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October 19, 2015
Customer feedback of the week
As an experienced educator who only uses effective, research-based programs that work, I'm a dedicated Rocket Math user. All students need fact fluency in order to achieve success in math. Rocket Math is hands-down the most effective, easiest and fun program for kids of all ages. I've used it for 5 years and find it to be indispensable! --Barbara Templeton, M.S. Redding, CT

Student recognition of the week
Positive recognition for Rocket Math accomplishments helps students build self-esteem, develop intrinsic motivation, learn to study, and get smart! Please send us pictures of your winners! 
When do you think this picture was taken? 
This photo of a Rocket Math Wall Chart was placed into the school newsletter by Principal Brandy Gray of Chireno Elementary School in Chireno, Texas.  She writes:

"The students in all our classes set a goal as a class, mark it with a yellow arrow, like you see, and work to earn that goal together.  Students each place a sticker on the chart when they pass a level in Rocket Math.  When a class reaches their major goal, I bring the class a certificate and a small treat to recognize them for their success. ... This student from Melissa Sherrod's 2nd grade class is showing how much they had accomplished very early in the fall, when I took the picture.  The class completed the whole chart by Christmas and decided to work to complete it again by the end of the year.  I can very proudly report that they were able to fill the entire chart TWICE before the end of May."  
Dr. Don's Training Tips Video Clip

Quick review of All Rocket Math procedures 

Hidden gem of the week!
There are many hidden gems on our website.  I'll try to feature one every week so even if you don't have time to hang out and explore the Rocket Math website, you'll get to see some of the things you may not know about.   

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Customer question of the week

Tiffany writes:

Dear Don,
I trust all is well!!!
My 6yr old loves Rocket Math!!!
She is on subtraction and I was wondering if you are going to have subtraction in the double digits?
Thank you so much!!!

Dr Don Answers:

Yes, thank you.  I finished "Add to 20" last week.  I am  starting on "Subtract from 20."  If all goes well it should be up on the Universal Subscription in a matter of weeks. 

We trust you and rely on your honor.  If you previously purchased a lifetime license (or your school did), use this coupon code to access a Rocket Math Basic subscription for only $4 for the year.    

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.  Includes Whole School Licenses.  
What's new with Rocket Math?

This week I added a new program.  The sequence of facts learned in the Add to 20 program is shown to the right. 

I am continuing to add new programs to the Universal subscription.  Let me know what other programs you'd like to see.  Subtract from 20 is next!

I added Addition to 20 (13 + 6, 4 + 11, 15 + 5) because you asked for it! 
Also, the Common Core thinks students should be able to "Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies."  The best strategy is to simply know these facts so using the Rocket Math system of learning will enable students to commit these facts to memory. 

You will find that AFTER students have committed these facts to memory they will begin seeing (and of course, telling you about!) the many relationships among the numbers that are the stuff of mental math.  Rocket Math gives students the building blocks to begin to think flexibly and creatively about numbers, which is really the point.  

If you only have a Basic Subscription, you can Upgrade to Universal (item #2999) for only $20 here.  You'll be glad you did. 
13 ideas for doing Rocket Math more efficiently.

It is very slow to have each student go and look for their own folder in a single file row.

I am often asked about how to make the paperwork of Rocket Math go efficiently and not take up too much time. When I do live training sessions and tell participants about ways to be more efficient I usually get a lot of push back and a lot of "Do I have to..?" So I'm going to offer some ideas, but you may want to do things in a different way. If you can do things another way, just as efficiently, then don't do things my way.
Here's 13 ideas that can help.
1) Put a packet of six copies of the practice pages in the folder at a time. Then you don't have to handle the folders of students until they pass or use up the six sheets.  To Read more click here. 
Thank you for your interest in Rocket Math.  I created Rocket Math so we can help your students be more successful, gain confidence and enjoy math more.  Let me know how else I can help.  Feel free to call me with any questions you have or send me an email to [email protected]
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