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April, 2014



Is it possible that winter is really over? I don't want to invite Mother Nature to make a fool out of me, but I believe spring is finally here. Hallelujah!


If you are the owner or manager of a store, restaurant, or church, you know that the first months of 2014 were absolutely brutal for business.   Still Waters was no exception. We were forced to close for 4 days due to snow and cold. Even when we managed to open, many of our guests stayed home. Visitors and prospective guests stayed away as well. As of the end of February, our income was 22% behind budget. One of our staff members fell on a patch of ice on the parking lot and sustained head and back injuries. Flu and stomach bugs made the rounds as well.


On the positive side, none of our guests was injured going in and out of the Center. Our

The early spring bulbs are finally making an appearance

building stayed warm and the food was hot and hearty. Our faithful volunteers, dedicated staff, and terrific activity professionals showed up on time, on schedule, day after day. The show went on!  We also accomplished some building improvements - the entire Center was repainted, a new reception desk was installed, and our Activity Room now displays some of the beautiful artwork created by the guests. And, best of all, the dishwasher arrived (more about that below)!


As the weather warms, "business" has picked up dramatically. During the month of March, we enrolled 6 new guests - the largest attendance jump of all time. With the start of daylight savings time, we have planned evening events again - our Art Group for Caregivers is meeting every Monday evening, and the monthly First Monday at Alibi's Grill is set to re-start next week.


The most significant accomplishment of this past winter is Still Water's 5-year Vision. The Visioning Process is complete. We know where we want to go (although not necessarily how we will get there). The Vision has been presented to the Castleton UMC Leadership and, as a first step, we've asked them to formally bless it. I am so excited about the future that you have helped us envision. And I am so thankful that we had the input of such a diverse group of Still Waters' enthusiasts. Please read more about it in the article to follow.


May this season of Christ's passion and resurrection offer you the opportunity to reflect on and give thanks for the gifts of life, hope, and faith.



Kathy Pellman, Executive Director

Visioning Work Concludes 

The work of the Still Waters Visioning Team is complete and we now have an exciting and ambitious vision for the next 5 years. The process and the resulting work it produced is a tremendous testament to how a group of invested people can create something far better than any individual could have achieved.

Members of the Still Waters Visioning Team review the World Cafe report


The Vision begins with a new Mission Statement that broadens the population whom Still Waters seeks to assist.


To strengthen, support, and provide services for older adults and families throughout their journeys as aging individuals and caregivers.


The goals of the next 5 years are three-fold. Still Waters Adult Day Center seeks to be:

Closely aligned with the mission of CUMC and connected in the community


We seek to better integrate the services provided with the needs of the CUMC congregation as well as the surrounding community. The new mission statement stresses that the mission of Still Waters is to create relationships instead of making business transactions.


A holistic ministry to aging adults, their family members, and those in need of aging-related information, guidance, and support


The adult day program is a tool for establishing deeper connections that can help families in many ways. Through this ministry, we will provide "wrap around" services that allow us to better share God's love and acceptance. It also expands our work, allowing us to provide services to those who aren't Still Waters' customers.


Focused on our target population: family caregivers and their loved ones


Going forward, we will focus on family as a whole, not just the elderly individual. Such relationships have been a strength of our program, and connection with families is a shared value between Still Waters and CUMC.


There are 4 major initiatives attached to these goals:


Expanding the current physical capacity so a greater number of people can benefit from this ministry.

Expanding the program offerings to have greater capacity to meet a wider range of service needs for our guests

Developing programs and services to respond to the physical, emotional, an spiritual needs of the family caregivers and support them on their journey with
their loved one.

Forging a deeper connection with the larger CUMC family.


A power point presentation was given by Community Solutions' staff to the Leadership Team of Castleton United Methodist Church on March 11.


The next step in moving from vision to reality is in the hands of the church's Leadership Team. They have been asked to officially accept the Vision as it was presented by June 30. After that, several other organizational and management issues will need to be addressed. These steps are detailed in the attached report, along with a proposed timetable.


To read the Final Report, click here.


Many thanks to all of you who participated in the Community Survey, World Café, and special thanks to the members of the Visioning Team.


