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Sept, 2013


One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is, "What's next?" While it means something a bit different to each person, the question basically has to do with the future of Still Waters. "Where do we go from here?" might be a better way to put it.

My response is always one of uncertainty. The wonderful folks who advocated for the creation of Still Waters had a vision that was ambitious five years ago, but is no longer sufficient to guide us into the future. They envisioned a small facility serving primarily church families, staffed largely by volunteers. They believed "spreading the word" meant talking to service groups and publishing articles in the church newsletter. Their financial expectation was to "not be a drain" on the church budget. I am eternally grateful to these people because they stepped out in faith to do something new. They believed in me and in Still Waters when few others did. And they gave generously of their time and money to make Still Waters a reality. But now, we are at another place, and we need a new vision.

Still Waters currently serves more than 30 families per week. Our facility is crowded with all of the guests, volunteers, staff, caregivers, and professionals who come and go each day. Our 5 direct care staff logs more than 170 hours per week. Most referrals come from geriatric care managers and social workers, the Area Agency on Aging, the Alzheimer's Association, and internet searches. Income from operations has exceeded budget so far this year. We do not count any CUMC members among our current guest population.  

This fall, we will be working on a new vision. This project is a vital to our continued organizational development. This time, our stakeholders will come from a much larger circle - extending beyond church leaders and volunteers to our guests and their families, donors, other senior services organizations, and community leaders.

Here are the key questions that we hope to answer:

What is the expectation of growth and financial viability in the next 5 years for Still Waters' model of care?

How does Still Waters fit within the church's overall mission and revitalization efforts?

What do we do best and how can we build on that success? In what areas are we lacking and how can we improve on those weaknesses?

What is important to each of our constituent groups?

Where do we find the great convergence of vision, opportunity, organizational fit, and strength? What could Still Waters look like in the next 5 years?

How do we communicate the vision in an effective way to our constituents? What steps do we need to take to take the vision to the next phase?

Your help is needed. We will want to hear your ideas. During this visioning process, we want to cast a big net that captures diverse opinions and needs.

I am excited to take part in developing a vision for Still Waters for the next 5 years. Together, let's see where we go from here!




Kathy Pellman, Executive Director



Staff Earns Dementia Care Certification


In July, Still Waters' staff completed Dementia Care Certification. Over the course of 4 months, staff completed 6 training modules covering topics such as problem-solving, behavioral interventions, programming, and family dynamics. All staff passed a certification test and received a certificate from the Alzheimer's Care Group.

Nearly 80% of Still Waters' guest population have a diagnosis of some form of dementia. Providing care for this population has become Still Waters' specialty. Learning new skills and tools greatly helps Still Waters improve the care we provide as well as helping families who are dealing with cognitive impairments.


Professional Partnerships Bring Experts to
Still Waters


As the Still Waters' program has grown, we are connecting with many skilled and dedicated professionals who serve as extensions of our regular staff. Each of these talented people brings a specific skill set that is vital to our programming and care.

Massage Therapy. Jen visits Still Waters 1-2 times per week and provides expert chair massage for our guests. Many of the guests have chronic pain and stiffness that can be alleviated by massage therapy. Others just enjoy the hands-on relaxation and TLC.

Beauty Shop. Val provides haircuts, shampoo and sets, and even coloring and perms each Thursday. Val makes the ladies look (more) lovely and the gentlemen look (even more) handsome. The Salon is a hopping when Val is around.

Art Therapy. Jessica works with Still Waters' guests for 4-6 hours each week. Art Therapy is a means to express feelings, experiences, and conflict through art. artwork For Still Waters' guests, Art Therapy helps build social connections, reflection and reminiscing, and the joy of creativity. Jessica also is preceptor for students in Art Therapy programs at St. Mary's of the Woods and the Herron School of Art. Through Jessica, we are able to provide a practicum site for Art Therapists in training and encourage future professionals to work with older adults.

Yoga. Kathe leads chair yoga classes at Still Waters on a weekly basis. The guests are guided through breathing and focusing techniques, along with stretching and range of motion movement. Kathe helps our guests improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Drum Circle. Lisa, on staff at Bongo Boy Music School, arrives each month with vanload of percussion instruments. Lisa and guests form a Drum Circle where each participant has an instrument. Drumming is a particularly good exercise for persons with dementia because it draws on rhythmic skills and patterns that were acquired in early life. These skills and patterns often remain intact throughout the course of dementia. Our guests have become terrific drummers and enjoy Lisa's energy and warm personality.

