meals to our guests, caregivers, and anyone else who is looking for a break from meal preparation 1-2 days a week.


Here's how it works:


Every 2 weeks, Chef Suzanne will prepare a menu for Still Waters for each Tuesday and Thursday.  We'll make sure the menu gets posted on our website, Facebook page, and have printed copies at the Center.  You can order by calling or emailing or fill out an order form and drop it off.  Still Waters will take meal orders and send them to Chef Suzanne. The order deadline is NOON on the day before delivery (Monday and Wednesday).  Meal orders will be delivered to Still Waters and available for pick-up from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm each Tuesday and Thursday.


You can order as many meals as you wish.  A meal will consist of an entrée, 2 sides, and dessert.  There will usually be 3 entrée options and 4 side options to choose from.  The cost of each meal is $10.  Still Waters will retain a small portion of each meal purchased.


Meals arrive freshly prepared and chilled with reheating instructions.  The meals will be packed in a reusable Chef Suzanne cooler (refundable $10 deposit per cooler).  The food will also be packaged in heavy-duty plastic trays that can be rinsed and returned to Chef for recycling.  This will help keep costs down and reduce waste.


Meals ordered by Still Waters' guests and their families may be added to their regular bill.  All others will pay for their meals at the time of pickup by cash or check.  Still Waters also now accepts credit cards.


We believe this service will be a huge win-win program for our busy, hard-working caregivers, as well as our larger "family" of staff, volunteers, and church members.  Chef Suzanne has worked hard with us to keep the costs of this program down so we can all enjoy good food at a reasonable cost, while helping Still Waters raise some needed funds for our ministry.


Click HERE for the June Menu.


Bon Appétit!!

 Music Therapy Program Expands

Still Waters' Music Therapy Program is expanding this month as we serve as an internship site for IUPUI.  


The program will grow from 2 hours a week to 10. In addition, our intern, Crystal, will spend devote an 15-20 hours per week doing research, planning, and writing.  


With this expansion, we have an a new "wish list" of musical supplies.  Please visit click here to visit our Music Therapy Wish List and see if there's an item or 2 you would be willing to purchase for us.


Music therapy, like other expressive therapies, has proven benefits to older adults with cognitive disorders.  

Study Proves Benefits of Adult Day Services for Caregivers

We all know that caregivers are at increased risk of illness, because of the long hours of care they provide and the high levels of stress. 

A recent study conducted at Penn State and the University of Texas at Austin found that caregivers showed an increase in the beneficial stress hormone DHEA-S on days when they use an adult day care service for their relatives with dementia.  

The team's results found that caregivers of family members with dementia who use adult day care services at least two times a week have increased DHEA-S levels on the day following the adult day service visit.

This is one of the first clinical tests that show that the use of adult day care services may protect caregivers against the harmful effects of stress associated with giving care to someone with dementia.
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Upcoming Events
Farewell to Pastor Tracey
2014 Fish Fry
Mika Gets Crafty
Upcoming Events
Jun 2 - First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill. 

Jun 10 -
First Private Chef orders arrive

Jun 13
Father's Day party 3-5 pm
Jul 3 Patriotic celebration at Still Waters featuring military color guard and cook out courtesy of Chef Suzanne

Jul 4
Still Waters closed for Independence Day 

Jul 7
First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill. Wear red, white, and blue and get a free soft drink
Jul 17,18,19 Castleton UMC Fish Fry

Aug 4 First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill. Bring a table of 8 and get free appetizers
Aug 28 Still Waters' Celebration of Art, Music, and Dance 3-6 pm

Farewell to Pastor Tracey

Last week, Still Waters bid a fond farewell to Pastor Tracey Leslie.  As Associate Pastor for Programming, Pastor Tracey has been Still Waters' mentor, advocate, and go-between with the church's senior leadership.  Pastor Tracey will start her position at Trinity United Methodist Church in Lafayette starting on July 1.  


We wish Pastor Tracey all the best in her new ministry, and thank her for all of her support and hard work on behalf of Still Waters Adult Day Center.  We will miss you Pastor Tracey!


Fish Fry July 17, 18 & 19


As a warm weather sets in, thoughts at Castleton United Methodist turn to the Annual Fish Fry.  This year's dates are July 17,18, and 19.  As the major fund-raising event for the church, the Fish Fry combines food, fellowship, and outreach.  Fish Fry income supports the ministries of the church as well as a variety of mission projects here and abroad.  


Please plan to attend by dining under the tent or using the convenient drive-through.  Daily hours of operation include both lunch and dinner hours.

Farewell lunch for Pastor Tracey
The start of our beautiful garden!

 Mika Gets Crafty 

CNA Mika Jones has been leading a weekly craft for our guests to enjoy on Friday mornings. A recent project was to make garden signs so we will be able to tell our plants apart.

Clothespins and cotton balls were used in place of paintbrushes, with popsicle sticks and Scrabble letters used to make the signs.  

Painting with clothespins and cotton balls

"O" is for Onions