Alibi's is Back


First Monday at Alibi's Grill is back. Starting on April 7, we're once more inviting folks to dine in or carry out at Alibi's and help raise funds for Still Waters. Chris and Jeff have generously agreed to continue giving back 25% of the food purchased that evening. There are some great new items on their Chalk Board Specials including Margherita Pizza, Disco Tots, and Seamush Mushroom Caps.


Please bring your friends and help support this locally owned and operated business as well as Still Waters. Check out our NEW special promotions!  We'll be adding more later so keep checking our website, and Facebook page for updates.


Mark your calendars for the remaining dates this year:


Mon, April 7 - Opening Night.
Mon, May 5 - Staff and Singles Night. Dining alone? Join the Still Waters' Staff table anytime from 6:00-7:30
Mon, June 2 -
Mon, July 7 - Red, White & Blue night - wear your best patriotic colors and get a free soft drink
Mon, August 4 - Hot August Night Special - get a group of 8 or more adults and get 2 free appys
Mon, September 8 (one week later due to Labor Day Holiday)
Mon, October 6 -
Mon, November 3 - Staff and Singles Night. Dining alone? Join the Still Waters' Staff table anytime from 6:00-7:30
Mon, December 1




Art for Caregivers


Still Waters is hosting a 6-week Art for Caregivers event on Monday evenings through April 21. The goal of the program is to offer our family caregivers an opportunity to share, bond, relax, and gain new insights through food, fellowship, and art-making. Jessica Buescher, Registered Art Therapist, is leading the program.


Each evening begins with a homemade meal, provided by volunteers, followed by discussion, art-making, and guided meditation. While our family caregivers enjoy this special time, their loved ones receive dinner and care at Still Waters.


Still Waters is grateful to the following companies for underwriting this program:


Harrison Terrace (American Senior Communities) - Memory Care  

Senior Home Companions - In-home care  

Heartland Hospice  

Green Tree Assisted Living at Fort Harrison




Giving Back at Still Waters


As part of Still Waters' commitment to giving back to the church and the community, our guests have been busy helping with several service projects.



This year Still Waters is creating ISTEP cards of encouragement for students at Lawrence and Warren Township schools. These cards are sent home with each student prior to ISTEP testing, offering them words of encouragement and care. Still Waters guests have completed more than 800 cards and enjoy helping some great neighborhood kids.




Easter Eggs

Castleton UMc will host 2 Easter egg hunts this year - one at each campus. That means a TON of candy-stuffed eggs. Still Waters guests are on the job. At last count, they have filled over 2,000 plastic eggs with candy. 




Thank-you Cards

Water color paints, stickers, stamps, and

markers are the media guests use to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind cards. 

They are sent to donors, volunteers, and anyone who has helped make Still Waters such a special place.

In This Issue
Visioning work conlcudes
Alibi's is back!
Art for Caregivers
Upcoming Events
We got a dishwasher!
Upcoming Events
Apr 7 First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill.

Apr 18 Still Waters closed for Good Friday

Apr 20 Easter Sunday
Castleton UMC services will be held at 7 am, 8:30 am, 9:40 am, and 11 am.
May 5 First Monday at Alibi's Grill 3 pm - Close. The Center will receive 25% of your food bill.  Join the Still Waters' Staff at their table 6 - 7:30 pm
May 9 Mother's Day Party   3:30-5:30 pm
May 26 Still Waters closed for Memorial Day

Dishwasher Delights

Lunch clean-up is easier thanks to the new dishwasher - just ask volunteers Lois and Karen!

Thanks to generous donations from several individuals and organizations, Still Waters has a new commercial dishwasher.  Our lunch helpers are thrilled because they no longer have to bend and strain to hand wash dishes for up to 25 people every day.  And, the morning and afternoon clean-ups are now much easier for staff.


This project came in at around $5,000 for the appliance, installation and electrical upgrades.

Pastor Tracey Leslie places ashes on the foreheads of guests as part of the Ash Wednesday service at Castleton UMC



Having fun at our 
Mardi Gras party!
Gary Keithly has been kind enough to come every Tuesday during the Lenten season to share a devotional with us.
St. Patrick's Day party
Everyone wore green for our St. Patrick's Day celebration!
We love when young volunteers come to hang out after school! Johnny and Mike are Chatard students
A friendly game of air hockey in our game room.
Working hard in art class.
 Deb and her adorable puppy Bruno visited recently