Music Therapy. Jan is the preceptor for students at St. Mary of the Woods Music Therapy program. Jan and one or more of her students lead music sessions with our guests. Music is an incredibly powerful tool for people of all ages. Studies have shown that our music memories are stored in many parts of our brain. As Alzheimer's disease damages one or more areas of brain, music memory can remain intact. Music also makes us happy and Jan brings that joy to Still Waters on a regular basis.

Podiatry. Irene Roge, DPM visits Still Waters on a quarterly basis. She examines several dozen feet and hundreds of toes. Dr. Roge's Podiatry practice is limited to seniors and she has great sensitivity and skill at dealing with our guests, some of whom have not received foot care for a very long time. Each guest receives a foot exam, callous removal, toenail trim, cleansing of the feet with alcohol, and a new pair of socks. Those in need of follow-up care get a phone call from Dr. Roge.

As you can see, Still Waters strives to bring a wide range of programs and services to those in our care. The results are stunning! These therapies help increase well-being and health dramatically. We are indeed thankful to all of these partners for bringing their special talents to Still Waters.


What Does the Survey Say???


During the month of July, Still Waters distributed surveys to all of our guests/caregivers. The questions on the survey cover areas including Program, Facility, Meals & Snacks, Activities, Staff, Volunteers, and Assistance with Personal Care. The results were extremely positive. Here are some highlights:

Among the areas covered by the survey, Still Waters' Staff received the highest overall ratings by guests and their caregivers. 100% of those who completed the survey agreed or strongly agreed that "Staff greet me with warmth and friendliness." 100% also agreed or strongly agreed that "The staff cares about and responds to my individual needs." And, 100% felt "The staff members are good listeners."

The Still Waters' Program and Facility also received highly favorable

dwane & sign
Still Waters received a big "thumbs up" on our recent Guest/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey

comments. Nearly 100% of those responding agreed or strongly agreed that "The hours and days of service meet my needs," "The fees for service are reasonable," "The Center is conveniently located." Regarding the facility, 100% agreed or strongly agreed that "The space used for group activities is attractive and comfortable."

Volunteers were regarded highly as well. 100% agreed or strongly agreed that "I like the volunteers who help at Still Waters."

100% of the survey respondents indicated they would refer someone else to the program, citing factors such as:



Prime location
Center and staff are flexible and accommodating
Consistent level of service is good
Staff is caring, loving and patient
Great care and compassion
Wonderful, caring staff
The program is a perfect example of what an adult day program should be


As for recommendations on improving Still Waters, suggestions included Transportation to and from the center, along with the addition of Saturday hours.

We appreciate the time and thoughtfulness of those who participated in this year's survey and promise to keep working to improve every aspect of Still Waters.


puppy love
Puppy Love
That cabbage made a whole lot of cole slaw
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 Upcoming Events

Monday, Sep 9
- "First Monday" at Alibi's Grill 3-9 pm
Join us at Alibi's every First Monday throughout the year.  Enjoy good food and friends and help raise $$ for our Center
syringeFriday, Sep 20 - Flu Shot Clinic at Still Waters 2-4 pm
Walgreens Pharmacy staff will be on site to provide seasonal flu shots.  Most insurance covers the cost of the flu vaccine. 
cprWeds, Oct 9 - CPR & First Aid Training at Still Waters 9-Noon am.  Be prepared for an emergency by getting certified or re-certified for CPR and Adult First Aid.  Cost is $50 for both/ $45 for CPR only

OT and PT Services coming to
Still Waters



Still Waters is proud to announce a new partnership with Legacy HealthCare Services, a provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology services.

Legacy Healthcare specializes in services to the senior population. They currently operate in 9 states and provide on-site therapists in several senior residential facilities in Indianapolis.

Legacy therapists will soon be able to provide services at Still Waters Adult Day Center. Their therapists can provides specialized care in the areas of balance, mobility, self-care, plain reduction, continence management, environmental safety, and much more.

We are excited to bring Lora and Kim of Legacy Healthcare into our facility. We believe that many of our guests can benefit from occupational or physical therapy provided on an individualized basis.

By offering therapy at Still Waters, guests can be treated while they are attending the Center, making it convenient for family caregivers.



Repairs to the brick facing of the exterior of the Ministries Center are scheduled to begin September 9 and last for about a week. During this time, Door 2, the main entrance to Still Waters Adult Day Center and the church office, will be closed. 

All staff, volunteers, guests, and visitors to Still Waters will need to use Door 3 during this time. Those entering the building for church business will be redirected.

A volunteer or staff member will be stationed near Door 3 during our busy arrival and pick-up times to help direct traffic. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.


Good luck at College, Abbie. We'll miss you